The method for getting a Pre-War Chinese Assault Rifle has a fatal flaw: the Gause Rifle inflicts too much damage. No enemy carrying a Chinese Assault Rifle can survive two hits from the thing. Is there something I'm missing? Swk3000 13:08, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

Never mind. The article fails to mention that it relies on the Gauss Rifle's tendency to not do any damage when it hits an enemy. I'll edit the section to mention that. Swk3000 13:58, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
I don't see how this glitch applies at all. If you strike anywhere on the body, they will die instantly. The trick of the exploit is hitting the weapon itself and scoring a critical hit, which knocks the enemy down. If you miss and hit the arm instead of the weapon, the enemy dies, so it relies solely on hitting the weapon. Also, I've noticed that the weapons obtained this way are in piss-poor condition. I have yet to actually get the weapon out of the sim to see about repairing it, or if it can even be repaired, but in it's current state, it's jamming, has low accuracy, and does around 22 damage, which is substantially lower than one in top condition. 05:34, June 19, 2012 (UTC)
I found that it is best to go try this on Very Hard of course, and to first cripple an arm with a powerfist, then target the crippled arm in vats.

Whatever happened to the info telling on how to get the flamer, mini-gun, and Fat Man from the power armor soldiers?

Obtaining other weapons?

There's about three to four other weapons that the player could glitch, shouldn't those be mentioned? I mean the chinese assault rifle could be obtained and its written here. The flamer, minigun, fatman, and the chinese pistol could be obtained. Also I don't see how smoke grenades that don't work considered an exploit. Their interesting to have but they have no value regarding to uses.Cripto136 03:59, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

    • Also, there's the high-durability version of Jingwei's Shocksword that can be collected this way, and (as far as I know) is the only high-durability Unique Weapon.. Not to mention the deliciousness of stealing his sword and killing him with it...-- 14:12, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

List of obtainable simulation items via the Gary 23 exploit.

This is simply a list of items that can be obtained from the simulation using the Gary 23 exploit, as a concise listing isn't documented elsewhere. The various means through which they can be obtained is noted along with the total number in the simulation(if known) as well. Many of the pick-pocket only items are found only in the final mission areas(accessible early via an exploit for bypassing the map boundary), which consist of the trenches, pulse field, and refinery, though some items are also found in and around the Chinese listening post and U.S. Field HQ. In the simulation there are three primary ways to effectively pickpocket:

1 Solely using a high Sneak score for stealth, the higher the better.
2 Exploiting the Gauss Rifle knock-down glitch.
3 The use of the Paralyzing Palm perk.

A high Sneak score combined with one of the other methods is the most ideal, along with turning the game difficulty to Very Hard so the target has more hit points to survive palm and rifle hits. Pickpocketing items will typically yield weapons in various states of (dis)repair, though it is possible to find some in (near) perfect condition.

Weapons in unlimited(∞) numbers

These require no special effort other than dropping the gear and requisitioning more.

Requisition holo package provided weapons(and units that carry them)

  • 10mm pistol∞(Close Assault Package)(Sniper package)(Strike Team missile unit)
  • 10mm SMG∞(Heavy weapons package)(Strike Team grenadier)
  • Assault rifle∞(Fire team package)(Strike Team infantryman)(Quartermaster x1)(American soldier)(American T-51b unit)
  • Combat shotgun∞(Close Assault Package)
  • Frag grenade∞(Close Assault Package x8)(Fire team package x12)(Strike Team grenadier x5)
  • Frag mine∞(Close Assault Package x8)
  • Missile launcher∞(Heavy weapons package)(Strike Team missile unit)(American launcher)(Chinese launcher)
  • Power fist∞(Close Assault Package)
  • Sniper rifle∞(Sniper package)(Strike Team sniper)(American sniper)(Chinese sniper)(Crimson Dragoon)
  • Trench knife∞(Fire team package)(Strike Team sniper)

