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General Atomics is mentioned in Fallout 1 manual too: "Secondary power supply........General Atomics Nuclear Power backup systems". So it should be mentioned in Appearance section. --Silesian (talk) 12:45, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

Suggested additional real-world tie. Edit

In the final section discussing real-world parallels, I think Atomics International, an R&D company that was eventually bought by Rockwell, ought to be mentioned as well. The name is essentially a combination of General Atomics and Atomics International, two companies who both did similar nuclear, defense, and energy research work in the 50s-80s. Reference to general electric may be fine to keep in as the products of GAI are household in nature, similar to a portion of GE's product lines, but I think the name more directly implicates Atomics International in addition to General Atomics, so I highly suggest it be added. ~~

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