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Getting there Edit

How do you get there without getting sliced open by deathclaws?

I made a looong trek around past the Goodsprings Graveyard and around that entire mountain. A LOT of Cazadors are there, so make sure you have a lot of stims, antivenom, and some good allies to help you get through safely. You should be on the...west side of Quarry Junction when the mountain drops enough to climb up. --ParallaxFallout 08:53, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

Moved from main page;

The camp is difficult to reach due to mountains surrounding every side of it. There are two ways to get there - the harder way is by clearing the quarry of the Deathclaws. A large red crane next to the camp serves as a landmark. Alternatively, you can climb into the hills from the Makeshift Great Khan Camp or by heading due south from Bonnie Springs, and follow the the ridge to an opening on the west side of the quarry, encountering substantially less Deathclaws in the process. The easiest route is to head north from Goodsprings Cemetery to reach the Makeshift Great Khan Camp, and then continue northwest to the gap in the mountains, using a stealthboy to get past the three Deathclaws. Alternatively, a more direct (and brutal) path lies south of Vault 19 that goes up a small canyon onto the deathclaw plateau, right under the pass upwards to the encampment.

Map Marker Oddity Edit

I was watching my friend play his file when all of a sudden the message "Map marker Great Khan encampment added" suddenly and randomly appeared while he was walking on the road just north of Sloan. Then when he went to his map sure enough it was added as a location he hadn't yet visited. This didn't happen to me on my game. What triggered it?

In regards to Map Marker Oddity the first time I played when walking into Sloan there were two of the quarry workers standing by a burning barrel that mention something "about some Great Khans up on the cliffs" which automatically added to location my pipboy.

Finding it difficult to trigger this again on my other playthroughs though for some reason.

Waiting for the quarry workers to go to sleep before talking to them can make it easier to cause this to occur.

Graphics Bug Edit

After fast travelling to the camp, I noticed a lot of very undetailed... shapes. They were 2D shapes all coming from under a Khan. They restricted my movement a little. User:ValoR

What are the best weapons against deathclaws?I am level 26-30 with guns 100

Brush Guns were very effective but the ammo is expensive. Sneak criticals were one hit kills. 20:49, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

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