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Found this quest bugged. I followed the freedom road, hit all the markers, but when I got to the old north church the door wouldn't even highlight - as if it were simply impossible to enter. This was on PC - I read the "bug" section of this article was not helpful to me as I don't know what "The TCL" command is, or when I should be entering it.

Edit: saved, quit the game, and re-loaded and now the door seems to be an interactable object. Weird bug. Again, this was on PC.

Killing Railroad members prior to BoS questline[edit source]

What would happen if I wiped out the Railroad prior to Prydwen's arrival? Would there be any change in Brotherhood of Steel questline?

I just came across this myself and figured out a way to "fix" this on xbox one. You need two mods the place anywhere mod and the conquest built new settlements mod. Using the two i created a campsite then used the expandable campsite option to built jukeboxes. Then Using the place anywhere mod i took a jukebox and put it inside Desdemonas standing area only slightly behind then i did that two more times and she feel of the ledge allowing me to continue the conversion and sucessfully continue the quest deacon might not walk to the right spot but that dosent matter and everything else worked perfectly.

Companion reactions[edit source]

Maybe since there's a template dedicated to list all companion reactions following certain dialogues ({{Affinity}}), maybe it's better to use it and replace current written reactions ? (I don't know if I'm clear, my english sucks)
Arkadyos (talk) 09:10, September 17, 2019 (UTC)

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