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Dialogue FilesEdit

Is anyone on PC able to look at his dialogue files? I wondered if one reason why he disappears is that some flag or other is not set to confirm that he is a settler/merchant. He never offers the option to 'Trade' to allow you to equip new gear, even if he is out of shop hours (i.e. as if he is still wandering the wasteland) whereas if you talk to the Vault-Tec Rep out of hours for example you can equip gear. I wondered if he actually had dialogue for the 'Trade' option? Badhex (talk) 18:40, January 27, 2016 (UTC)

I think you might be right. Even when he appears in your settlement and is assigned to lvl 3 armor store, he still acts as a random encounter and tells that he has "limited selection right now" . So probably some flag that should change his dialog options and actions (after hiring him) does not work. For me he just dissapears every time I leave the location. I can summon him back with console commands, but I can`t be bothered to do it every time. I would look in his dialog files if I knew how to do it. But it`s clear he is not supposed to tell about "limited selection" when it`s not really limited. I`m not a native English speaker so please ignore my grammar mistakes. 05:16, February 1, 2016 (UTC)

Bug Edit

I tried all possible ways to make the Scribe stay in my settlement. But he keeps dissapearing. I managed to make him come to mysettlement himself. Not sure what made it work as I have patch 1.3 beta installed ( but may be the patch has nothing to do with it). I will just tell how it worked for me. I installed the patch, loaded an old save ( where I encounted the Scribe in Cambridge). Saved again ( to be sure it was updated). Loaded this save, hired him and sent to my settlement. I fastravelled to the settlement myself immediately and slept for 1-2 days. When I got up, he was already there, auto assigned to some crops. I tried it with 2 different settlements ( Taffington Boathouse and Spectacle island). In both cases he showd up in my settlement by himself. I was able to assign him to my armor store and it was possible to buy legendary items from him. But he kept telling me that "his selection is limited right now". And the worst thing is that leaving the settlement makes him dissapear. I went to do some quests and when I came back there was no scribe there, though the population stayed the same. He is so bugged..I think it`s better to wait for some new patches. 02:22, February 1, 2016 (UTC)

Vanishes right after first meeting Edit

For me on PC, running version 1.1.30, as soon as I met him, downtown (right outside Hester's Consumer Robotics), he said he would head to Bunker Hill, but disappeared about 3 seconds after talking to him. *poof*

-- 05:14, February 27, 2016 (UTC)

Scribe Rothchild Edit

Is it possible that The Scribe is Scribe Rothchild or Peabody? I don't recall how old Rothchild is, but am fairly certain the ages align well. I know there is no canonical evidence, but would like to hear thoughts?

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