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Cleanup[edit source]

This page needs a MAJOR clean-up job. I'll do on it what I can but I ask for some help. Vekter 19:02, 1 May 2009 (UTC)

I just did a decent grammatical cleanup of the PS3 section, since I noticed so many glaring errors when I was reading it. Obviously more needs to be done, though. Rhordain 04:46, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Wow, I did what I could for readability and flow. The various bugs really need to be worked into the applicable articles. Some of these are either very useful, or horribly reproducible. Out of everything on the site, the bugs really need a lot of work. Maybe this should be retitled as the not yet categorized bug list, and ship everything that can be categorized off to the applicable articles. Pinkynperky04 02:41, October 28, 2009 (UTC)

Separated into quests[edit source]

This page needs to be seperated into quests, or some other system, it is way too big. Several of the xbox and playstation sections relate to all platforms. I am going to start cleaning it up. 21:22, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

(Well, how does this format look? I set something like this up on the main page, but hadn't finished, I've had enough wiki editing for one night. Ausir (And others), please feel free to adapt the format as you see fit for the content as it arrives. Photonlust 06:12, 14 November 2008 (UTC))

Quests[edit source]

Main Line: Science Quest, Talk to Doctor Li about Project Purity and your fathers location[edit source]

I found this bug on the PC, and because the bug is in the main quest line, if it happens to you, you'll need to load a game prior to when the bug occurred, be careful or you might have to restart the entire game The first time you talk to NPC Doctor Li she'll exclaim, "Oh its you", "You look just like your father" etc. Then once you've finished talking to her you'll get the quest update, sub quest = "talk to doctor li about project purity and your fathers location". Now, if for what ever reason you die and load up a game before this, it seems sometimes talking to li won't give you a quest update, because according to her you've already talked to her, so basically you'll end up in a situation unable to complete the main quest line. 19:07, 11 December 2008 (UTC)19:07, 11 December 2008 (UTC)~~

Possibly not directly related to "Big Trouble in Big Town"[edit source]

Another easy speech glitch.

Under the beneficial one there is a similar one to this but in little Lamplight. In Big Town if you talk to Red you can get an easy speech challenge and repeat this for infinite exp.

Couldn't edit main page :/

Shoot Em' in the head quest[edit source]

This is if you decide to kill crowley for tenpenny, I thought my game glitched when i went to tenpenny for the reward, cuz after collecting it kept saying to go get my reward from tenpenny, of course at this point i had all 3 keys to give to crowley as well, and after checking the forums and seeing that was a glitch i just continued, after going to collect the power armor at ft constantine, the achievement became unlocked and the quest closed, just so else suffers the same grief of thinking their game is broken.

(360) Head of State Quest[edit source]

As I entered the Temple of the Union for the first time, Caleb Smith rushed out and attacked a stray sentry bot, which killed him. I still received the Head of State quest from Hannibal, who instructed me to speak with (now dead) Caleb. The quest menu also said to speak with Caleb, while the quest marker only pointed to the empty spot on the ground where he died. Without Caleb, there was no way to complete the quest. The only way to remove Head of State from my active quests was to kill Hannibal, at which point the quest was officially "Failed".

From Menalaos: There are more ways to complete the Head of State Quest. It involves two separate factions. One is the escaped slaves and the other is the slavers. If you had gone to the Lincoln Memorial and worked with the slaver leader you could have completed the quest that way. You'd lose Karma, of course, but you'd still complete the quest.

I also encountered a glitch in the "head of State" quest where neither Hannibal or Caleb would give me the quest start. This was overcome by collecting the Lincon Memorial Poster, and presenting it to Caleb, which started the quest and updated the objectives. The quest proceeded as normal after that. (xbox 360)

(360) Possible Strictly Business Glitch[edit source]

The first person I tried to enslave was Red from Big Town. I had already rescued her from the PD so she was sleeping in her clinic. I saved before I shot the mezmatrion just in case I messed it up. Anyway, I did it right and put the collar on, but she screamed assault as she ran away, turning the whole town hostile toward me. Not wanting that, I reloaded the save but she was gone. The town wasn't hostile anymore, but Red was gone. I looked at my world map, and it showed her little quest icon as being in Paradise falls, but since on this file I hadn't even put the collar on her yet, I still had it. As I checked the world map, I saw her icon slowly coming back to Big Town until she showed up again, and I could proceed with the quest normally.

I had another issue with this quest (or so I believe). When I enslaved Flak in Rivet City and he went off to Paradise Falls, Shrapnel also disappeared which now leaves me with no way to trade for weapons and ammo in Rivet City. I did, however, notice Shrapnel walking around the Wasteland randomly a few in-game days later, away from his routine in Rivet City. He was out by the super mutant camp to the west of the city just walking around like he was strolling in the park. Since then I have not been able to find him. I'm still not sure if he's still out in the Wasteland or if hes disappeared completely. I have yet to confirm this as a general glitch or not since on my other character Flak's head exploded, thus keeping him in Rivet City technically.

    • Glitch confirmed, Shrapnel seen in fight with supermutant on gounds of the Citadel. Was able to engage him in conversatino and trade with him.

(360) Survival Guide Rivet City Glitch[edit source]

I had the Survival Guide glitch where Moira would just keep asking about Rivet City. Following a suggestion elsewhere I found that if I managed to *LIE* to Moira about Rivet City, then it would reset the quest, and I could tell her about the next part (the RobCO quest). If other people have this problem, it could be worth trying this.

(PC) Finding the Garden of Eden Glitch[edit source]

In the bugs section of this wiki's article on Finding the Garden of Eden, it's mentioned that sometimes upon being stunned by the flash-bang grenade you'll never black out, and will simply continue staring at Colonel Autumn forever. No solution to the problem is suggested. I have a save directly before entering the ambush room, and each and every time I load it and enter the room the same thing happens. Any suggestions? 03:08, January 18, 2010 (UTC)CPIM1337

Locations[edit source]

Jefferson Memorial Game Breaker[edit source]

So far, this is one of the few true game breaking bugs in Fallout 3, since when this occurs, you cannot continue or finish the main quest line. Moreso, variations have been reported to happen on all 3 platforms, PC, PS3 and XBOX 360:

  • Sometimes while approaching the Jefferson Memorial or the broken bough of Rivet City the game freezes or crashes to desktop; some PC users experienced BSoD's and forced reboots. Also, clearing the cache (on console) does not work to fix the issue and it appears that a few consoles are so screwed afterwards that they're in dire need of some serious hardware repair/maintenance.
  • Attempt to exit the Jefferson Memorial during the "Scientific Pursuits" mission crashes the game to desktop. This bug appears to be triggered by completing the main quest missions out of order and perhaps related to the bug which crashes the game when getting within a specific distance of the Jefferson Memorial.
  • Jefferson Memorial Crash - While traveling or approaching the Jefferson memorial during main quest the game crashes. (This only occurred after speaking to Dr. Li; walked past Jefferson Memorial without trouble on the way into Rivet City.}
  • I completed almost all side quests in the game without issues (including The Replicated Man in the broken bough) and freely explored the outskirts around the infamous Jefferson Memorial. Only when I wanted to advance with the main quest Scientific Pursuits ("Look for Dad in Project Purity's Control Room") and finally entered the Memorial, I couldn't get out anymore i.e. the game always crashed to Desktop when I left. Using the console commands, I teleported myself out, but whenever I now approach the Memorial or the broken bough from any direction, the game crashes. Too bad, since AFAIK, the big finale is bound to happen here.

Workarounds / Temp fixes: By using the PC console, the player can teleport himself inside the Memorial by typing "coc PPurity 02" and out again by, for example, "coc RCUpperDeckMid", but it's been told that sooner or later, you'll have tasks to complete in the exact "crash zone" outside/around the Memorial and by then, you're screwed again. Also, it's been reported that if you start a new game and head straight for the main quest line (i.e. ignoring all other side- or miscallenous quests) the Memorial visit(s) might work out just fine ...

UPDATE: ... and they did (on PC). Started a new game, leveled my character up with the "rewardXP" command, went directly for the main quest line and finished it smoothly without any issues whatsoever. Looks like as a rule of thumb, the more events you have triggered in the game world (i.e. the bigger your save game gets), the more likely it is that one of the main quests is going to crap out on you around Jefferson Memorial.

American Dream Gamebreaker & Workaround[edit source]

cannot finish main quest. after escaping the Enclave and prompted to return to the citadel and speak with elder lyons the game encounters an irreversable bug. once i enter the laboratory to speak with elder lyons while he is conversing with his daughter the game is supposed to trigger an auto dialouge between us but the dialouge never happens. my character is frozen in place only able to look around the room. i cannot access pip boy or talk to any npc within range. I've tried reloading the game from a different save, entering from different doors, coming with and without companions, night or day and nothing fixed it. i also waited 30 real life minutes to see if maybe there was some delay in the dialouge, but it wasn't the case. at that point i was already level 20 and had no intentions of restarting so i cannot fully complete the game. i've been able to complete everything except those last two main quest missions. (xbox 360 version)

I encountered the same bug (PC), but managed to find a way around it. When I went through the Citadel Ring A door, and then to the Lab, the game would crash. So here's what I did to make it work:

  • Walked close enough to the characters to hear the daughter talk, but not close enough to be sucked into the offending scene
  • Fast traveled to Megaton and finished the mole rat repellent stick mission
  • Fast traveled back to the Citadel
  • Walked from the Courtyard directly into the Lab and was greeted by Elder Lyons and immediately taken into dialog — crash free

My guess is that it has to do with which door you use to enter the Lab. I would test this theory but I'm in dialog with Lyons now and can't save, so instead I'm just going to keep playing!

