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He keeps saying if you help out more around the base I can spare more men. I'm doing the radio code quest and finished the medical one. Are there more that can help this?--Crossmr 04:05, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

I've completed the quests for the radio operator, the doctor, and the supply officer. Polati still says you need to help out more for him to commit more troops. The only other thing I can think of is to bring Sexton more ears?

Camp Forlorn Hope Supply Item ID is wrong Edit

Can someone post the correct item ID? I glitched it and need to add it to my inventory manually.

Which direction to attack? Edit

I couldn't find anything in the main page about the difference in the attack directions. Is one easier or different in any way? Or does it not really matter? 03:18, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

Bug Edit

Transferred from wiki to here:

  • I did the quest properly and still, there is no way I can finish it. Around 10 troops were helping me out, now most of them are stuck near the fireplace(at Nelson, running around). Quest log says I need to speak to Polatli that we have taken Nelson...however the dialogue won't let me finish the quest simply because there is no option to say anything about victory. Something is bugged:(
    • I had the same problem. I have unchecked all files excluding FalloutNV.esm at the "Data Files" at the startup. Then the dialog option allowing report the victory to Polatli showed up.

Check bug section of #Bugs for fix Finicus 00:49, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

Similar: Transferred from wiki to here

  • Major Polatli in Forlorn Hope Camp won't let me initiate the "assault Nelson" quest. I've already cleared the camp and freed the hostages but I can't do the "let's do this" line. I saw it first time but wanted to save before proceeding and now the quest is stuck. Anyone know the setstage command to let me get to the "good work" stage of the quest so I can clear up my questlog?
    • Note: it is important to also kill Dead Sea and the two other Legionaries inside a building in Nelson; make sure you've done that

See the note there and check the other bugs etc. Monkoii 09:58, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

  • It was either in this quest or Medical Mystery, but after i did these quests, for some reason my reputation with the NCR suddenly reset from Liked to Neutral, even though i still had an NCR emergency radio. I had totally cleared out Nelson. Note: Members of Caesars Legion also appeared directly in the centre of the camp after i fast travelled to it.

More Troops for attacking Nelson Edit

I have found that if you attempt to assist completely around the camp such as collecting Legion Ears for Sexton, collecting Tags for Quartermaster Mayes, and also completing Medical Mystery and Return to Sender, Major Polatli does not give the text option to attack Nelson. I attempted to wipe Nelson out and return to Polatli to simply override this but he doesn't even acknowledge this and the quest simply stays uncompleted. Just a fair warning that this quest is better done killing the Legion at Nelson by your self or doing it with only the three NCR Troopers Polatli gives you. Just so everyone doesn't ask questions, DO NOT give Legion Ears to Sexton or Tags to Mayes UNTIL you have already take Nelson.

Same here, how can you turn in ears and dog tags to get the rangers to show up if it breaks the quest? DonutHands 01:06, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

Since the 1.02 update or whatever it is called that was given before the release of Dead Money I tested to see if Polatli would let me attack Nelson after doing what I said what not to do above(confusing I know). Anyway it appears that if you want to get Veteran Rangers with Sniper Rifles to attack Nelson (if you choose this then you don't even have to fire a shot) all you need to do is gather 30 Legion Ears and 15 NCR Dogtags. The NCR Dogtags can be Pickpocketed from any random NCR Soldier. I have found that the best way to the 30 Legion Ears without gaining any Legion infamy is if you go to Cotton Wood Cove and use a strong Melee or Unarmed weapon, if you attack them while "Hidden" then no Legion infamy is gained and you also get a Surprise Critical which is invaluable at lower levels. If you cannot find enough Legion Ears at Cotton Wood, Techaticcup Mine and Legion Raid Camp are equally as good places to find them. I would like to mention that you cannot get Legion Ears until you have spoken to Private Sexton about the contest. After gathering enough Legion Ears and NCR Dogtags and have given them to both Sexton and Quartermaster Mayes the option to attack Nelson will be available from Polatli. -Tomo Stryker

reference Edit

i strongly believe that the name of this quest is a reference to the U.S military operation restore hope, could someone please add this to the article, i dont know how to and i would probably just fuck the article up.

Legion Ambush At Supply Shipment Edit

In the Notes section, the wiki says

"Before retrieving the supply shipment, disguise yourself as a Legion member. The legionnaires will appear but will not attack you."

I've done this quest numerous times on PC and that trick never works, regardless of my reputation with the Legion. And after killing the ambushers, my reputation with the Legion stays the same. GullyF 14:42, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

    RE: Legion Ambush At Supply Shipment

Not sure how this works so I just edited this to add that I'm having this same issue but when I or my companions kill the Legion ambushers I DO lose reputation with them. So there doesn't seem to be a way to avoid reputation loss with the Legion after picking up the shipment.

