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You can take all 3 Edit

I want just to say that playing as a female character, I`v managed to get all 3 magazines and can use all 3 hairstyles. First I`v found Anchorage in Charlestown laundry( so it seems it does not depend on character`s gender, but rather just random. Then I visited it again after some time and found Hornet`s nest there. I went to Diamond city to check if I can use all 3 hairstyles and found out that I do.

Inconsistent numbering Edit

In the CK, there are two perk magazines: PerkMagLaCoiffe01 (Megaton) and PerkMagLaCoiffe05 (Hornet). These respectively correspond to messages MagLaCoiffe01 and MagLaCoiffe05. While perk magazines numbers 2 though 5 do not exist, messages 2 through 5 do exist, although they don't mention which haircut they correspond to.

On the other hand, in the game files we have we have an image of the cover for each issue, even the cut ones. However, in the images, LaCoiffe01_d.DDS corresponds to Megaton and LaCoiffe02_d.DDS corresponds to Hornet. This is inconsistent with the Creation Kit editor IDs.

So what is the numbering supposed to be? I don't think there is a correct answer, but since the editor IDs do not tell us which issues number 2 through 4 are supposed to be (i.e. the ordering of editor IDs is incomplete), I suggest we use the numbering given by the DDS files.

- FDekker talk 22:52, December 15, 2017 (UTC)

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