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Mary[edit source]

Mary appears older than the other children, probably a teenager, due to wearing adult clothing that reshapes her body.

You realize you basiclly just admitted you looked at,like,an eleven year old's tots,right?

^And do you realize, that 11 or 40, it's just a games file/model? Not a real thing?

The 1st. comment is valid.. mary is indeed 12 however its kind of hard to miss when a body is.. "out of proportion"

Mary seen in Arlington Library[edit source]

I recently went on the Survival Guide quest to the Arlington Library and within the Children's Wing. I am playing on the xbox 360. Additionally, I am playing a very evil character who slaughtered everyone in the Republic of Dave except the children. They fled outside of the city's walls and I imagine somehow the AI scripted her to wander all the way to this location. If anyone else has seen Mary or the other Republic of Dave children in the Arlington Library, please confirm and add it to the page. 05:21, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

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