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To the northeast of the building, part of the ground was buggy. The layer that had all the textures (such as the cracked earth) was shifter slightly to the east and sitting on top of the ground there. I could see that there were a few extra layers, and I could walk through them. The area that was missing the layers looked like areas outside of a map like with the the Paradise Falls glitch where everything appeared to be a few feet above the ground. -Ganon

Pointless encounter with 3 random ghouls Edit

I came across 3 ghoul wastelanders when exploring this area. There are 3 speech options, which all the ghouls repeat to the player ad infinitum. They are trying to get to Underworld, though there is no option for you to help them in any way. You can attempt to rob them but if you are playing as a good character this isn't a paticularly beneficial course of action to take. This seems a bit pointless for a random encounter. Lateralus1 17:40, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

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