I tried your way and nothing, I've had to shut down and reload 5 times now and i just get suck in that stupid dialouge. I have no idea what to do and I really want to go enclave clobberin with liberty Prime, but I guess its not meant to be.Nukacolacap 06:02, December 4, 2009 (UTC)nukacolacap 03:10, 8 January 2009 (UTC)Chason[HTX]

Player's House in Megaton[edit source]

I haven't gotten the Tenpenny Tower home, so I don't know how that one works: Only confirmed on PC. Buy a theme from Moira. Go to your house. Notice that part of the theme tints the colors of the house. Reload from a save game without a theme. Go to your house. The same tinting is still there. 16:03, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

A similiar problem occurs when you exit the game after buying a theme. it will cause the tint to revert to the standard brown, regardless of whether you laod a save with the theme. DragonJTS 06:20, 29 November 2008 (UTC)

(360)regarding the bed glitch where you get stuck in the corner i managed to wedge myself out using a long and tedious series of jumping crouching and moving and i eventually got out...hope i helped Mr snip 23:10, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Water Processing Plant[edit source]

After the whole Leo Stahl druggie thing (I took the option that made him my drug dealer :) ) I once went into the water processing plant and he was slightly stuck in floor, wall, and the lockers over by the back. After chunking a few grenades at him (to no apparent health loss), he disappeared and I heard the sound of someone SWIMMING under me. After a few minutes he appeared on the other side of the lockers, no longer stuck in the floor. (Also he wasn't hostile because the grenades apparently didn't effect him) This happened on the 360 and hasn't happened since.

NPCS[edit source]

All Followers Stats bug[edit source]

On the pc version of the game, there is a bug where giving a companion Power Armor (or any armor that modifies stats/skills) will apply stat modifiers every time you enter the inventory trade screen. It seems whenever you exit the trade screen, the stat modifiers are applied to the companion, but if you do not trade away the item to remove the modifier first, the stats stack.

This bug could be related to why Clover will always attack with her Chinese Sword; her strength will be 10, so the dps from the sword (36.9232) would be higher than that of her shotgun (24.9135).

Sword: 10 dmg per hit, +6 for strength bonus, 2.3077 swings per second -> (10+6)*2.3077 = 36.9232.

Shotgun: 50 dmg per hit, 2.25 shots per second (.88889 seconds per reload), 3.125 second reload time -> (50*2)/(.88889+3.125) = 24.9135.

-- 03:27, January 2, 2010 (UTC) Jay

Haley Repair glitch not in beneficial glitches?[edit source]

Am I the only one who thinks this should be in beneficial glitches? PhayzeShift 16:58, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

It probably should be. It only takes a little work and isn't much different than the Alien epoxy. Epoxy is more convenient but limited, Haley is out of the way but infinite.Pinkynperky04 02:06, October 28, 2009 (UTC)

Rory Maclaren In box but using bar dialogue[edit source]

I am on the quest "Scientific Pursuits", and I saw the box at paradise falls. I was able to open the box, and I saw someone who is apparently named "Roy Mclaren". He says "Talk fast, I hate it to talk to customers." I can only say, "Never Mind". Apparently, this is the dialouge for if he were to go to megaton? Help please, if anyone can give me a resolution i would greatly appreciate it. Oh,and it's on PS3.

-- 22:50, 7 May 2009 (UTC)TheFrogger

Moira Never Sleeps?[edit source]

I wanted to hack Moira's terminal without getting caught, so I figured I would just hide somewhere she couldn't see, and use the Wait function until she went to bed. I did it an hour at a time for over a 24 hour period, and she just doesn't go anywhere. She'll stand and sweep and walk to the counter, but that's it. I don't know if this is actually a bug, maybe she's not supposed to sleep. I know her bodyguard falls asleep occasionally when I do this, because I can hear him snore. So, is this bugged or just a matter of she's as creepy as she seems and never sleeps? Kyuuketsuki kurai 16:13, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

Okay. After a bit more testing, she only doesn't sleep when you're in the building. I'm unsure if this is a bug or not. Kyuuketsuki kurai 16:49, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

I think this is really funny and should not be considered a bug. Her highly exuberant (grating?) personality combined with the way she sweeps that broom at 4 AM (or other random times) really makes me think of Arnofsky's "Requiem For a Dream". She always has quite a stash of jet too, haha! --Photonlust 21:37, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

This effect is actually an option for AI packages. It's designed so that stores will not close while the player is inside them. --DescentJS 22:51, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Would this be related to the more general NPC bug, where an NPC would stay still in one place forever instead of following his or her daily routine? Ismenis 21:51, March 16, 2010 (UTC)

Paladin Hoss[edit source]

  • After aiding Paladin Hoss in finding his lost initiate, Hoss offers to escort your character out of the Falls Church area. Even though he then seems to leave you once this is achieved, every time thereafter your character sleeps in a bed, Hoss (and his companions) will appear near you --- only to immediately flee the area.
I am not sure what this person is talking about. 21:29, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

He's referring to Brotherhood Paladin Hoss, located at the Marigold station exit into Falls Church. I've discussed this problem in more detail on Bethesda Studio's forum and proposed possible solutions: Photonlust 01:33, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

  • Happened to me on several occasions when fast traveling to various places (not necessarily from Falls Church). Hoss and\or his buddies will be seen running at "NPC follow speed" (like the speed Fawkes can achieve when he tries to catch up with you after you jumped of a hill) towards the geographical location of Falls Church. they did not engage hostiles and were unresponsive (XBOX360). -- 06:00, 5 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Hoss and the unnamed Paladin stealing items from your house may not be a bug. I followed them on dozens of occassion; (from Megaton only) they head towards Super Dupur Mart, along the road/path (they usually do not climb or take a short-up unless forced to.) Enter the sewers near Wilhems Warf(filled with gas and feral Gs.) heading to Huburis Comics for a brief second. Ignoring any hostiles unless and even if they manage to hit them (they run extremely fast) entering the Metro right out side Hubris Comics then runs towards Falls Church. No dialog option with any of them, however Hoss shows you actual military manuever; taking cover behind solid objects, peaking around corners, checking each cornors even if there are no enemies around. This can be observed in the sewers.
    Since in the Falls Church area where he is permenatly deployed (even after you've rescued Pek and retrieved all the Holotags; they will return here.) I'm assuming it was some sort of an Easter Egg, showing you how to effectively manuever and the soldiers' code of ethics. To stop Hoss and the Paladin running into your Megaton house and stealing/taking your fully repaired Chinese Assault Rifles and other weapons he currently has ammo for; (There are only 5 types of ammo he could be carrying; 5.56mm, EC, MFC, 5mm, missiles) he does not pick up Hunting Rifiles from a dead Super Mutant but will pickup Assault Rifles from SM Brute so, since he has no .32 rounds on him; he will not steal your e.g. Ol'Painless. He will not steal anything he does not have ammo for; UNLESS you kept ammo along with the weapon in the same locker. He does not seem to prefer Big Guns to Small Guns; reasons unknown.
    Even if I had dozens of fully repaired Gatling Lasers and 30000 ammo; he still took 6 Fully repaired Chinese Assault Rifles and 3 others that were repaired by Wolfgang. (tested by saving the second when I saw him enter the Megaton House; allowing me to adjust the contents of the locker by the entrance.) On his corpse I found all of the weapons he had stolen, and 24 rounds of 5.56mm, Laser Pistol (very poor condition, as usual with BOS) and 10 rounds of ammo. He also had a single missile on him however, did not take the Miss-Launcher or the Missle Launcher. (Both fully repaired) The unnamed Paladin who had come the day before Hoss; he had stolen fewer Chinese Assault Rifles than Hoss, (I suppose he was the scout, since when I let him get away, Hoss came to take more.) the three (incl. Pek who does not steal) regroups inside the sewers by Wilhems Warf and tries to avoid enemies (filled with gas so, they do not fire their weapon. Most likely will end up dead without your assistance at higher levels.)
    If you allow them to take what they need to survive; then you follow and support them until the Paladin and Hoss dies, and retrieve their holotags; Pek will vanish and no items will be stolen from your megaton house (by the BOS) Or you could always simply follow them out of Megaton and kill them and loot them, but I'm assuming most people have issues killing them.
    Note: Looting someone's corpse; especially from fallen friendly soldiers is deemed unethical and an insult by most miliary around the world. Which explains why Reilly's Rangers turn hostile if you loot Donovan; and Outcast Casdin hires you and offers unusually high rewards for doing their dirty work. Also could explain why the Outcasts never stop insulting you; regardless of how many Tesla, Power Armor Mk II, Laser, and Plasma weapons you bring them. (They act a bit more friendly but as they clearly state because Casdin told them about the deal you made. And you haven't been caught killing the patrols by leaving no witnesses alive to report you.) Generally NPC will pick up or retrieve any weapon left on a corpse however will never remove their armor, whether equipped or placed back into their inventory. Although since I did not make the game, I cannot prove this theory however, I hope it would help those unfamilar with military in general... Have you ever wondered why you can walk into Elder Lyon's quarters and pick his safe and take his unique laser pistol?
    And from the Armory even though you cannot buy/sell/exchange anything; provided that you can pick the lock; you are free to take whatever you wish. (Arlington Library as well; you can take ammo from the ammmo box right next to the BOS guarding Scribe Yerling.) "Hotel" is an exception, the skill book is a personal belonging and does not belong to BOS. Assumption is that you were able to bypass security (terminals and locks) you must have the clearance. The only exception is the Power Armor Training from Gunny which requires Elder Lyon's permission. If you don't want to take any chances with your unique weapons being taken/removed; first of all, don't keep ammo in the same container. Secondly, find somewhere else quiet and some place which does not belong to anyone or any organization. e.g. Arlington Cemetary. (Arlington House) Place some mines near the safe.
    Nothing has ever gone missing from the safe in over 1000 hours of game play, regardless of karma or any other factor. (Possibly because once you clear out Mama Dolce, and couple of Raiders outside and the fugitive (requires Lawbringer Perk) there will never be a NPC nor a creature in the area. Unless you bring your companions or lead a respawning NPC there... Please feel free to remove, edit or delete my post. It is too lengthy, disorganized as well as mostly irrelevant and has not been confirmed or verified and is merely a theory based on my personal experience. PS3demon 19:39, September 26, 2009 (UTC)