Obtained through dialogue

  • Gauss rifle x1(Quartermaster speech check x1)
  • Psycho x7(Doctor Adami dialogue x5, Command Tent on shelves x2)

Require pickpocketing to obtain

  • Chinese assault rifle∞(Crimson Dragoon, Chinese soldier∞)
  • Chinese pistol x11(Crimson Dragoon)
  • Fat Man x4(*Power armored soldier x4)
  • Flamer x8(American inferno unit)(Chinese inferno unit)
  • Jingwei's Shocksword x1(General Jingwei x1)(May Also be disarmed)
  • Minigun x4(*Power armored soldier x4)


  • Chinese officer's sword x2(**Chinese officer x2)(Does not have infinite health)
  • Super sledge x2(**Power armored soldier x2)(Does not have infinite health)


Up to three items of this type can be taken out of the simulation via reverse pickpocketing. An exploit utilizing the quartermaster is required for three articles to be obtainable instead of only two.

  • Army mechanic jumpsuit(American Grease Monkeys)
  • Chinese stealth armor(Crimson Dragoon)(Chinese sniper)
  • General Jingwei's uniform x1(General Jingwei x1)
  • Grimy pre-War businesswear x1(American war correspondent)
  • Wasteland surgeon outfit x1(Doctor Adami x1)
  • Winterized Chinese jumpsuit∞(Chinese soldier∞)
  • Winterized combat armor x3(Starting Equipment x1)(Quartermaster x2, via exploit)

Head Gear

Only two items of this type can be taken out of the simulation.

  • Pre-War hat x1(American war correspondent)
  • Winterized Chinese commando hat∞(On Ground near pipeline x1)(Chinese soldier∞)
  • Winterized combat helmet x1(Starting Equipment x1)

Ammunition available in unlimited amounts from Dispensers

The player must have the related weapon in inventory.

  • .308 caliber round∞(Sniper rifle∞)
  • 10mm round∞(10mm pistol∞)(10mm SMG∞)(Chinese pistol x11)
  • 5mm round∞(Minigun x4)
  • 5.56mm round∞(Assault rifle∞)(Chinese assault rifle∞)
  • Flamer fuel∞(Flamer x8)
  • Shotgun shell∞(Combat shotgun∞)

Ammo found by other means

  • Microfusion cells(168 can be found in simulation)
  • Mini-Nukes x4(*Power armored soldier x4)(Do not appear in NPC inventory until *Power armored soldiers advance into the Pulse Field)
  • Missiles∞(Heavy weapons package)(Strike Team missile unit)(American launcher)(Chinese launcher)

Frag grenades∞, Frag Mines∞, Microfusion cells, and Missiles∞ are also found on the ground near ammo dispensers.

Misc. Items of limited or no value in the Simulation

  • Camera x1(American war correspondent x1)
  • Scrap Metal x3(Inside Chinese Listening Post x3)
  • Smoke grenades x6(Outside Standard map boundary x6)

Requires impractical effort

At the point in the sim that these appear, the player is under constant attack, likely from both friend and foe. The Power armored soldiers cannot be pick-pocketed and the high health of the weapons excludes any practical method of disarmament.

  • Flamer∞(***Power armored soldier∞)
  • Gauss rifle∞(***Power armored soldier∞)
  • Laser rifle∞(***Power armored soldier∞)(Does not have infinite health, and thus can be disarmed, but of no value)
  • Missile launcher∞(***Power armored soldier∞)
(*)American power armored soldiers can be incredably difficult to pickpocket.
(**)The two American power armored soldiers and two Chinese officers wielding melee weapons can be disarmed and may drop their weapons when killed, allowing them to be picked up if approached quickly enough.
(***)Respawning American power armored soldiers during the finale battle cannot be pickpocketed, and in practical terms are (near) impossibe to disarm.

--Xclockwatcher (talk) 23:22, February 14, 2013 (UTC)

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