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Infinite Caps Glitch Vendors Edit

Patched as of on Xbox one PS4 and PC

Mod "exploits" Edit

The two mod-based exploits are actually just game mechanics working as intended. The weapon mod "exploit" is literally, the reason why the mod removal mechanic was added, and is mentioned in the game.

Autohotkey for Duplication Edit

I'm trying to write an Autohotkey script to automate the duplication glitch, but I have trouble getting it to work. I tried to match the description with the up and down with the script but it still doesnt work. Can someone look at this?:

Send, {r down}{e down}
Sleep, 10
Send, {r up}
Sleep, 3
Send, {`t down}
Send, {e up}
Sleep, 1
Send, {`t up}
Sleep, 100
Send, e

Nuka-Cade exploit #2 Edit

Saw this post from the forum- "I managed to glitch the nuka cade redemption computer. Turned 40k tickets into 130k by accident. Clicked 'A' on the terminal 50 times. When it finally let me in I clicked to redeem my tickets. Went to exit and it sucked me back into the computer. So I redeemed again and again and again. Everytime I got sucked back into the compute. Eventually achievement popped up and I had 130k tickets redeemed from 40k. Just wished I had figured it out sooner so didn't have to waste ammo on that stupid arcade game." Eddo36 (talk) 12:38, September 1, 2018 (UTC)

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