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This page needs cleaning, lots of information repeats.

There's going to be a lot of information regarding the NCR when New Vegas comes out. You might want to put this article on watch. -Mike Hawk 3/8/2010

Update the flag?

Because this recent New Vegas screenshot shows a new one: 14:53, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

I agree, the flag shown in this article isn't accurate. The current flag has a roaring two-headed bear. Can someone update the image?

I bet somebody could get an updated, accurate image of the NCR flag the from GECK. Would anyone be willing to do that? 02:53, January 21, 2011 (UTC)


I'm confused. Is the NCR good, evil or neutral? Telos 10:00, June 1, 2010 (UTC)

There are no alignments in the Fallout universe. Leave black/white divisions for fantasy. Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 11:39, June 1, 2010 (UTC)

Do we really need the warnings about the Brotherhood/NCR war not being canon anymore? It was confirmed that the war is over energy weapons by one of the New Vegas devs, though which one I don't remember. TestECull 02:19, July 31, 2010 (UTC)

No alignments? Then why, pray, is there a karma system that labels you Very Good to Very Evil? 23:01, August 2, 2010 (UTC)

I'll take Sulik's spirit guides' assessment of the NCR. That's to say, they are as good as it gets, besides the DC chapter of the BoS in Fallout 3. 05:40, August 28, 2010 (UTC)


Do NCR aggressively take over settlements or are all regions willing members of NCR?

This is not a black/white world. Its probably a combination of the two - aggressive propaganda, so that territories join and conquering hostiles. Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 10:41, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

Right, so does the NCR aggressively take over non-hostile settlements with the use of force to further expand their territory? Im sorry to ask again but your answer was ambiguous. Is it just unknown?

That's the point, it's not known. I assume it's a lot like the early US all over again - a combination of propaganda, trade wars and dirty, bloody conflict (and slaughter of the natives), but for the most part, it's a peaceful process. Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 20:31, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

The NCR seem incredibly dodgy to me. From what the developers are saying they are tax hungry. They cannot protect their citizens/ enforce their laws because they are getting too big for their own good. Sounds like a typical crappy government. Then again the Legion are a bunch of slavers so they do not sound so good either. It does not seem like any faction(from what I have seen so far) are taking on the "very good" archetype that the east coast Brotherhood of Steel had in Fallout 3. Again i am basing this on only what i have seen of the game so far. I suppose we will all know for sure in 4 short days.--HelpMeRhonda213 22:33, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

The President of the Republic in 2280?

I read a recent preview of New Vegas. There's a description of how the previewer stormed the compound of one Ambassador Dennis Crocker, representing "Republic President Aaron Kimball". Since I'm not aware of any other "Republics" in the Mojave Wastelend, this Kimball character might be the NCR's president. -- Commdor (Talk) 19:47, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Highly likely. But we should wait till we get confirmation that he he the NCR's president before we add it in the main page.

Alignment Quests

I think there should be a section for each faction in New Vegas explaining how you can get on their good side (if you have only three days until assassins kill you and need a quick fix) Eydryan 09:42, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

See Goodsprings for an example of this in action. I want to balance playing with editing though and havent finished it. Mictlantecuhtli 12:39, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

Yes I also think there should be a section dedicated to the Pros/Cons of +/- Fame for each faction, such as discounts, leeway, special items, such on and so forth; there is very little on what the factions do, as an asset to The Courier, in the guide as of now. Nosferus 19:15, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

Van Buren

For this topic atleast, shouldn't we consider Van Buren canonical? A lot of the stuff in it can be reinforced by FO:NV. Examples: The Burned Man & the first hoover dam battle. The war with the brotherhood of steel. Should we get rid of the non-canonical warning?

(PFC.Stockholm 15:18, October 30, 2010 (UTC))

Well but not everything is canon. For instance, Hoover Dam has not lost contact with the rest of the NCR and there is no governor declaring to be the President of NCR. So while a lot of things may be canon, there is certainly stuff that is not and so that warning still needs to be there.