Dogmeat and blocked doors[edit source]

  • In the National Archive there's a defect door (Science 67 to repair). While I was crouching in front of the locked door, Dogmeat went through it and got killed by the baddies on the other side. I'm not sure, but I think Dogmeat also passed through other locked doors on sensing an enemy behind it. Generally Dogmeat's ability to open doors (and then storming the enemy) is somewhat annoying. I'm really missing a "heel!" command. 20:32, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

    • Hahaha! that's really funny. I haven't gotten dogmeat yet, but i'm betting there is a lot of quirky behavior with an NPC companion that is a different size than you, has anyone else discovered things with dogmeat or other NPCs that follow you related to waypoints, movement animations or movement AI? I managed to get Cherry to follow me from Dukov, and I think I found a problem with this but need to test it out some more before reporting my findings. What other NPC "follower" problems are there?
  • This is also annoying at Evergreen Mills: when I attempt to open the cage with the mutant behemoth inside, I just get zapped. Dogmeat opens it without problem. Lb 18:33, 23 November 2008 (UTC)
I think this is a problem with all NPCs. I've had a few enemies clip through fences, cave walls, up cliffs to get to me.
  • twice when I entered the Wastelander's outpost near Grayditch, the Supermutant is able to escape the cell without it being unlocked, or the door opening as soon as a fight breaks out.
  • A fireant trapped in the corner of a wire fence clipped right through. The Queen in Those! clipped through the wall from the main chamber into a side tunnel.
  • A mirelurk, (in Oasis), was teleported up to me when I was standing on the high ledge, (thinking I was safe), that overlooks the area with the underwater door entrance. It just kept walking into the cliff and was suddenly right on top of me.
Dogmeat is just like a real dog - a pain in the backside! Always underfoot, annoying panting and barking noises constantly, running off uncontrollably half the time. A "stay" and "come" command would have been handy. I had to constantly reload because he would run into a fight and get himself killed.
I had one occasion where Fawkes, Dogmeat and I entered a small area. Fawkes and Dogmeat were on the other side of a locked door ;-). The upside if that if you "lose" them because the become stuck on a rock or something, you can just enter another area and they will be with you.
I didn't realise this, but apparently Fawkes can't jump, (up or down), so in rocky areas she will do this little dance whenever she tries to get over things, and eventually find another way. You can either lead Fawkes down a "safe" path, or just forget about her and she will catch up one way or another. I think it might be programmed so companions just clip to you when you get too far away. Blahguy 11:19, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

Follower AI / Pathfinding Routines[edit source]

Most of the time, the followers AI and pathfinding routines are pretty trusty and sometimes even clever, unless it involves either

1) jumping. If you find it necessary to jump to a higher ground, across a gap or down from a height, your follower is frequently lost, desperately trying to get to you in some other way. Which often leads to the follower running away from your position as fast as he can, especially if there IS no other way to get through to you.

2) climbing. Naturally, this involves a lot of jumping, so if you climb upon, let's say, a small rock formation to get a better overview and the follower can't keep close enough by plain walking, he's likely to run away as above. Thus forget about crossing larger rubble or rock barrieres with him. 3) narrow passages. Sometines, a path wide enough for you to squeeze through isn't fit for your follower, in which case he also tries to find another way.

4) small confined spaces. Clearing out some Raiderer-infested Farm, I entered a small and narrow grain tower with only a ladder inside. My first surprise was that my follower hadn't entered with me. Second, when I activated the ladder and came out at the top of the tower, I could still see him from up there, running away at the far horizon.

This has so far happened to me with Dogmeat and Charon, but I strongly doubt that the others act different. Note that when your followers are on their own, they frequently bump into unwitting enemies, get tangled up in combat and possibly killed.

Lucy Walking Animation[edit source]

Could just be my system, but Lucy in Little Lamplight doesn't seem to have a walking animation. She just scoots around with her feet together. Marstinson 01:12, 29 November 2008 (UTC)

Hmmm......Have you tried this on other save games? If you start new save game then go toLillte Lamplight and go check Lucy. And tell me if she does same againg.--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 20:22, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

Damn! I always thought she was creepy! ThePog 16:09, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

Upside Down Gun Error[edit source]

Has anyone else run into the error where the NPC ends up 'carrying' their gun in their hand upside down? I put 'carrying' in quotes because the gun is actually floating in the air about an inch or so from the back of their hands. --Stedh 04:52, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, it happens to Sydney with me all the time. She also does the "you wanna go" fist moves, as if her gun is broken. Giving her a stimpack temporarily fixes it.

Yeah, I've seen it (X360)

I've seen a rivet city security doing it. He was walking around in a punching stance, with an upside down 10mm smg floating infront of him. (xbox360)

Confirmation on PS3 version. I'll see about adding it to the general bugs list.Pinkynperky04 17:59, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Merchant scamming[edit source]

I have not found an entry for this very influential bug anywhere in this wikia, maybe it's written in another section.

this may be what players reffer to as "unlimited caps". When you meet a trader of any sort who holds in his stock several items of similar ID but different CND, it is possible to buy the item with the lowest CND, sell it and then buy it again. the result will be that another item with the same ID will be assigned with the cheapest price, and the item that will appere in your inventory will be in mint CND.

I have tried it with every trader in both the PC and X360 versions after patching - works.

Still works on PS3 version, patch 1.6.Pinkynperky04 17:59, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Tenpenny glitch[edit source]

When i was playing i went up to where the detenator was for power of the atom. I difused the bomb, but Tenpenny was sitting in the chair. I shot him with the mesmetron and his hands became the size of a deathclaws. It was actually funny looking and he could still hold his gun.

  • This has been reported before in the NPC section of bugs, it's happened to Walter to name a specific one. ThePog 16:11, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

Items[edit source]

(XBOX 360) T-51b Power Armor and Helmet[edit source]

While exploring Fort Constantine for the "You Gotta Shoot 'em in the Head" mission I discovered the T-51b Power Armor and Helmet. While I could not equip it, I liked it so much that I wanted to take it back to my home in Megaton and proudly display it. Unfortunately they disappear as soon as I drop them! The items themselves are still there because I get the option to pick them up, but their images are completely gone unless I hold (via pressing in the right joystick) and even then they only flash on and off.

  • This has been reported before, it's due to missing textures or a caching problem. ThePog 16:12, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

Too much ammo?[edit source]

Spider Jerusalem currently has 2917 5.56mm ammo. Trying to pick up more instantly crashes the game. LIVE does not affect this problem. Possibly relevant info: Vista x64, bought the game through steam, playing with a modified version of SagerFO3 alpha 3.1 (no weapon/ammo/inventory changes there though). Spider is currently in the hostile ant tunnel (room with the queen) near Shalebridge, having just killed the queen. Has anyone else experienced something like this? EDIT: This only happened with the two clips i tried picking up in the aforementioned ant lair. Could be a corrupt savegame for all I know.

