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Nero, leader of the Omertas[edit source]

Wow, for being the leader of The Omertas and a 'badass', besides having the best male face in the game and not really doing nothing but sit in his room with his Assualt Carbine. This guy is sure a mystery. And not a very good one. Something about this guy felt unfinished.

Nobody talks about him, when you get to his room he just tells you to get out, that's it. I somehow got the feeling that they had meant to include more for this guy. There was a whole buildup and aura of mystery concerning Nero and once again I was left underwhelmed. They really could've done more with this guy or any of the other families.


This is meant as a reply or comment rather than an edit, but since I dunno how and don't see how to, this is it. Agreed, Harpiro. When I first heard of him, I figured he'd be a big shot, at least the one running that one casino. In the end, it's Big Sal doing all of the little talking there is in that one quest they're involved. All he ever tells us is to leave his room or to sit down for a chat when we're in that reunion with him and Big Sal.

Does seem unfinished. And with the elaborate web of references present in the game, specifically relevant in this case is Caesar's Legion, to have an NPC named Nero to be practically uninvolved in the plot is really a waste.

Lol @ "best male face"

I'm Harpiro! Wow, I wrote this a while ago. Weord to look at your old work. Now I'm back and I'm Damaind77.


Actually...[edit source]

It seems he doesn't only disappear if the quest How Little We Know is finished (in the Omerta's favor, I imagine; otherwise, they're dead). In a more crude and enjoyable fashion, I rampaged away in the casino killing everyone in sight. Nero, being so damned invisible plot-wise, was forgotten. When I later came back to finish the job, new Omerta thugs and other Gomorrah NPCs had spawned - typical - yet Nero was nowhere to be seen. I tried the good ol' last resort that is a console command (player.moveto etc) and it took me to where Nero is by default, sitting in his room. It took me there, yet, no Nero. Even tried no clipping in case he was under the textures, but no such luck. So by definition, he truly disappears.

Well, poppycock! This way the best I could tell Yes Man was that the Omertas were hostile rather than they're wiped out, which is of course what I had to say, 'cause in this playthrough, anyone who's an enemy of Gehenna doesn't exist long enough to be spoken of as an enemy. He's an enemy, he dies. When spoken of, it's gotta be in the past. Oh well... wonder if there's a code for that console command to set a quest to specific phase, rather than simply reset or finish them.

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