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Old World Blues bug? Edit

According to no less a source than some guy on one of the news items' comment threads, this trait is bugged: if you create a character with it, you get +5 to all skills. But then when you leave Goodsprings, if you choose the trait again, you get ANOTHER +5 to all skills. This should be confirmed. I suppose we should also check to see if the penalty is doubled as well, although I suppose that is less likely. The calculator 11:30, July 20, 2011 (UTC)

-This IS TRUE! I was playing and I had 50 repair before leaving Goodsprings, I did the above idea, and I had 54. (I had put one point into it after leveling up, so it was really 49, without the level up.) However, I do not know of the penalty.

I've confirmed this on PS3 patch 1.07. Cjstokyo 23:39, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

Skilled vs. Swift Learner Edit

The 'bug' it lists for the PC version doesn't seem like a bug at all, it seems like math. If you take this trait, you will be getting 90 percent of the total experience that you would. If you then take swift learner, that adds ten PERCENT, (as opposed to percentage points) which brings your total earned experience up to 99 percent, not 100. Can I get someone to back me up on this before I go editing anything?

Your math certainly adds up. And Swift Learner doesn't say percentage points, so I can't see anything conflicting with your (and apparently the programmer's) interpretation. 11:04, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

logical fallacy Edit

"This trait goes great when coupled with the Good Natured trait. The main setback for Good Natured is -5 points for all combat skills and +5 for nonviolent skills (speech, repair, etc.), but with the skilled trait it gets rid of Good Natured's setback and adds an additional 5 points to every other skill."

how's that greater than the sum of the two separate traits? mental accounting much?

should be removed.

Actually, it's right, Good Natured decreases combat skills by 5 points and raises non-combat skills by 5 points, with Skilled, (since it raises everything by 5 points) it basically cancels out Good Natured's negative effect on combat skills and further improves Good Natured's positive effect on non-combat skills.

The fallacy is that it doesn't improve Good Natured's effects, like the writing implies. It just negates the negative effects. There is no "synergy." They act the same when taken separately or together. Neither makes the other better, like multiplicative things such as Commando and Trigger Discipline.

Commando = 1.25x (I think?) chance to hit in VATS with rifle-grips = 25% increased chance to hit

Trigger Discipline = 1.2x accuracy at all times, in VATS as well = 20% increased chance to hit

Now, you could grab a 20% boost, or a 25% boost... or take them together, AND... 1.2 times 1.25 is 1.5, or a 50% increase, not an additive 45%. THATS synergy. Not Skilled+Good Natured.

You're reading too much into the term "goes great". It's not intended to mean "synergy". Skilled's "penalty" of less experience isn't much of a penalty, and since part of the gain from Skilled will cancel out the penalty from Good Natured, you can take both skills together and still not have a meaningful penalty. 11:11, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Mechanics Edit

I don't have access to the G.E.C.K., but it looks like Skilled has a fairly simple implementation. It would appear that the game drops 5 points into each of your skills when the Perk is gained, and then the actual Trait's only effect is -10%XP. Considering how it works with the Rebuild Character and Autodoc screens, this seems like what's under the hood (which makes sense, because otherwise it would have a constant "temporary" buff like Reinforced Spine, making it less useful (for qualifying for Perks, etc). Can anyone confirm that that's how it works? Super Duper Mutant 22:50, September 28, 2011 (UTC)

Yes, that's what it does. Bit of a hack job. It should have been implemented similar to how Good Natured was implemented, which both works better and was done more simply in the G.E.C.K. 11:41, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

max skills now? Edit

Alright i'm sure this is somewhere already but what's the best way to get max skill points now?

9 int then getting the int implant picking up skilled and re-applying at old world blues (when is the earliest you can get to old world blues? can you even survive if your level 1-2?) or starting 10 int then taking advantage of the max perk glitch (and/or what level should you stop leveling and head to old world blues?) taking skilled twice? I recently bought all the expansions, so now I don't know anymore with the addition of this perk (and prob other stuff I dunno about) 03:28, November 29, 2011 (UTC) Take the trait in good springs. Change your character when you leave good springs to reapply it and get another five bonus. The old World Blues is fairly easy. The downed satellite suggests level 15 or higher, I think. Once you get the auto doc up and running you can reapply the trait again. 13 skills multiplied by the 5 bonus multiplied by 3 applications equals 195 points. I don't know how you intend to max out your character, but I hope this helps.

-10% experience Edit

this seems like a second benefit. leveling slow is good.

Right? I don't understand why the notes section claims it to be a wasted perk, you lvl WAY too fast in these game, same with Fo3, really any Bethesda game. This way you get to take it slow, while enjoying a good 5 extra points per skill to cool you off while you wait to lvl.

- No tag because I do not have an account here yet

It doesnt say its a waste... It says that Swift Learner is a waste, and for the same reason that Swift learner is a waste, this skill works well.
That said, I'm not sure I like the strategy-ish tone in the notes, but don't want to go removing it wholesale just yet... Any other throughts? Agent c (talk) 19:40, February 14, 2013 (UTC)

Could somebody please explain me this? "If a skill magazine effect is in play, it counts as the base value. For example, if someone didn't have the comprehension perk and they had an 85 base Science skill, 85+10+5=100 and it would stay that way.[verified]" Does this actually works? Because it didnt work for me when changing traits at the Sink Auto Doc.

Fallout 2 Skilled tricks and insight Edit

A great neat trick i figured out with this trait and I haven't seen in any guide is this: because the levels in which you get the perks differ from the level requirements for those perks, you can "save" the perk for later without losing it, and therefore get a higher level perk. For instance, the first perk for the skilled chars comes at 4. If you don't select it and wait until level 6, you can select a level 6 perk for the "level 3-4 slot". It works when you attain level 8, in which you can select a level 9 perk. This way you only lose the pseudo-useless 3 level perk. You can do the same at level 12 with a level 15 perk, and so on.

For instance one of my skilled chars has:

  • 4- Magnetic personality.
  • 8- Better Criticals.
  • 12- Bonus RoF.

And so on.

To me, when you get to lvl 24 and get sniper/slayer then the perks afterwards are pretty much for flavor, as you're already unstoppable with those perks. So, a skilled character gets 6 perks, whereas a non-skilled one gets 8 perks. But one of those perks is a lvl 3 perk, which are convenient (quick pockets, awareness) but not vital. And then they lose a perk between levels 12-24. Not a great loss, if you ask me. Those 5 skills points are really useful for a number of characters:

  • A character with IN 3 or less (a stupid char).
  • A character specializing in HtH-combat, specially after selecting HtH evade, making it possible to attain +100 AC with 300 in unarmed.
  • A character who wants to specialize in various types of weapons.
  • A game run when you know you're not gonna level up many times. Those skill points count.
  • A character without gifted.
  • A character with lousy stats, for instance PE and ST. I once played a "team leader" with ST 1 and PE 1, and CH 10. Thanks to skilled, without gifted and with high int, I could use small arms just the same with 250%, while retaining high levels in the remaining skills and 200% in unarmed.

Which takes me to my next point. Gifted is not an absolute must. You can make a lot of viable chars without it, even very powerful ones, albeit specialized in only 1 or 2 things. And another trick is replacing skilled with gifted at the end of the game, when you don't need skill points anymore, effectively boosting your stats by +1 without the downside.

EggHuevo (talk) 19:56, July 24, 2016 (UTC)

Is it true? Edit

Can someone confirm this: "You can also continue to re-apply the trait over and over to stack the effect till you have 100 to all skills." I think it's a mistake. 12:15, May 17, 2017 (UTC)

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