Map perhaps?

Can someone find a map of NCR territory or draw one?

YES! Please! It would be so helpful and awesome to see the NCR as a whole. Anonymous Editer, March 19, 2011, 22:53, Central Time (Canada, USA)

Changing Headquarters to Capital?

Well sense the NCR is more like a state than just another organization shouldn't headquarters be changed to capital? They are the closest thing to a country in the Fallout universe and countries have capitals not headquarters right?

Apparently you can't change it, I just tried and putting 'Capital' instead of 'Headquarters' removes the whole headquarters/capital section. Poorly designed page if you ask me. There should be some option of altering the name of elements without causing them to vanish completely.--Enigma24 (talk) 23:06, April 24, 2013 (UTC)


Perhaps someone could make a more in depth map of what they control, from the lowly baja all the way to west of the colorado. I can start to work on it, if people tell me what I should include city wise. Also, i think that this could be cleaned up a bit, if there are multiple states, we should probably make a subtopic on the page about it. i'll start work on the map now, I suppose. --PFC.Stockholm 17:29, December 16, 2010 (UTC)


The fact that in early america they started at the east and traveled west to gain more territory and the NCR (Who is the closest thing to the pre war goverment)started west and are traveling east to gain more territory Ironic much?

If they go east they would have hit the ocean. In fact, many of their towns are coastal. if the situation is ironic it's not much.Laclongquan (talk) 04:49, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

Joining them

Can you become a member and how.Avatar symbiote 14:17, December 24, 2010 (UTC)Avatar symbiote

Major Fallout New Vegas Bug - Faction Armor Glitch Resulting in Hostility

There seems to be a major bug in Fallout New Vegas that can seriously ruin the game for you.

This has to do with faction standings and armor. About half way through the game the NCR and Crimson Caravan Company suddenly became hostile towards me and my companions for no apparent reason. My reputation with them was good (accepted) but they attacked me on sight nonetheless. I could not even approach the Mojave Outpost without everybody attacking me. It made no difference if I was wearing NCR armor or even approaching them naked, the outcome was always the same.

The problem with this bug is that the game sometimes fails to register that you have removed faction specific armor. If you for example was wearing Legion Veteran Armor and then switched to Combat Armor, the game might still think that you are wearing the Legion faction armor. This means that any faction that is hostile towards the Legion will also attack you on sight even though you are no longer in disguise.

I think that this problem arises when you swich gear without unequipping it first. If you have both the faction specific armor and the non affiliated armor in you inventory and you then change from one to the other directly, the game does not register that you have removed the faction specific armor.

I'm not sure if this bug will stack all the armor that you have worn in the game but there is an easy way to solve this problem. You have to take every piece of armor that you have saved up in storage and then individually equip and unequip everything in order in your inventory.

When I did this, the NCR ceased to show any hostility towards me as if nothing had happened (PS3). This bug can cause major problems because many of the storyline quests rely on NCR interaction.

I can confirm this but in my game i DID NOT wear any other faction-clothing then the NCR armor(i have some non-faction clothing i put on sometimes). But in my game only the people in Sloan are hostile(McCarran, Mojave Outpost etc, are all friendly)--Stovie 21:01, January 6, 2011 (UTC) i

Map of NCR territories

Could someone draw a map of the NCR territories or if one was already drawn post the URL of where I could find it.

