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Energy cell vs Fusion cell Edit

They seem to be the same thing - called two different names in this article.


Maybe we should use the effects column to state what kind of damage the ammo causes. For instance radiation for the gamma round, physical for bullets, energy for fusion cells, etc.

Personally I'd like to see all the weapons that use an ammo type listed here (as in listing both pipe pistol and pipe rifle)... then once the person clicks the pipe rifle link that page can redirect them to the pipe pistol page?

Sept. 16th, 2016 EditEdit

I've edited the page to include the various weapons and unique variants these weapons that use each and every ammo type. I've added tags denoting weapons from Nuka-World and Far Harbor. I suspect, due to the sheer nature of everything I've edited, and due to the sheer age of the page since it's last edit, that I may have mistakenly made an error of some such... Perhaps the Nuka-nuke launcher... I need to go double-check and see if it's capable of using regular Mini Nukes / M. Bowling Balls (this sounds obscene, but I mean you can remove the Nuka-modification on it. I wouldn't doubt it if I'm mistaken somehow.) Additionally, I've redistributed certain of the Ammunition types to their respectively appropriate categories; 2mm EC is a ballistic round, albeit displaced by an electric current, Cannonballs are explosive in the sense that Demolitions Expert does in fact govern their damage potential, and the Flamer Fuel, Cryo Cells and Alien Blaster Cells do in fact govern energy weapons. I possess certain doubts regarding some of the other ammo types, so I'm not going to touch them for now, or I'll allow someone else to update it. BY: 00:26, September 17, 2016 (UTC)

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