I've got six thousand something rounds on my guy, so it's not related purely to the amount you have. Mind you, I have no weapon mods, I'm on Vista x32, and I'm running the patched version, from the CE box. It may well be those clips. Try picking up ammo elsewhere. --DarkJeff 21:53, 12 December 2008 (UTC)
Any 5.56mm ammo in the ant lair will crash the game if picked up. doesn't matter how much you currently have. Just ignore this ammo, all other 5.56 ammo in the game should be fine.
--Fallout4eva 8 may 2010. If you are not carrying the chinese or normal assault rifle it should be fine but if a follower is carrying it then it may dissapear from their inventory all together just reload a save if this happens or just dont have your assault rifle with you.

Items sinking into ground/terrain meshes[edit source]

Sometimes items don't necessarily fall out of the world, but will sink into a mesh, usually a rubble or irregular ground environment. I haven't seen this from dropping items, but it happens frequently with launched Rock-It ammo. Sometimes items can be retrieved even if completely immersed in the mesh, and sometimes they can't be activated or retrieved even if partly visible.

Bug correction mod for Sniper Rifle Scope available for download[edit source]

I found a very useful file at Fallout 3 Nexus that has corrected the aim of my Sniper Rifle scope. Someone with admin rights please add this information to the article, so that fewer people have to suffer from badly calibrated sniper scopes in the future.


Wejer2 22:42, 9 July 2009 (UTC)

Chinese Steath Suit Hat Glitch[edit source]

I've found that when you get two of the same helmet (DR doesn't matter) like two Enclave Hellfire Helmets and where the Chinese Stealth Suit, now since the invinate hat glitch is active put 1 of these helmets on. Now try to put the second one on, the little square to the left of the helmet should normaly go on but it wont you will just hear the noise of the helmet being put on. Now look at your EFF the tab where all you stats are. Now go all the way to the left of that and go to the bottom. That is where all your bonusesare stored. Ok so the real glitch is each time you put on the second Enclave Hellfire Helmet it will add + 5 fire and rad resistance, -1 charisma (to a limit of -9 charisma) and any other bonus(even to stats) but not damage resistance for some reason, it will only add the amount of the second hat, so if your damage resistance was 10 and you put on the first hat it would be 20 then if you put on the second hat it would be 30, but it will only stay at 30. Remeber, even though it says you're not putting it on, it still is working just keep looking at the EFF. Now I did this with Hellfire Helmets and i got my rad resistance up to 10,000. I know thats alot but not enough to get me into the Vault 87 entrance. Be carefull how much bonuses you put on, at 10,000 rad resistance it takes about 10 minutes for me to load that save, so the more bonuses the longer load time. If anyone does this please find out how many rad resistance i need to get to the Vault 87 entrance SAFELY!!!!!

Gameplay[edit source]

V.A.T.S./Gameplay Glitch[edit source]

Sometimes while in VATS, the target seems to 'leave' or 'phase out' of the camera angle; you can hear all your shots fire off in a rapid sucsession but none hit. The bullets don't miss or strike walls etc, they just vanish. Upon exiting VATS, your AP is depleted and the ammo removed but the target is unharmed. To be clear, this is not the target just moving behind an obstacle. This seems to happen once every 100-200 VATS rounds, multiple characters, playthroughs.

Skipping Dialouge- POSSIBLE WORKAROUND[edit source]

Its happened to me too. Dialouge goes really fast and I can't read anything, even with subtitles. The only thing thats slow is the end comments.

FIXED: I restarted my PS3 and now its fine. -- 18:39, 24 May 2009 (UTC)TheFrogger

Endless VATS[edit source]

Was clearing out Jefferson Memorial for Scientists & dad, when attacked with Hunting Rifle (3 shots, all at the head, Super Mutant Brute), but after the 3rd shot, the screen went black and white, and the camera got stuck in place, Super Mutant started shooting back in slo-mo, and walked off screen, slo-mo shots continuing. Anyone else had this sort of problem?

I have sometimes too, but whit Mysterious Stranger.When mysterious Stranger appear like some rocky place it just stuck cause he cant kill target which is at hard place or hiding.Oh and yes this can happend whit out mysterious Stranger!!--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 04:05, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

Invincibility[edit source]

I believe a bug occurs when you're being constantly fired on. I was just fighting a large group of Super Mutants and was being shot at constantly, and when I fired on one of the SM with my Minigun, the bullets went right through him and did no damage. This also occured with a few of the other SM but seemed to stop shortly after they stopped shooting at me (I took cover). --Clean Up 16:59, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

  • Similar bugs have been reported and yes, this is due to a large amount of hostile NPC's firing at you.

Random Encounters[edit source]

This is starting to bug me on the PS3. Sometimes I fast travel to a location which is also a random encounter spot, Rockbreaker's Last Gas for instance, and well if I flee the encounter ( bunch of Super mutants and an eyebot in this case ), the game starts behaving erratically. Crashes, Loads not working, Companion stops following, huge delays in switching weapons. Of course the random encounter is rolled before the AUTO save, so i have to reload a previous game in order to fix it. Vokiel 19:52, 18 November 2008 (UTC)

Might be Five Axle Rest Stop that's also bugged. Just came in from another direction, same thing.

Terminals[edit source]

It seems that terminals with 7+ menu choices will go over the '>' thing at the bottom. An easy place to see this is Germantown Police HQ. There is a terminal with 8 journal entries, as well as a log off option.HarrisonHopkins 23:12, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

Good eye, I once had a terminal with a pair of the brackets tell me that I had done an incorrect entry, yet I knew I had clicked on it. I kept clicking on it, again and again, and it would say incorrect entry every time. Strangely enough, not only did this not count as an incorrect entry (it didn't penalize me by removing my "try attempts") but it didnt clear any lines or replace my tries either. I only managed to find this one once, and since the terminals are random I think as far as each time you sit down and try to hack one, I haven't been able to reproduce this one, but i did get a list of the words on the screen at the time, if that helps anyone and they would like to know...Photonlust 03:10, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

Unhackable Terminals[edit source]

I know most of you will shoot me on sight for having entered this into the bugs list before reporting it here, but... Anyway, since I reported this as a bug, it happens to me all over again, different places, different terminals, all on average difficulty (more I cant handle, science skill is around 60 something =). I try to hack the terminal, enter two or three false passwords, compare letters and find some that MUST be correct. But when I compare those letters to the rest of the listed passwords I end up with no valid passwords at all! I just made a screenie of such a terminal, so if you do not believe me... opinions anyone?

anonymous user, please post an image, until then we can only assume you missed the correct entry! :P (although I personally would not doubt this can occur, as I have found correct <!$> brackets that the terminal will not respond to.--Photonlust 23:32, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

Well, I am not sure if I missed something, but I am pretty sure I got the impression. Anyway, here is the screenshot of one of those terminals.


It is fairly large (1680x1050), have fun =)

  • Its possible you simply don't understand how hacking works in Fallout 3. All the computer does is tell you how many entries are correct. That applies to the letter in its current position, not the letter as a whole. Say for example the correct word is "Swift" Schizmoooo 13:54, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
  • If you select "Sifts" you might think that because it as an S, an I, an F, and a T, that it has 4/5 entries correct. But this is not the case. In actuality it would tell you that you have 1/5 correct, because the first letter is indeed an S. But none of the other letters are in their proper place, and so they are not written as correct. The word "Swish" then, would have 3/5 correct. S, W, and I in the proper place. Schizmoooo 13:54, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
  • If you ever see a word that ends in "ing" and you select it, and it is less than 3/X correct, you can automatically rule out any other word that ends in "ing". Schizmoooo 13:54, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
For posterity, the correct entry in that screenshot is 'security'. 15:05, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
Dang, you beat me to it. :) Mirar 15:52, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
The correct word is "SECURITY", with "y" in "brutality" correct and "s...i" in "studying" correct. No other solution though. I thought I had terminals without solution too, but I haven't found any since I started to really investigate... :) Mirar 15:52, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
Could also be solution. It has S and I from Security and Y from brutality.

Thanks for your opinions. I definitly got something wrong here, since I thought it cannot be a word with u at the... the hell am I stupid. But i am not dropping this =) Ah, hm, maybe I should drop this issue... anyway thanks for showing me i am wrong... sometimes =)

I wrote a program to help with the hacking game (I find the hacking game to be too much work for a video game, so I decided to be a true hacker and write my own program to do the hacking. If anyone else uses that program, they're script kiddies.), and for whatever reason sometimes it doesn't produce a correct result. My thought was "OK, there's a bug somewhere. Either in my program, or in the game. I'm betting on the former." I haven't yet found the bug in my program, so perhaps you're correct that there is a bug in the game. Mostly I don't care, I just quit out of the hacking game when my program fails and try again. —ErzengelLichtes (Contribs) 04:21, 18 November 2008 (UTC)

Lockpicking open the DOOR OF DOOOOOOM!!!!!![edit source]

Anytime I lockpicked somthing open, I would be unable to move the camera on the X axis for a second or two, but, I picked open the door of fort independance (The outcasts hang-out) and went inside, lockpicking the door caused me to level up ( from 15 to 16 ) and now I can't move my camera at all, I managed to use VATS to turn myself around by targeting the outcasts, but I still can't look at all, and no, It's not my controller, while in VATS I can use the right analog stick to target differnt people, I have the 360 version and have tried the following: Loading ALL previous saves, fast traveling, entering and leaveing the fort, talking to people using a computer (In game) and turning off my console, adjusting the Y and X axis rotation speed, nothing worked, needless to say, this is really pissing me off, and any help would be vastly appreciated, also... for some reason, I can't "Wait". Lastly, I am on the 360 version, and it's not my controller, I've used two differant ones.