EDIT: for anyone having the same issue you can use a stealth boy before you take the shipment, then perform stealth kills on the legionaries. I did it at night and just stayed still, crouched next to the crates and they even bumped into me and didn't notice. MaxKohler 14:42, November 11, 2011 (UTC)

Found the Major dead... Edit

  As I fast traveled to Forlorn Hope I noticed some bloatflies from the graveyard were close to the command tent, engaging some NCR troops. After they easily killed the flies I looked around and found the Major dead in a tent. Great. So I console resurrect him in order to start restoring hope. But he won't give me the dialouge option to do so. I had already cleared Nelson with Boone, and he did note that. So does anyone know how I can make him give me the quest, console or otherwise?```` Bozokiller

no haggerty... i think i may have killed haggerty during the 'that lucky sun' quest when i activated the archhimedes. However, i think she died before i started the restoring hope quest. It didn't say 'quest failed: restoring hope' at any point so i talked to hayes and started the quest and a quest marker appeared just outside helios one where haggerty normally stands but as she is dead she isn't there. However, the quest marker is still there. Is this just a glitch or can i complete this mission without her?

no haggerty... i think i may have killed haggerty during the 'that lucky sun' quest when i activated the archhimedes. However, i think she died before i started the restoring hope quest. It didn't say 'quest failed: restoring hope' at any point so i talked to hayes and started the quest and a quest marker appeared just outside helios one where haggerty normally stands but as she is dead she isn't there. However, the quest marker is still there. Is this just a glitch or can i complete this mission without her?

Help plz Edit

Hi, I've got a problem with this quest, simmilar to other problems here,but not the same. I was given the quest by major Polatli and have done everything in the right order. I even attacked the Nelson when I got the permision. But when I won the battle, killed the Dead Sea, I was told to repor to Major Polatli, so I went to him, started conversation and there were no conversation posibility to talk about Nelson. He just acted like he never gave me the quest. Even if I later asked him to support the Bitter Springs, he told me something that he is not giving any reinforcements to civilian. Please help, or I swear I will kill all NCR troops in whole Mojave! :)) (And sorry for my English, because I'm from Europe :P)

Bug - Can't find Haggerty at HELIOS One Edit

When I go there, the marker points to the door that lets you into the fenced in area, but when I go out there, the marker is still pointing at the door.

Will the quest let me move along if I just go to the ambushed supply caravan without talking to Haggerty first?

Medicine skill Edit

"Although the option is given to use items in lieu of meeting the requirements for the skill check, you still need a minimum Medicine score of 35 to successfully treat all the patients. If your Medicine skill is 30 or below, you will botch the treatment (rather humorously) even if you have collected all the required items." I just did this part of the quest with a skill level of 27 and no boosts and didn't botch any of the operations, so this can't be right. Can someone verify? TheShotgunShogun (talk) 02:55, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

I did it with 25. I'm changing it to 25, feel free to change it if it gets any lower.--Player8 (talk) 03:10, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

I did it with the base of 17. Not sure if it relies on hitting the speech check for the lie initially. All operations were successful. -- 07:14, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

Reference? Edit

Is there official confirmation that the name is a reference to a Somali aid initiative? 'Restoring hope' could probably be attributed to hundreds of things.

Can't complete mission because of missing Polatli dialogue Edit

I lately got the problem that I can't finish the mission. I proceeded the mission as far until Polatli told me, he could spare me a few troops to assault Nelson, but I denied by saying I needed more time. After that I attacked Nelson by myself, killed all the Legions (& Dead Sea) and rescued the hostages. I went to Ranger Milo then, so I could instantly start and finish Back in Your Own Backyard. After that I went back to Polatli, who praised me for fighting the Legion in Nelson. The problem is now, that the quest marker for Restoring Hope still sends me to Polatli, though a dialogue option for completing ain't available. Has someone an idea how to fix this? Thanks

This quest has many known bugs, and I'm assuming that's what this is. What stage of the quest are you on, and what platform are you using? This may be a new bug to add to the page.
As for a solution, usually quest-breaking bugs can't be fixed in-game and require reloading a previous save. I would suggest exploring all possible dialogue paths with Polatli to see if it opens up the correct dialogue path - it's a long shot but can work in certain cases. FollowersApocalypseLogo A Follower  Talk  16:42, January 13, 2014 (UTC)

Immorally Moral Edit

According to this article, the "morale points" that I have earned should be 10, but my platoon consists of 4 vanilla NCR troopers. Also, they are all completely unarmed and have no armor! M.Potashov (talk) 06:44, August 21, 2015 (UTC)M.Potashov 8/12/15 2:43 AM

Healing the burned patient Edit

The article says that 25 medicine is needed to heal the burned patient, even if using supplies. This is discussed above. However, I failed the burned patient with 40 medicine while healing the other two. Loading a previous save, I tried again after reading a magazine that raised my medicine to 60. I think the level needed to treat the third patient with supplies is either 50 or 60 (although this differs from what others reported above). It can also be that success with supplies is not assured but has a random factor.

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