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no power armour?Edit

I don't see any power armour near the site, but there is some in the nearby Cave.

Me neither... If more people can confirm this is incorrect information then we should remove it. -- 16:52, December 5, 2015 (UTC)
I methodically turned the entire area upside down for about 15 minutes without finding anything that can be interacted with, least of all power armor. The only suit in that general area is the Raider Power Armor in the nearby Cave, which the OP already mentioned. I therefore vote for removing that part of the article.
There is no power armor there, and the one mentioned is in a cave brought by raider from outside glowing sea, as stated in radio broadcast.

I also went through the entire area and there is nothing of interest to be found. Nothing can be picked up, it's literally nothing more than a fast travel point.

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