Same thing on the ps3 when i lockpicked the raiders' outpost eventhough i had a key. ruined all the time spent on that go around.

V.A.T.S. doesn't respond to the "chance to hit" value percentages, resulting in guaranteed misses[edit source]

If you're hiding behind a tree, barrel, ledge, wall, object, etc. for the sake of cover, you will still miss despite what V.A.T.S. tells you if your gun or grenade is not in a direct bullet trajectory type path or arc to its intended destination. This is because your VATS values are indicated by your own vision, and not what your gun barrel is pointing at, or what arc of throw your arm has. If you got a rifle barrel thats sticking into the wall, but your head is in visual line of sight of the target, it just doesn't matter if you have a 100% chance of hitting that target in the <body region>. You will still miss. The V.A.T.S. system needs to be reasssigned so that the "camera" that indicates these values is attached at the tip of your gun. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch, along with the memory leak. Places and situations where this is most noticeable and particularly bad is shooting off of the ledge with a hunting rifle towards the raider establishment on the river just East of Citadel, Grenades onto higher elevations (Such as EMP grenades on the Sentry turret in the second area of the National Guard depot. It's actually impossible to make a hit with any of them from the location you find the five in the box, despite vats informing you of better values.) and tight sewer alleys and metro tunnels with the combat shotgun and assault rifle. Photonlust 06:29, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

Very true. It can also display unusually low percentage when you try to aim for e.g. Super Mutants and Enclave Soldiers' head from behind while crouching. (When you are right behind them, and can bearly see their heads.) Possibly due to their shoulder and part of their armor hiding most of their head from a visual aspect. However as long as it is not 0%, in which case you cannot target the area; as low as 4% chance as stated by V.A.T.S, with all relevant perks, skills at 100; you actually have up to 95% chance. Just as though you are aiming for their head when they are facing you. There is no need to aim for their leg etc. Out of 100 times I've recently tested this; despite it showing 4%, No shots ever missed and resulted in instant kill every time. It really is a shame that one cannot peek around corners or fire from a top of a freeway e.g. by/above Weaton Armory despite the obstacle which blocks V.A.T.S shots being so short and you can clearly see your gun placed above it; inability to stay behind cover and use V.A.T.S. simply limits its effectiveness while making you waste AP forcing you to watch every shot miss without giving you an option to cancel after the first shot. Targets do move between shots however, it is clear that this is not the cause for the guaranteed misses. PS3demon 20:26, September 26, 2009 (UTC)

Not really dead corpses[edit source]

Sometimes, dead enemies cannot be looted and followers will continue to shoot them. Solved by saving and reloading, but still annoying. Also, doesn't happen on too high quality setting -- 18:40, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Pre-war Books A and Pre-war Books B[edit source]

This is considered a glitch by virtue of being a completely illogical gameplay element. Why would Scribe Yearling insist that all pre-war books are valuable artifacts and then only accept those of a light-blue complexion. "Pre-war Book A" refers to the light blue pre-war books which are occasionally found while exploring the Capital Wasteland, often inexplicably in better off condition than the surrounding ruined books. "Pre-war Book B" refers to dark blue books which are only found when they spawn on vendors, such as the Miscellaneous Vendor in Tenpenny Tower and Crazy Wolfgang. Most likely, the programmers responsible for implementing this repeatable quest neglected to flag both varieties as acceptable quest objectives. Croginator 06:24, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

Highly unlikely, IMO if simply waiting 73 hours could replenish the vendor's inventory and you received 100 caps and XP for an item you can purchase infinete amount of; why would you go searching for the authentic ones weight 1, value 1? Already, simply by waiting you get 5 free water per week, and 7 random chems. PS3demon 02:28, September 27, 2009 (UTC)

V.A.T.S. Teleportation[edit source]

(Did this on the PS3 version.) I was wandering near Arefu and went to kill the Mirelurks in the water, so I went to the small boat to the right of the bridge (that half sunken small one in the middle of the water). I lured the Mirelurk my way with a gun and waited to get a V.A.T.S. melee hit on it. After finding a spot where it let me strike, I attacked and suddenly found myself... nowhere. My character was stretched and didn't show anything besides my weapon, Pip-Boy and head. After the V.A.T.S. went away I could move (the map showed that I was clearly moving), I was falling in place endlessly. I couldn't fast travel due to falling (as well as the Mirelurk still knowing where I was) and there didn't seem to be any way to get out other than suicide or loading the game. Later on when I replicated this glitch, I found out that you can occasionally teleport directly under the boat (when this happens you don't lose any Action Points). Here's my video demonstrating this glitch. I also noticed that this seems to work in any boat like the one near Arefu. I saw one around the northwest corner of the playarea (had a few Mirelurks, an Enclave Eyebot and a few Raiders). I didn't teleport to the emptiness there but I did teleport out of the boat most of the time. --Bippo Ernesti 06:51, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

I just noticed that if you move towards some direction for a while you will teleport back on ground, so that's also a way of getting out. --Bippo Ernesti 15:05, December 25, 2009 (UTC)

Pushy Mischief (featuring messing around with Father Clifford)[edit source]

(Again on the PS3 version.) This glitch has a lot of amusing/weird things that I'd like to explain, so here goes. I was playing around in Megaton and I started throwing barrels and tires over any fence (took me 97 hours of gameplay to find out via the Help screen that the grab button was actually there, thought they left that out). Anyway, I grabbed a wooden container (those crates with the word "MILK" on the side) and ran into an NPC. I immediately found out that you can quite effectively push people around (and lift, even above your head if they stay put) with this little thing (pushing with the crate seems to be faster and lets you also lift the characters so it's better than regular pushing). I started experimenting with this and started trying to lift people over fences and making them fall to their doom (this is surprisingly hard considering they walk around a lot) until I eventually went to Rivet City, Midship Deck and found a couple of those crates. I went to the Rectory room and started pushing Father Clifford around after waking him up, I eventually noticed that the area right before the door has some clipping errors (objects fall through, NPCs and PC can fall through the sides and get teleported somewhere near), so I started pushing him through the wall and every time he respawned next to the chair behind me (facing the door from inside the room), I eventually got him stuck through the roof with only his feet showing. I think it could be fixed by exiting the area or saving and loading the game (and occasionally by pressing the "Wait" button and go back, he sometimes teleports to his bed). Another weird thing that happened a few times was that when I held the crate in a certain spot (that I couldn't found out, so I don't know if or how this affects it) and woke him up, he would stand up, do a 180 spin, lift his head up as far back as possible and start sinking through the floor (no walking, running or running while crouched animation either), eventually getting to you (this looks really creepy and funny at the same time). When discussion is engaged, he still keeps sinking until you say something and he responds, he then teleports back to the floor level. When leaving the conversation, he does the same thing and usually heads back to bed (where he first gets on normally but does an instant 90 degree spin and then a slow spin back to the regular position). He might also leave the room and go do something else (he will open the Rectory Door and supposedly any other door if it is closed, even if he was way under it), he might also teleport around a little. You can also use V.A.T.S. to target him through the floor even when it shouldn't be possible (all indicators show 0%, obviously). If he starts to run (if you attack him and he starts "running"/clipping away) it is obvious that he is much faster than regularly, outrunning anybody else quite well. His body parts might also be in weird positions, for example his head could be in a 90 degree angle to the side, et cetera. If he dies, he will die normally, nothing weird happens to the body, but I digress. I also used the crates on the Upper Deck to push NPCs (such as Doctor Preston, Mister Buckingham, security guards etc.) and found out a pretty handy trick. You can actually (with skillful use of the crate) force an NPC to open his/her/its own door. I managed to make Doctor Preston open his door and Mister Buckingham open Vera Weatherly's door. Most of the time though the door will be closed afterwards so you might get stuck inside (Doctor Preston locked his door but Vera's door remained unlocked, luckily picking the lock on Doc's door doesn't seem to affect your Karma, at least the game doesn't mention it). Sometimes when pushing a character, they might teleport somewhere near. Sometimes, while carrying the crate and possibly pushing a helpless individual, the NPCs might tell you to cut it out, supposedly referring to you carrying the crate around. Note that you can't push people who are sitting on the ground or a chair, sleeping and so on. I'll probably come up with a video for this soon. --Bippo Ernesti 06:51, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

CTD on saving (PC)[edit source]

Game crashes after trying to save game. This bug possibly occurs only on modified games but I am not sure. I've found very useful solution (tested and confirmed) to this annoying problem:

Okay, having had this issue of saving corruption several times and nearly freaking out each time, I hadn't found any solution yet. While prowling through old posts here, I finally found a breakthrough posted by a poster named Waxfruit. It's completely stupid, and bizarre that it works, but it has restored every file that had save corruption for me. All my old files from months back I gave up on, my more recent characters that also bugged out. So I'm begging everyone else, help get this stickied some other PC users with the same problem know what to do. If the problem is due to a missing "xlive.dll", this is likely caused by the Microsoft Installer not being registered correctly (I hit this initially, and no, I'm not sure how it got registered wrong, but this also solved an uninstall problem I was having).

