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there is a drainage pipe on the sw corner leading to raiders inluding "bear" and "tweez" who converse about the thoreau's suppies. some assorted junk and drugs and can chime traps. more raiders named "Whiplash" and "walter" . gift shop key on walter & master safe in same room

gift shop key opens master safe

vault tec lunchbox and unique melee weapon Big Jim ,a wrench 20% to cripple legs , on table near walter

Cool mon I tell ha these don't look like raiders to me they dress nice and seem to be smart from what I hear

I'm back from being banned for makeing a joke people I made a gay joke and for that i am sorry it was just a prank im sorry if any one got mad at that next time talk to me about it before you ban me bye

This is a very nice pond I found i dead raider with note that said how he was trying to get to walden pond to get the caps from the people there but he dead so he can't and all of you don't kill the people there there just trying to surive ok so leave them alone and let them live and don't eat food paste it will trun you pink

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