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= Vault 81's experiment? Edit

So Vault 81 still has people living inside? Is it a control vault like 3 and 8 or the things inside are not human or friendly? Or is it another mutant-making lab like Vault 87? Big Danny K 11:44, November 6, 2015 (UTC)

Disappearing Vault 81 Request NPCs Edit

I can confirm that for me, at least, Calvin did disappear after I left and came back to the vault with 100 lb of tools for him. After finishing the "Hole in the Wall" quest, Dr. Penske no longer offers to buy Fertilizer, which Piper was carrying 100 lb of. I would suspect a vault-tec conspiracy, but it's probably just a bug. I'm on PC, Windows 7, FO4 v.1.1.30

Mole ratsEdit

Isn't it odd that with all that time the mole rats in the secret vault section were free that they didn't invade/attack the actual vault? Nick3258 (talk) 15:45, December 29, 2015 (UTC)

I specifically came to this page to ask a question and as it is somewhat related to this I'll put it here. My understanding from doing the Vault 81 questline a few times is that the heavy deterioration of the vault was in part caused by the molerats. It's apparent throughout the secret vault area that the molerats have burrowed out of the vault into the surrounding earth. I wonder if this should be mentioned in the background section, perhaps in the second to last or last paragraph where the vault deterioration and the molerat infestation are discussed, respectively. Given the Sole Survivors likely eradication of the molerats, it might be presumed that Vault 81 would be able to get a handle on maintenance situation going forward.--Tom Quantum (talk) 02:51, November 3, 2016 (UTC)

Pickpocket Exploit Edit

I would like to note that there is a possible exploit here. In my experience, it is possible to procure an infinite amount of Vault 81's Vault jumpsuit (Fallout 4) and Vault-Tec security armor/Vault-Tec security helmet simply by using the Rank 4 Pickpocket#Fallout 4 perk (to steal equipped items) on any of the Vault 81 Security officers. I was successfully capable of acquiring over 50 sets of Security Armor by simply save scumming the pickpocket attempt, then leaving the vault, sleeping for 3 days back at home (Sanctuary), and returning. Upon reloading the cell, the Vault 81 Security had all been reequipped with new jumpsuits and armor (and 10mm Pistols), however any of the other residents had not. I will just assume, due to lack of access to a GECK, that this is due to their security programming checking to see if they have it equipped and thus providing it when the game cannot quantify it. As a result, this is potentially an infinite resource gain opportunity, unless it has been patched.

(I would like to note that this was possible playing on xbox one as of January 10th 2016)

I found a glitch where I brought my follower to vault 81 and I could not open the vault because 'there are enemies nearby' I'm on Xbox one so there is no console commands. Please help

Pictures Edit

The pictures for the shower and laundry rooms should be removed. They are part of a mod and not in the vanilla game. The screenshot of the atrium also shows workbenches added by the same mod.

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