YES! Please! It would be so helpful and awesome to see the NCR as a whole. Anonymous Editer, March 19, 2011, 22:54, Central Time (Canada, USA)

I know this is an old-ish discussion, but there seems to be a recently added NCR map on the Core Region article. Not sure why it isn't here also. It looks pretty good. FinalWish 20:23, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

Can whoever the map(s) of the Core Region/New California Republic please ad referances to where the information of said map came from? Specifics if you can.--Ant2242 01:44, June 23, 2011 (UTC)

if they defeated navarro

shouldnt at least back west they have some enclave armor as they must have gotten a few suits after they took navarro and ethier figured it out or slavaged it much like the armor in newvegas

Navarro is just a small outpost for the Enclave. So at most, they will only have a 50 or so suits of Advanced power armor, not nearly enough for the NCR to use them for the army other then a small squad of elite troops, who are most likely stationed in the NCR's home territory. Also, when you visit Navarro in Fallout 2, the sergeant there complained about being under supplied, suggesting that the base doesn't really have that much hardware available. Finally, most of the Enlcave relocated to DC, most likely taking many of the equipment with them.

Furthermore, the amount of force needed to destroy a suit of power armour means that a disabled suit would be little more than a pile of junk. Remember, it's a walking tank. Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 16:41, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

NCR Fame?

I'm on the quest "Wild Card: Side Bets" and I need to contact the Brotherhood of Steel. BUT, I accidentaly killed Paladin Ramos, and the bad thing is I'm a merciful thug on NCR and Caesar's Legion, so I can't do the other quests. I dunno how to get more rep from NCR or Caesar, because there are no more quests available from them D: I can't tell Yes Man to ignore/destroy them cuz I haven't contact with BoS at all. I heard there's a dogtag thing with Quartermaster Mayes & I only see I get 2 caps, there's no notification of NCR fame gained :S I already helped getting Nelson back, & I'm doing the "Legion ears" thing. I'm still a Merciful Thug on NCR, so I'm like "WTF". On Forlorn Hope Camp, I went to see which quests were available, after saying yes to Reyes to do the radio thing for each NCR Ranger Station. I get shot by the important ppl to finish the quests, like the girl on the entrance of HELIOS ONE, and the NCR Vets shoot me too. I'm stuck on this game, plz help!

note that if anyone is being attacked by the ncr they can wear ncr armor to complete quests to raise their fame level. if you accidently killed someone then reload the previous save its really hard to accidently kill someone in that bunker and you kind of deserve the pain.-- 12:14, October 24, 2011 (UTC)

Ncr fallout 3

Was there any mention of the ncr in fallout 3?

To put it bluntly, no.

Ehem... "Shady Sands Shuffle", anyone? While it might be a long-shot, Shady Sands develops into the New California Republic. Yuri(Leave a message!) 20:59, May 6, 2011 (UTC)
Well apart from the "Shady Sands Shuffle" in the "Adventures of Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood" on Galaxy News Radio, as Yuri has so cleverly remembered, there is no reference to the NCR in Fallout 3. The mention in the radio drama isn't really a direct reference, more of a subtle one. Remember folks, Fallout 3 is set five years before New Vegas and on a completely different side of the country. The NCR would be a far away power that the residents of the Capital Wasteland are entirely unaware of. The Brotherhood of Steel however, they would remember their old rivals. But to the general populace of the Capital Wasteland the NCR would be completely unknown resulting in a response along the lines of "What the hell is an NCR?". So no, there is no direct reference to the NCR nor does there need to be. Different Wasteland, different factions. --Enigma24 (talk) 23:14, April 24, 2013 (UTC)
The only group that really has any knowledge of what's going on in the West, would be the Brotherhood. Unlike the Enclave though, there really was no reason to even mention the NCR. I mean, at the time Fallout 3 takes place, the NCR just barely held Hoover Dam in the first battle - and that's like almost 2500 miles away from Washington D.C. Digital Utopia (talk) 13:09, July 22, 2014 (UTC)

A little revision?

I feel like maybe it could use a little revision, it seems a bit bland, add a little bit more into the page, I'll start playing through some of the games again so i can get the maxinum amount of data, so I'll begin on it next week. RobertBennett 18:45, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

also, a lot of the stuff is contradicting, like at some point it says something like "NCR wants to annex NV as their 6th state, but undder list of states, there are 8 alright, not including NV. idk. RobertBennett 18:53, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

So far, I have changed a little bit.

