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Hostage savable?Edit

On the topic of the hostage situation, I managed to take out the preacher with a single well aimed headshot, no explosion, and attempting to talk with the hostage, all the hostage says is "It's... it's so quiet!" but stays in the fetal position. Walking past gets a "Good to see you!" message, so I don't quite know if anything was supposed to happen. Waiting a few days and going elsewhere, he's still standing there. 01:16, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

Same here. The "quest" is a bit strange; I don't think there's really much to it. --Banz 11:41, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

I think it is reasonable to note that unless I am mistaken, in order to get a shot at the preacher you need to loop around the block. Caution is advised though because getting to close too the exterior wall of the block did set off the nukes once. Granted I took no(possible very little) damage. --Dreaming Chimera 16:00, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

This editor found that by completing the Oasis quest with fire, the guy really seems to enjoy burning and blowing stuff up, he was able to talk to the insane wastelander. After completeing a few requests, he gave me a note/marker leading to a weapons cache.

No he didn't.--Baalzak 06:39, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

I found that I could use the the Chinese Stealth Armor from the Anchorage DLC to go through the alley. You obviously have to be in the crouched positioned but I was able to pick up 3 nukes and 5 mines this way. I then went back and had the hostage run through but he still set off the explosions. I thought I had picked up all mines and nukes. I could be mistaken, but it seems no matter what you do if you get to close there will be explosions. However this is a good way to get some mini nukes. 12:49, 26 May 2009 (UTC) Josh F

Seward Square Southeast Metro StationEdit

Recovering this slightly text about the Seward Square Southeast Metro Station to here, in case anyone wants to check if anyting was missed in this article:


This is a metro station located in the southeast corner of the interior of the city. You can access Anacostia Metro Station, which is on the outside of the city perimeter and just north of Rivet City, by simply crossing the mezzanine, without the need to travel into any of the metro line tunnels.

There is a Super mutant camp or patrol group to the right of the station entrance (or to the left as you exit the station). One Mutant stands on top of a semi trailer with a Minigun or Gatling laser, and a Talon Company sniper is on the breezeway directly across. Other Talon Company mercs, along with any Bounty hunters or Regulators pursuing you, battle with the Super mutants here, invariably causing great explosions from the vehicles along the street. Waiting for the firefight to calm would be safest, but if entering by way of the Sewer, other Super Mutant reinforcements will arrive from there.

This part of the city is very colorful, with nearly all of the surrounding buildings being either red, blue, or green brick. Some of the buildings are reminiscent of the set of San Francisco homes seen in the 20th century TV show Full House and other popular media.

The Capitol Dome can be clearly seen down the northwest road. There is a large Super Mutant camp in that direction, with 3-4 Super Mutants plus 2-3 Centaurs.

Reilly's Rangers Compound is north northwest of the station exit.

User-Mirar pawprint14Mirar (Talk) 12:15, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

The Super Mutant with the Minigun/Gatling is a little too important to omit, considering the entire lane was set up for him to be a serious hazard from his position, even after the vehicle explosions. Also, players coming out of the Sewers for the first time may be tempted to take shelter in the alley until the firefight dies; do you think it's polite to withhold the ambush of Super Mutants from them?;] -- 20:27, 12 January 2009 (UTC)


The following was deleted, as it is clearly BS:

* First complete the Oasis quest, then come back and follow his new instructions. Afterwards he gives you directions to weapons cache.
Baalzak 04:11, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Everyone Savable? Edit

I have tried to save everyone. It was my assumption that if I disarm the alley, I can eliminate the threat, save the bystander, get some good karma, and maybe the Seward Street Crier could go get some mental help.

Using a Stealth Boy, I am able to go through the alley and collect Frag Mines and Mini-Nukes without being seen by the crier. I believe I collected all the munitions. There are six Mini-Nukes, and five Frag Mines (please verify). Some Mini-Nukes are well hidden. Yet after the Stealth Boy has worn off, when I approach the alley, or send the bystander into the alley, the crier is still able to detonate the alley. Without the Mini-Nukes, however, the resulting explosion is far less dramatic.

Even though the Seward Street Crier shows up as green in V.A.T.S., you still obtain experience for killing him yourself, with no karma loss or gain. 23:29, November 2, 2009 (UTC)

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