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Kotaku Leak

At the moment, we cant include content based on the Kotaku leak as we have no confirmation of veracity from Bethesda. After talking to me about it, Mara also removed Three Dog to be consistent with our policy on Speculation. Agent c (talk) 12:52, September 24, 2014 (UTC)

Needs editing

Tables in need of adding additional content.

Needs the addition of the supermutant Strong as a follower.

Needs the addition of Paladin Danse as a follower.

Companion not included

Cait is a Companion and should have a check mark.

Sorting needed

Some tables are in need of an alphabetical sort. --YoDsanklai (talk) 19:55, November 29, 2015 (UTC)

ADD marcy Long under concord section


Articles Bobby De Luca and Tina De Luca should be moved to Bobby DeLuca and Tina DeLuca, in section Vault 81 is Rachel (base id 0002a823) missing. --Generaldynamo (talk) 04:48, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

How to create a table for a new location

==New location name==
{| class="va-table va-table-top va-table-center va-table-left-col1 va-table-left-col12 va-table-full"
! style="width: 25%;" | Name
! style="width: 4%;" | {{icon|dead}}
! style="width: 4%;" | {{icon|spawn}}
! style="width: 4%;" | {{icon|essential}}
! style="width: 4%;" | {{icon|doctor}}
! style="width: 4%;" | {{icon|merchant}}
! style="width: 4%;" | {{icon|companion}}
! style="width: 8%;" | [[Form ID|Base ID]]
! style="width: 8%;" | [[Form ID|Ref ID]]
! style="width: 25%;" | Location

| [[Character name]]
| {{yes}} if the character is already dead before the arrival of the player character, else {{no}}
| ???
| {{yes}} if the character is essential, else {{no}}
| {{yes}} if the character is a doctor, else {{no}}
| {{yes}} if the character is a merchant, else {{no}}
| {{yes}} if the character is available as a companion, else {{no}}
| {{ID|Character base ID}}
| {{ID|Character ref ID}}
| [[Character location]]


Renders :

Name Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Character name Yes or No Yes or No Yes or No Yes or No Yes or No Yes or No ???????? ???????? Character location

--YoDsanklai (talk) 09:42, December 15, 2015 (UTC)

The second category 'Spawn' is whether the character is always there, or if they only appear under special conditions, such as during a quest. Checkmark in that category if special conditions are needed. --Xernoc (talk) 21:12, December 15, 2015 (UTC)


So, does anyone think we should combine a few misc places into one category "Cambridge", and if so which areas? I'm thinking Cambridge Police Station, Cambridge Church, Cambridge Polymer Labs, Fraternal Post 115, College Square, and College Square station. The only thing I'm not sure about is should I extend it further east and include Kendall Hospital, Greenetech Genetics, or Monsignor Plaza? Or maybe we exclude them and have a "West Cambridge" category, but then it might be harder to find on the page for people in the future because it would start with a 'w' instead of a 'c'. Thoughts? --Xernoc (talk) 21:24, December 15, 2015 (UTC)

Sanctuary Hills

Yeah, so a lot of info on the page currently is from a manual dump of info that I got from FO4Edit, specifically the "Non-Player Character (Actor)" category, which has all the base id's. There was a block from pre-war Sanctuary Hills where a lot of the characters were named "Neighbor", but their EditorID had a name, like MrSumner. Not sure how much we care about these characters, or if they should even be included in the list. I may deal with it at some point if no one else does, but if someone better versed on this wiki's standards wants to tackle it, then by all means. --Xernoc (talk) 22:40, December 15, 2015 (UTC)

Arturo Rodriguez

A check in abke to trade with needs to be added to him.

Rufus Rubins

There needs to be a check to show that Rufus Rubins can be traded with.

Liberty Prime

The last baseid (00115b50) for Liberty Prime (in the unsorted section) is the one on the character page. What are the other three for? Why are there four Liberty Primes? Shouldn't that be something that is stated somewhere on its main page rather than this page?

Aubrey Copland

Please add this mentioned only character. His terminal can be found in the "Basement Armory". Fuel station(unmarked location) SE of Radiant Crest Shrine. He and 2 others were responsible for all of VIM's problems.

JMA4269 (talk) 02:27, May 2, 2016 (UTC)