  • added endings to Fallout 1 & 2 to the 'ending' section, going to add NV soon.
  • Made new section named "Location", putting States & Territories to it.
  • Fixed the states list, and moved the map of the NCR down to "Locations", when I recently put it in Society.

I will make any edits anyone suggests, as long as I know enough of it. So if you don't feel like doing the work, i'll gladdly modify it. RobertBennett 06:16, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

About those: the "Endings" section has so far been used only when there are (a) multiple endings available and (b) the canon ending is not known. When either of these conditions are not satisfied, we tend to do list only the canon ending, and in the background section (see Modoc or Myron).
Secondly, "Locations" is not a valid section according to FW:LAYL. I know a lot of Fallout and Fallout 2 pages feature this section, but it was not added to the guidelines and so has never actually been put to the community. I would suggest moving the information to the "Notes" section.
The internal inconsistency, I think, comes from the fact that the entire "Locations" section is based on [[:File:2282 core region by lscatilina-d3bt6rq.png|this map]]. The map, while pretty, is someone's personal interpretation of what the NCR looks like in 2282, and is most probably almost entirely non-canon. --Lugiatm (talk · contribs) 08:26, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

While, I know it's not 100% accurate, they most likely used the Fallout2 map for the in game cities, and then took ingame dialogue & real life locations (assuming Vegas is where it is in real life, etc). And from the looks of it, the maker sort of made like a state lines based off natural features, such as mountains, rivers, etc. [1]. if you're not comfortable with putting the user made map (based mostly off this), then we can simply put this one instead, as it is part of Fallout 2, and therefore canonical. RobertBennett 18:02, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

Image discussion.

Discussion of this image and its place is clearly necessary. I will attempt to mediate, but don't get too irate.

Nothing to mediate. No fan produced content. User:Great_MaraUser talk:Great_Mara 19:44, July 27, 2011 (UTC)
I know that, but it was turning into an edit war. At least they might see that now :) TheGuardianCalligraphy.pngGuardianoftheWastesTag.png

Having this should solve some fans' itch. Imma moving it to top of the talk pageLaclongquan (talk) 04:54, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

Excuse me, who exactly made this map? The map of the NCR? I was wondering how you made this and how I could make a map like this.-----Lieutenant113 (talk) 01:55, April 12, 2016 (UTC)


Under states it says if it has a * then the capital is the same as the state but Arroyo doesn't have a star or capital name. I have never played the originals so I decided to see if anyone else knows how to correct it.Zoso1219 00:21, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

Does anyone happen to know where Shady Sands is located in real life? Like which city it corresponds to or is closest to?

Shady Sands from the map is North West of Las Vegas and East of San Francisco, so this puts Shady Sands near the 95 and the 6, so this puts Shady Sands real world location near the Tonopah area. This would make the birthplace of the NCR Navada not California.

NCR Propaganda Poster Trivia

While randomly trawling the internet I saw this World War 2 poster that looked a lot like one in the game

Retrieved from:

Original one. Seems legit.

Maybe someone good at wiki-ing could add this? Kevchow 03:23, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

Unexplained NCR Violence

Alright, so I decided to start the quest "Render Unto Caesar" so that I could go to The Fort and kill Caesar. I did so, got to The Fort, slaughtered everyone there, and now the NCR is trying to kill me on sight. Because of this, I can't continue For The Republic, Part 2 without wearing the NCR Ranger Combat Armor, which causes me to risk resetting my NCR, Legion, and Strip Rep. The Strip I'm fine with. I'm neutral with those guys anyway, but I'm already liked by the NCR and Vilified by Legion troops. Does anyone know any solutions to this problem? Or do I have to start a whole new game?


