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reference to Boston Underground?--dotz 17:12, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

"Underground" railroad Edit

Just for clarity's sake, though the Underground Railroad may have had some underground 'stations' (secret areas in people's houses to hide escaped slaves) there was not, to my knowledge, any underground route for the slaves to take from station to station.

There were not, just as there was no physical railroad that was used. The name's purely metaphorical, the "underground" part referring to the secretive nature of it as it was illegal.

Other Members Edit

Where are the other members of the railroad mentioned? I can't find any dialogue options with Victoria.

I'm pretty sure the Lone Wanderer should count as an optional member, since, if you complete "The Replicated Man" in their favor, you're told you can consider yourself "a member in good standing." --Godzillafan93 01:55, January 21, 2017 (UTC)

Companions Edit

Does anyone happen to know some of the companions opinions of the railroad such as the ones who are not associated with any specific faction, such as Cait, Curie, Robert Joseph MacCready, or Codsworth? Cait is verbally anti-synth. I don't recall MacCready ever saying anything related to synths but he does like when you side with Shaun/destroy the Railroad. Curie and Codsworth like the Railroad, I'd presume.

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