  • try this:
    msiexec /unregister
    msiexec /regserver
    reinstall xlive (either reinstall the game or download the standalone).

Fix for mouse lag and acceleration problems[edit source]

Just wanted to post here that I have found a way to fix the mouse lag and acceleration with the help of some people. More information in the following threads:

To remove the input delay when using the mouse, turn off v-sync either at the hardware level (using third party applications) or from within the game. To do this from within the game, make sure iPresentInterval is set to 0 within you Fallout.ini.


To remove mouse acceleration when using the menu or PipBoy3000, add make sure your Fallout.ini is set to the following:





Note: If these variables are not already in your Fallout3.ini by default, you must add them manually by pasting them at the end.

Graphic glitch "stretched left eye on PS3"[edit source]

This is likely a sign of deterioration on your console, specifically the graphical processor, and not a bug in the game itself. I encountered this exact sort of problem on my PC in every game I played on random objects until I replaced my old graphics card. Check to see if it is in the same place every time, and try and recreate the bug on another system. I mention this here because I cannot confirm or deny your exact situation personally.

I get it on the 360 when it gets too hot.

Freeze bug on PC[edit source]

Apparently, according to the Bethesda forum, a lot of the PC gamers have been experiencing constant freezing of the game. For no apparent reason, doesn't matter the location, the game will just freeze. The task manager will register the game as "not responding". All audio continues to work, but nothing else. I didn't see that in the list, so I figured I would mention it here. There are currently no known fixes for this issue. Sometimes it fixes itself with some users, while others have exhausted resources to no avail. 00:25, 1 November 2008 (UTC) Playing the game in windowed mode seems to fix the random crashes for some. A patch will be needed to address this issue.

UPDATE: Set the refresh rate of monitor to 60Hz, and the problem will stop (for some players only, i.e., this solution doesn't work for everyone).

UPDATE #2: Updating the DirectX runtime solved a case of constant crashing. Whether it was an improper installation causing some DLL-related issues, or simply a bug in the code, updating to a later November release (specifically November 8th) solved most of the crashing. Instead of crashing within 5-10 minutes, Fallout 3 now crashes after an hour or so.

UPDATE #3: I have found that disabling Anistropic and Antialiasing filters eliminates nearly all game crashes. I just played for 3 hours without a single crash. I'm pretty sure that chronic problems related to audio loading (First encounter with Mr. Burke, Warning intercom at Tenpenny) still crash the game. Please try this if you are experiencing crashes, especially on the world map! -Dean 03-16-09

UPDATE #4: I've managed to track down an odd culprit for the intermittent PC freezing: audio codecs. You can download a utility to display and list all of your installed codecs and disable some of the offending ones. The one I used is called Installedcodec. The primary ones that hose the game up are Vimeo and Fdshow. Even if you don't have their respective players installed, you can still have the codecs in place. Disabling them may fix the intermittent freezing issue; it definitely worked for me. -Plognark 11-21-09

This was the first bug I ran into; for reference the first time I installed FO3 the v1.5 patch had been released so I installed that--- it seemed to be most pronounced while having conversations with people, but would happen randomly on occasion. The freezes ranged from 1 to 30 seconds in length.

Playing the game in windowed mode did seem to help, but introduced another problem--- after a few minutes of play (maybe 2-4), all keyboard/mouse input would be ignored by the game. E.g., if I'd been walking sideways while shooting at someone, I would keep walking sideways in exactly the way I had been. The NPC would keep shooting at me, so I knew the game was still responsive.

This made the game pretty frustrating to play, so after browsing around some forums a bit I opted to disable my sound to see if that might be one cause for the issues. Disabling my sound-card in Windows' Device Manager (and in FO3's Fallout_default.ini) did indeed remove the 1-30s freezing problem, but did not remove the issue with the loss of mouse/keyboard input. I then tried starting the game over, thinking it might be a save-file issue. I then played as far into the game as I was able, with auto-saves disabled and never using quicksaves. I was able to play for almost 10 minutes at a time without the game performance degrading so bad that I have to restart it, and the mouse/keyboard issue seems to have left!!! Unfortunately, any time I interact with an intercom for a plot-point (e.g. the one at the door of GNR, or the one in Project Purity that you're told to communicate w/ your dad over), the game hangs up... music still plays, I can hit escape to get to the main menu, but gameplay ceases.

That is the state that I am in now, I'll update if I make any further progress.

My computer ain't on fire, but I am[edit source]

Here's one I haven't seen yet- when locked in combat and turning mutants and Enclave to swiss cheese, I'll often come across at least one, maybe two of them that are carrying either a Flamer, or a Molotov Cocktail (I'm using a mod). In either case, if the end result is me reenacting Anakin Skywalker's immolation scene (with all my limbs intact and still standing), the game will often (not always) crash and send me back to my desktop. As you can imagine, this bug made it so hard to complete "Those!" I had to keep reloading everytime I got to close. --Kajex Firedrake 14:57, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

Other[edit source]

I picked another lock and it's not broke anymore!

Don't know where to put this: I'm on the 360 (patched) and the whole Sonora Cruz fleeing thing happened to me. I'm wondering, is there anyway at all to get her back? Because I've got 20+ fingers, and its annoying carrying those all around knowing they're worth nothing now.

Game crash after FEV removal at the end[edit source]

So I finish the game, see the little video and after it fades to black for the last time, I see the "FEV virus (or whatever it's called) removed" and the game crashes. Any clues? This is the first time it's happened to me (and I've finished the game 6 times already) [A] 03:13, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

Hilarious bug[edit source]

After raiding the National Guard depot, the 2 Protectron corpses that were outside were still there. But as soon as I exited, the corpses "jumped" for no reason, as if someone had flinged them. One of them only flew across the courtyard. However, the other robot got flung so far, it disappeared from my screen and fell somewhere in the wasteland. I still haven't found it. --Macros 00:30, 1 November 2008 (UTC)

Yes, I've experienced this bug as well - after fast-traveling Arefu, I noticed a Protectron corpse flying in a perfect arc through the sky, like it was hurled by a trebuchet. This has occurred twice to date.

Another Bug inherited from Oblivion. Two times for me as well, this happens in other areas of the game but is definitely "loudest" and most noticeable here, as the "velocities/gravities" of the objects are VERY high. Has anyone had a crash occur when exiting the National Guard depot? I'm wondering if the physics can cause problems with the engine. --PhotonLust 14:02, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

Have you ever thought you already know it all and then suddenly something completely unexpected has happened? I'm only asking because I've seen this bug elsewhere once, with a human NPC and it was indeed hilarious: Aboard Rivet City, I stood upon the Flight Deck when I noticed that sinister Mr. Sister standing right on the edge of the platform. After running around in the bowels of the city for too long, I quickly decided I wanted to have some cheap thrills & gratuitous violence, so I saved the game, put on an evil grin and shot him in the back of his head with my trusted .44. Now imagine my stupid face when he first fell overboard as expected, but returned only a second later, launching straight up into the sky like a rocket. First thing in my head was not "this is probably a bug", but a picture of a giant super mutant with a huge belly, feasting down there and throwing what he deemed indigestible right back at me: "Naaw, me dun wanna eat dat!!!"

Needless to say, I LOL'd pretty hard.

I ran into flying NPCs on the PC version, I shot some random raider in VATS and my last shot connected with him way up in the air. At first I thought he had hit a mine (as I disarmed another in the area shortly after), but I guess I will never know, he fell straight down on a tree though, it was quite funny. The best part to me was how VATS didn't blink an eye at him suddenly being higher than the trees, and connected with no problems at all.

Hmm, I've also scored some critical "kills" in VATS resulting in high velocity dismemberment. I find this the most noticeable with the 10mm SMG, but doesn't seem to have velocities so high as to cause problems for me yet. 10mm rounds pack quite a punch you know.:P --PhotonLust 14:04, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

This seems to be a software issue where the locations of the objects are not stored properly when leaving a location or saving a game - quite often, when reloading a game in Fallout 3 or Oblivion, I find corpses flying across the map at high speed. 01:45, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

I found this bug also!I was doing the Big trouble in Big town quest,and i was heading to the police station with Charon.When i was half way there,a robobrain flew at me from across the horizon and landed at my feet.I looted it and then it promptly flew past Charon's head to the other side of the sky. funny.