Notes: Playing on Xbox 360, so Console Commands are not accessible. Also can't complete any other NCR Quests, such as Return to Sender. For some reason, there's this feller just outside Jacobstown who's NCR and not shooting at me. This particular AI is a Private in the NCR Military who says that his buddies were trapped by Legion troops. Possible solution here, yes or no? Haven't tried waiting outside NCR Territory yet and seeing if they revert. Possible solution?

Weazel57 02:58, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Regarding Arroyo

After some extensive research and the replaying of both Fallout 2 and New Vegas, I have found absolutely no bloody proof of Arroyo being annexed by the NCR, or they have at least had any sort of interaction at all other then being in the same general area.

So why does this page say otherwise? Jakeinator (talk) 00:24, July 3, 2012 (UTC)

The Followers of the Apocalypse member outside the Lucky 38, Emily Ortel, says she has family in Arroyo while also mentioning that most of the NCR's taxes go to military projects. While I admit, this doesn't necessarily prove that it's apart of the NCR but that does imply it.

Help Editing

I am not really good with pictures and I tried to move the pictures of the NCR currency to the currency section but, I kind of messed it up. If someone who is better at editing could fix it, it would be appreciated.

re: Why did you remove EVERY link from this section? and it's 5% of the power, not one fifth.)

What I posted was just the directly quoted description from the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide on the NCR faction, (ebook version this one is, so I just copied and past the text). It didn't have links to this wiki, I was planning on going back and adding them after finishing updating the Backgroun sections of all the Fallout 3 characters. Eddo36 (talk) 14:23, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

Need NCR Fame!

Alright, I know this most likely isn't the place for this, but no one in the chat had answers, and I couldn't find the information elsewhere on the internet.

Currently, I am vilified with the NCR, and wearing their armor doesn't do any good for me. No matter where I go, they're always hostile, and I'd like to find a way to change that. I've tried the Hoover Damn, Mojave Outpost, Camp Forlorn Hope, and Camp McCarren (Spelling?). The base at the end of The Strip is also hostile.

Can anyone please tell me some way to get my fame with them up?Foxi Hooves (talk) 00:22, June 5, 2013 (UTC)

Article name

The country name of the NCR is New California, as proven by this: NCR history holodisk. At the bottom, it says "New California Relations Advisory Panel", proving this. Therefore, New California must be the country name, and New California Republic is the official/government name. With that, I propose renaming the article to "New California", which is more encyclopaedic and is in line with what Wikipedia does with countries. User OfficialLolGuy.png  OfficialLolGuy  Talk  Blog  00:28, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

This article is about the faction, though; it's not about the location/area. 69.l25 (talk) 00:33, December 29, 2013 (UTC)
Isn't the faction the country? User OfficialLolGuy.png  OfficialLolGuy  Talk  Blog  00:34, December 29, 2013 (UTC)
It's more of an organization or group. (The article specifically says "federation.") 69.l25 (talk) 00:37, December 29, 2013 (UTC)
Why does that prove that the country name is New California? Many committees and organizations within governments exist and do not necessarily use the full (legal) name of the country, a glaring one I can think of being the United States Postal Service. Does this mean that the legal name of the country is simply 'The United States'? Of course not. The legal name of the country is still the United States of America, and the name has no bearing on whatever sub-committees or organizations that exist within the government. FollowersApocalypseLogo.pngmorituri te salutamus 00:40, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

A-ha! GarouxBloodline said in the chat it was an interesting find, but that we should get all our fish in one barrel first, and find more references and find counter-claims. Well, I found some references in the Fallout endings! Look at the endings for the Brotherhood of Steel, Khans, and Followers of the Apocalypse, there's mentions of "New California" within them. Since they're from the narrator of the game, they're indisputable proof. User OfficialLolGuy.png  OfficialLolGuy  Talk  Blog  00:47, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

( The New California Republic is the town and faction, and New California is the Core Region. Tagaziel found references a while back and renamed the page on The Vault. So that's the possible move. NCR should remain NCR. Jspoel Speech Jspoel.png 00:57, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

Ah, okay. The Core Region page can't be moved though, since New California redirects to it. User OfficialLolGuy.png  OfficialLolGuy  Talk  Blog  01:01, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

NCR Population.

