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Snag its melee weapon for a fun time...Edit

I seem to recall that last time I played Fallout 2, I was able to acquire the unusual weapon this thing carries. There was a glitch in FO2 that allowed you to loot items from special corpses that you weren't supposed to be able to loot. You had to get another, ordinarily-lootable type of enemy to die on the same hex, then click to loot that enemy. Once the loot screen was open, there were these little arrows under the "portrait" of the dead enemy that you could click to select a different corpse. The programmers obviously put this feature in so that if you happened to kill multiple enemies on the same hex, you would be able to loot them all. What they didn't realize is that a player could use this feature to loot enemies that weren't supposed to be looted! You could, in fact, obtain Frank Horrigan's special "End Boss" weapons this way, and they were awesome, and well worth the trouble - although it was difficult to get Frank to die on just the right hex! It was a bit easier to get one of these Floating Eye dudes to cough up its weapon. (Although if I recall correctly, there was a little bit more to it... I think you had to kill it with an "instant-kill" critical hit? I think if you just zeroed its hit points, the weapon disappeared, maybe? All my FO2 characters were sniper-types, though, so a BB gun to the sensors / CPU usually did the trick after a few reloads...) I don't even remember what it was called... "Robot Melee Weapon" or something really generic like that... but it was basically a melee / unarmed weapon, and when you attacked with it, your character just appeared to throw a punch. The damage was mediocre, but the cool part was that if you landed a killing blow with it, your enemy would crackle with weird electricity and then disintegrate. Now THAT was cool.... kinda like Street Fighter meets Fallout.... 07:12, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

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