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Kendall Hospital has a Book Return Machine Edit

It's in the lobby where the body/bon-fire is being tended by Raiders.

Title of ArticleEdit

Shouldn't both words of the title be capitalized (i.e. Overdue Book)? How does one change that? Just a suggestion.

Does anyone have their ID?

Item ID Edit

The ID of the item "Overdue Book" is 00FE257 The game also classifies it as a "MISC" item in the inventory menu. Also note that the ID for the Book return tokens you get as a reward for handing them in is "0010DEE5"

Charts Don't MatchEdit

I was trying to figure out how many Tokens would be needed to get every item from every Book Return Terminal, so I used the table on this page to figure it out. I was then going to put a note on the Tokens page stating this, but found that the charts don't match. For example, the chart on this page says that ther are 10 Mentats available, while the chart on the Tokens page says that there are 11 Mentats available. If these charts are going to be on multiple pages, they need to match. My thought is that since you use Book Return Tokens to actually buy the books, that page should have the Master version of the table, and this page should simply transclude it from that page. That would ensure that the tables match without requiring extensive effort to maintain both charts. Unfortunately, I don't know how to transclude a section, so I'm unable to make the change myself. Swk3000 (talk) 11:41, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Nuka World Power Plant Edit

Hey, I'm pretty sure there is one in the Nuka World Power plant on a red locker. Thanks, hope it helps. Andrew03 (talk)

Do the Return Terminal inventories respawn? Edit

Does anyone know if the inventories respawn or reshuffle after a few days? I tested the inventory at the convalescent home, and it's randomized upon the first cell load. I was just wondering if I were to buy every item, whether the prizes would respawn, if they would always be the same prizes, and finally, whether they would reshuffle what items are available whether I purchased anything or not.

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