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Finding the Ruined Store Edit

The location for Dean to wait for the Gala is a significant part of the way to get to the Ruined store. Enter Puesta del Sol from the Villa and walk to the sign post pointing back to the square, turn left and go through "Door to Puesta del Sol South." Straight ahead is the entrance to an alley to the Southeast filled with The Cloud. Hugging the wall on the right side will get you past some of it, then run through the double arches and the single arch, right through hole at end of hall, right up stairs, left 180 degrees and up stairs, two left turns and through door to rooftop (sparking wire at left foot, where Dean will wait after you enable holograms), oblique left and through door, down stairs and hard right, through hole past a terminal, Northeast across the awning you just went under, turn left and hug the building on your right, onto balcony and through "Door to Ruined Store." If you do not have Dean's Perk it is not the best location to heal since you will take damage from The Cloud to get there. GRPeng 22:21, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

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