I've found this bug several times now on the 360. After killing someone or blowing something up a spider-like...thing will be spazzing out in the sky. Probably one of the creepiest bugs I've encountered, shooting it with Mr. Terrible worked a few times.--Dcmjim 02:14, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

LOL! Try find it! This happend to me aswell at same place, but it jumped only:Over that fence.--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 19:13, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

On the PS3 version i left a building with Fawkes and Paladin Cross, to see a Deathclaw run towards me then suddenly fly in the air. The Deathclaw kept rising until i could no longer see it, then Fawkes shouted and starting shooting his Gatling Laser at the floor and the Deathclaw flew through the floor and kept rising again. Re-loading the auto-save from leaving the building fixed this problem, since the Deathclaw was no longer there. Is this a random enounter gone wrong or just a complete bug? Either way i found it funny, Fawkes didn't though.

Twitching bodies[edit source]

It's becoming a common bug that when you come back dead bodies will reload in but for some reason load in a few inches off the ground and will land in position that make the whole body or part of the body twitch-Vault009Dweller 22:57, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

REPLY:They're called "Twitchers" and you've got to "shoot um in the head" ^^, hehe

Or even worse, they load partially below floor level and just bang away until you leave the area. Occasionally, an explosion (grenade, missile, whatever) will move them, but for the most part they just make noise and eat processor cycles. Marstinson 01:19, 29 November 2008 (UTC)

I was in one of those power station offices, and there was a skeleton sitting at the desk. When I approached, it jerked (as they do quite often) and one leg got stuck in the floor and started spinning around, occasionally making a clunking sound. I also often notice body parts of dead critters move or twitch, especcially with radroaches and ants. - Redmess 15:01, November 22, 2009 (UTC)

Cheat Console Not Loading[edit source]

Can anyone explain why the cheat console won't show up in the PC version? I've tried hitting the tilde key (~) and the ` key to no avail!! I need to change my stats, any advice much appreciated! -- 08:47, 8 November 2008 (UTC)On my game the Console was showing up, only it was about 15 characters off the left side of the screen. I could use cheats only by blindly typing it in (I could see the ending 5 or so characters).

I also can't open the console. Changing the driver of the IR as per main article doesn't help... any ideas? I'm on 32-bit Vista. 15:08, 15 November 2008 (UTC)

Ok I had the same thing happen to me in Oblivion when i would pres "~" it wouldnt open console. Make sure you have the console command on in controls(maybe under advanced controls) User:XTraunx

As far as I can tell, this is not so much an IR problem as a problem with Windows Media Center, as it occurs in XP Media Center edition as well. Also of note, is that it does not occur in Vista Home Basic, due to the lack of the Media Center. Uninstalling the IR driver from the Device Manager will temporarily fix the problem, but the next time you restart your computer, it is liable to reinstall the device immediately. If you could manage to somehow uninstall Windows Media Center, I'm sure the problem would be resolved. 01:48, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

On some keyboards it isn'tthe tilde key that opens the console, on my keyboard its the "`" key just below escape, try that before uninstalling things please because its simpler and it won't uninstall anything you want acciddently. No offense to the people above.--Glewis


They need to fix the code so that when you change your screen resolution everything else gets updated to along with the world lol. After changing my resolution to 1280x1024 I had the same problem very annoying.

Edit ---->

%Systemroot%\My Documents\My Games\Fallout3\Fallout.ini



Liberty Prime walks in circles / frozen robots[edit source]

liberty prime may start to walk in circles, therefor not allowing the quest to continue. reloading immediate saves did not solve problem, however, completely exiting the game and loading again seems to have fixed it. must be due to the same old Oblivion style pathfinding AI they used for this.

From Menalaos: On the XBOX360 I have found that Liberty Prime will only advance when all of the local Enclave soldiers are dead, but that on the bridges explosions can throw live enclave soldiers into the water below and that Liberty Prime will wait indefinitely for someone to kill them before moving on. I had to go back to the beginning of the bridge, go under, and shoot the swimming enclave goons and then go back up to advance the mission.

also, in vault tec hq, when i killed all the robots, then manually powered down the masterbrain, then disconnected all robots, they seem to have come back to life, albeit in a non hostile frozen state, and still looking destroyed. has anybody else had these problems? 11:43, 5 November 2008 (UTC)KRosen

That's not a bug, that's simply what they look like while they're power down. If you shoot them a few times, they will die (for real) and you can loot them. Cubicle Ninja 06:22, 10 November 2008 (UTC)
It is a bug. They are dead, their vital systems were destroyed. Then, by disconnecting them from the Masterbrain, they come back alive, albeit in a deactivated state. Double EXP, and double loot can be gained this way.

haircut bug[edit source]

This bug is caused when you are standing on a higher platform than the robot (bed,stairs,...)stand on the same level as the robot,and this will not happen.

This happened to me too, and I got mad and shot him. No more free Purified water. But I was on level ground...

Wait what is the bug exactly? What you propose sounds as if you will get your head hacked off:) Photonlust 03:05, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

I think he refers to the Bug where you enter the Haircut Editor and it doesn't show your PC's head in the preview window, it's just blank and black. Atleast that's the only bug i get with the haircuts, and it happens as he states, when you're on higher/lower ground than the Robot in your home. Probably with other NPC's that involve haircuts aswell. (Underworld?) xcpax

Had the same issue (black preview screen, character not showing at all) with the Megaton robot as well as with Snowflake, the Barber of Underworld. Reloading an earlier quicksave didn't fix it (preview screen remained black, no matter where I stood when activating the option) but exiting the game to main menu and restarting it did the trick.

The same thing happened to me, except I wasn't getting a haircut, it happened when I first started the game and I got to choose what I looked like with the "Gene Projector." So I had to blindly create my character. Same thing happened with Pinkerton, and I was standing as close as I could, at eye level with him. Also when I was getting a haircut, I could only partially see my Forehead, I was standing on some stairs at the time, so I moved down which solved the problem. Westside Rep 22:44, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Ant Queen will go through walls[edit source]

I just finished up the 'Those!' mission. As I was exiting the hatchery, I got the attention of the Ant Queen. I continued walking past, and all of a sudden, she appeared in front of me. I went back to the place where she was supposed to be, and then she appeared stuck in the wall behind Leskos terminal. This happen to anyone else? 22:10, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

I've had this one happen to me as well. 14:35, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

Count me in. With the Ant Queens size, it's most noticeable, but I think that other NPCs/Enemys are doing this as well when getting stuck - they phase and shift until they can move again. - DM, 22:13, 12 November 2008 (KSC)

Hmm, I haven't noticed any creatures "phase shifting" actually on PC, I've seen other buggy movement though. Mirelurks will get stuck in tunnels and alleys that are two narrow for their bodies if groups of them to move together as they charge you. Mirelurk corpses will also do some weird things, and get stuck in place, and try to phase shift out of them, often exiting the visible map as they fall through the floor. I'm going to assume this, the jittering objects/corpses, bobbing player, etc are all Havok related (or at least stem from the same issue, which could just be from objects interacting with the map poorly for some reason). Photonlust 03:03, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

I think it's more related to the same warping that companions will do if you get too far away from them. AI's probably warp close to their destination, if they are stuck in the same spot for too long.

Stuck in Oasis[edit source]

After completing the "Oasis" quest and talking to the NPCs for rewards in the Playstation 3 version of the game, I went back to the Grove to speak to Harold. After our conversation the gate to Oasis was locked, unable to be lock picked, and I was never given a key to the gate. I've tried backtracking through the exit in the sunken cave but was unable to continue due to an impossibly high ledge in the final cave. PS3 players beware!

The same bug confirmed in Xbox 360 version, when saving Harold and speaking to Laurel after talking to another NPC, like the other citizens of Oasis. It seems that if Harold is not killed, Laurel must be the first NPC spoken to.

The bug seems to occur before completing the quest. If one were to take the quest, get to Harold's heart, then leave the way you can (whether or not you do anything to his heart), you will be locked inside Oasis as well, as the door out of the area is locked and unpickable. Fortunately, you can fast travel out of Oasis (at least on the PS3 version), making it possible to not totally screw yourself if you save inside Oasis or it's caverns while trying to do this quest.

Equipment enhancements not improving stats/skills?[edit source]

(PC Version) This may just be with the Vault Utility Jumpsuit, but I suspect all if not most of my enhancing equipment is bugged. Anyway, there's a mini-quest in Megaton where you need to wear the Vault Utility Jumpsuit if you haven't increased Repair at all. You need 30 skill to fix the pipes. I have 25 base. Wearing it, however, doesn't allow you to fix the pipes anyway saying I still need 30 skill.