The statistic that the population has 700,000 citizens is marked with a 'Citation Needed', but I was dicking around and I actually found that source. It's in the Fallout Bible #6

Just figured whoever might want to know.

I don't suppose you bothered to hover your mouse over the 3rd citation, or look at the citations at the bottom? Because when you do... you'll learn this:
"These population figures are exaggerated, though the population of NCR and all its states is pretty impressive. It has been known to vary according to plot purposes."
Just as I'd been stressing for so long, the NCR does not have 700,000 citizens. This is merely a boast on their part for propaganda purposes. Enclavesymbol.jpg 11:15, March 10, 2015 (UTC)


"The NCR's military is composed of several Divisions, including special cavalry and mechanized units..."

Okay... riding what, exactly? We know horses are extinct (at least in the NCR regions) and donkeys followed after sometime around the FO1/FO2 timelines. To my knowledge, there are no other animals in the NCR that could be useful as cavalry mounts, even if they were properly domesticated. The only thing I can think of is that "cavalry" means "motorized infantry"... i.e., kind of like the off-roading unarmored post-apoc vehicles you'd see in a Mad Max movie. "Mechanized", by comparison, has always referred to armored vehicles such as APCs and light tanks.

-- 22:45, March 22, 2014 (UTC)

It would stand to reason the NCR would have tanks and APC's if they were safe in a bunker they would be useable they could also have the giddy up buttercup for transport 16:52, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

Cavalry can also mean Helicopter units, although no evidence of their existence is shown either. Agent c (talk) 16:56, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

I believe their extinction was only mentioned in either the Fallout Bibles, or from developers that were in Black Isle Studios, making that canon - semi-canon/fanon now that Bethesda/Zenimax have taken over the I.P. This is further reinforced by the All Roads novel, that depicts the Great Khans with a horse. Let me know if I am missing something - this is particularly interesting lore for me. 寧靜Fox.png 17:52, March 9, 2015 (UTC)
"To me, that picture in the comic was an error ... "it was never my intention that there were any horses." "there were parts of the New Vegas design where we specifically removed the mention of horses from certain narrative points (one of Raul’s stories originally referenced horses, for example, and we cut them because we didn’t want to imply horses still existed)."— MCA

Interesting. So that still opens up a hole for lore rewriting. They could just create an alternative to the horse, though. Maybe a mutant llama. :P 寧靜Fox.png 18:21, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

Unsourced Fanon(?) States

Redding, Arroyo, Klamath, and Vault City are all listed as NCR states, but there doesn't seem to be good sources for any of them on this page or their separate pages. Redding has circumstantial evidence based on scanty information about Chief Hanlon, but the others appear to be unfounded assumptions based on the Fallout 2 ending slides and it actually doesn't make much sense that they would be states while most of the territories in-between apparently aren't. Unless someone can point to real evidence from New Vegas for their annexation, it's just fan speculation and should be relabeled as such.

NCR as of 2287

So from what I have read, it says on the east Coast BoS page that "as of 2287, the West Coast BoS chapter continues to struggle in their war against the NCR" and the note about the mysterious stranger in the Commonwealth says "he has been spotted from NCR to here". Does this information show that the NCR won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam?-----Lieutenant113 (talk) 02:01, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

I don't see how either of the two suggest anything about Fallout: New Vegas. Paladin117>>iff bored; 02:31, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

My point is that the NCR might still exist as of 2287 and might of won the Second Battle of Hoover dam because the NCR wouldn't have survived according to the other endings of FNV.---- Lieutenant113 (talk) 02:57, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

The NCR survives all of FNV's endings. Paladin117>>iff bored; 03:25, April 8, 2016 (UTC)
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