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Suggestion? Edit

Why don't we take all of the "Locations" of the T-45 power armor the X-01 power armor and the Raider power armor and any other and instead put in a link to Unless a Frame found at a particular location is a permanent fixed thing it shouldn't be on the power Armour's Page as it can be misleading. Such as the T-45 power armor you get in Concord, That's more than like a fixed T-45 suit, Or the T-60 power armor BOS2 you get if you join the brotherhood. If it's just a frame with random Level based pieces it shouldn't be on the Specific P-Armour page instead on a page that lists all frames like the page.

T-45d Power Amor Issue. Edit

Discrepancy between the T-45 summary stating that the first model used successfully was the T-45d Power Armor but the Armor on the roof in When Freedom Calls is T-45a Power Armor worn by a soldier in the Great War.

Math Issues Edit

For the section for the armor parts, either the total for each piece for armor/energy/health for armor pieces or the total listed is wrong. Creeping Death 1982 (talk) 05:55, November 16, 2016 (UTC)

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