Reply: Some quests/miniquests like this, and disarming traps, where there pops up a small dialogue window stating, usually "leave alone" and then the obvious other "Fix piping leak" or whatnot, needs you to have the correct ammount of skillppoints, solidly, and not buffed by apparel(clothes). However this does not apply to the use of chems, for example using Mentats for Disarming/Arming the Megaton Nuke. I've experienced it myself, on a 360. So in short, with such skill dialogue miniquest windows poping up: Apparel buffs doesn't count,get your skill up, or do drugs =P

Using the suit to bump my repair works fine for me on the PC (patched), although I could be remembering incorrectly. --DarkJeff 19:37, 16 December 2008 (UTC)
It seems to need 1 greater than the minimum to work for me. Exactly 30 doesn't work, but 31 does. --DescentJS 02:14, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

Perks give skill increase even when not taken[edit source]

(PC) During level up, when choosing perks; if you mark a perk that gives you +5/+15 to a skill you keep that bonus even if you select another perk. By clicking all perks repeatedly you can get 100 in all skills.

Yeah, I clicked back and forth between raising stats and picking perks and my skills where ever improving up to 100, but when I finally picked the perk and clicked "done", my stats were back to normal again. - DM, 22:28, 12. November 2008 (KSC)

Giant teddy bear turning normal[edit source]

After taking the giant teddy bear in the Red Racer Factory and dropping it once, taking it and dropping again will cause it to turn into a normal teddy bear size. The IDs are the same for each teddy bear and they stack together in the inventory.

The same occurs for the mini-gnomes on the chessboard. --DarkJeff 19:37, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Well this kinda same happend to my frend and me.When we took giant teddy bear and we, tried to get it to home.And when we was at home and looked mich items there still read giant teddy bear and then we dropped it and we saw it to be turned into normal teddy bear.--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 04:19, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

"Save game" not saving? Found a "fix"[edit source]

Got the problem with disappearing saves.

Was frustrated, until I checked the save game folder and found my saves (a shitload of different saves all starting with "save 55". Loaded up the game again and scrolled to the very bottom of the savegames, and there they were. Loaded, worked. Weird bug.

(X360) Colonel Autumn Defies Death![edit source]

This guy is invincible! When your dad gets killed in the radiation chamber, he dies too...right? I mean, he's in there with the massive amount of radiation. But oh look, when you get captured guess who it is? HIM! Its definetly the same guy, same rank, same brown trench coat and same slight southern accent. Can anyone explain this? Its a plot hole as far as I can tell. And madness. Pure madness! 07:52, 9 November 2008 (UTC)

Could he be an android that was repaired?

No Col. Autumn is indeed human -

President Eden: "... You should feel privileged. Colonel Autumn is the only other human permitted within this room."

Besides why would he fake his own death by radiation? This is worse than the simple Han Solo flight jacket error; this is someone brought back to life via the magical script... even though it was the very same script that killed him. Unless he's a clone (which they would have to have perfected it due to the whole "Gary" problem), this guy is the same one you watched die.-- 07:34, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

This isn't really a bug. Also, he carries two different weapons, his special 10mm during that scripted sequence, and his special laser pistol later. --DarkJeff 19:40, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

If you look carefully at him during the scripted scene, you will see him injecting something into his arm. This is probably what lets him survive. --DescentJS 02:15, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

Propebly Rad-X (which protects you against radiation) -- maybe a super enclave version

Automated transfer of Problem Report #14982[edit source]

The following message was left by Anonymous via PR #14982 on 2008-11-04 00:00:05 UTC

While doing main quest and following robot the bobot disappears suddenly.

Problem with Water of Life quest:[edit source]

While escaping from the Enclave and leaving the Jefferson Memorial through the Taft tunnels, Alex, Daniel, Garza and Doctor Li enter the tunnel. Immediately, Alex and Daniel will not move from the tunnel entrance. Continuing on, at the halfway point in the tunnel, Garza and Doctor Li will begin to hang out in a room. Nothing seems to make them budge and it prevents the Water of Life quest from continuing as Doctor Li won't provide access to the Citadel.

From Menalaos: At the half-way point Dr Li is supposed to mention that Garza is sick and they can't go on. You can either talk them into abandoning Garza or give her some Stims. Either will get the whole group moving again. If this doesn't happen, though, then you have a real big.

Waters of Life/Dogmeat:[edit source]

In the Taft tunnels, right after you do something about Garza's heart problem, Doctor Li and her team follow you. The rest of her team may come out from a door you have yet to enter and for some reason, Dogmeat may also emerge from the door you just came through. This happens even if you left him waiting at home. You'll have to let him tag along for the rest of this quest and finish it like normal as if you really brought Dogmeat with you else you might trigger other follower glitches. Cranberry poptart 11:58, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

From Menalaos: The same thing happened to me with the Mr Gutsy robot follower. I had left him in Megaton but at some point in the tunnels he just appeared with us. I loaded him up with excess inventory and then after leaving he vanished. I found him later in my Megaton home with all of the off-loaded inventory still on him.

(X360) Missing Ammo, Health Items & Apparel[edit source]

Colonel Autumn has just been summoned by Eden, and I’ve been released and told to retrieve my equipment from the locker. All items are there, but after taking them out of the locker, all ammunition is missing, as well as apparel, and health items. All weapons are available, but only melee weapons can be used. New items added from exploration or plundering can be used though. Is this a bug, or part of the mission I don’t understand yet?


Found the cause of this issue. When exploring Vault 87, I had a follower that was carrying about 150 pounds of gear I had acquired. When captured, the gear they were carrying was transferred to the locker. When I selected (x) to take everything out of the locker, rather than allow me to be over-encumbered, the system selected items for deletion.

To solve this, I loaded up my follower with as much as they could carry, and dismissed them. They still hold everything given to them when selected to follow later, which can then be retrieved.

Removed the bit about the level cap being removed[edit source]

Hi. I have removed the bit about how "THE LEVEL 20 CAP WILL BE REMOVED WITH FUTURE DLC AND PATCHES", which is neither a bug, nor accurate. Pete Hines has said here that there are no plans to remove the cap. Here's his comment in full:

No plans to increase the level cap beyond 20. We think at that point you're plenty tough enough. Broken Steel DLC level cap increases to 30

In my edit summary I said that it was added by an anonymous editor, but I was mistaken. It was added by User:Vault009Dweller, here. Sorry about that mistake. 23:17, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

There's an easy way to remove the level cap yourself: Upon reaching level 20, open the console and type "player.setlevel 19". That's it, you can collect XP again and raise to level 20 will full benefits. Rinse and repeat. - DM, 22:20, 13 November 2008 (KSC)

CTD when talking Moira out of writing the survival guide[edit source]

Made a save in the craterside warehouse before talking to her. I accept one mission to get the other dialogue options, then try to talk her out of writing the guide. As soon as it succeeds and she finishes her answers, I get a CTD, no matter if I use the patched version or not. So the "Dream Crusher" perk ist currently unavailable to me:(

Have you tried moving on to the next stage of the quest first? The optimal way to get Dream Crusher is to actually grab it after getting at least the regenerative radiation one. --DarkJeff 19:43, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Rivet City Weirdness[edit source]

I had some trouble trying to nab Flak for the Strictly Business mission. I found him, thanks to the mission-marker, a little south-west of Vault 101. I got him, completed that part of Strictly Business and then started to notice weird things in Rivet City. First: Harkness doesn't wander around. Second: some of the doors to the Market are always locked at times when they are supposed to be open. Third: Shrapnel is almost never in the Market - and when I use moveto to go to him he's hanging out south-west of Vault 101 as well. --Trithemius 12:37, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

-Confirmed on PC with the doors, harkness and Shrapnel MIA.

From Menalaos: Post picking up Flak for the Strictly Business mission I was wandering in the north west of the wastes when I got a message that Shrapnel was unconscious. I went a little further up the road and found him in the midst of several dead Giant Radscorpians. It seems when Flak vanishes that Shrapnel will wander the waste looking for him.

Harkness doesn't wander around for me after I finished Replicated Man. He seems to be a bit glitched with his wandering. --DarkJeff 19:44, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Jericho disappears after following dad (PC Version)[edit source]

After completing the find dad quest, you have the option of following Dad to rivet city. choosing to follow Dad causes Jericho (previously partnered back in megaton) to disappear. I looked in Megaton and even went back into vault 112. he is no where to be found. Now that Dad is gone, the person i want to partner with will not even tho i have the karma points. i guess its because i am some how still partnered with Jericho.

Just 'player.moveto 3b5d' to see where he went. --DarkJeff 19:45, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

This happens to any follower if you opt to follow your dad after freeing him in Vault 112. Fix: Open console, type "player.moveto" followed by the ID code of your follower. For Jericho, this would be "player.moveto 3b5d". Funkyfunk 21:59, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

Damage Reduction Not Reset on Repair[edit source]

The following bug is easily reproducable: Check your Damage Reduction Now go get your armor damaged in a fire fight (I'm wearing combat armor) Check your Damage Reduction again - it should be lower Use your repair skill to repair your armor (my skill is currently 65, which may have some bearing. Also, I repaired my combat armor using Talon Combat Armor) Check the Damage Reduction score for your armor - it will still be the same as before you repaired your armor Remove your armor (actually, any piece of armor) and wear it again - your Damage Reduction score is now correct

God Mode in Georgetown (XBOX 360)[edit source]

This was really weird, and a little annoying! In Georgetown (not noticed it elsewhere), I'd just wasted the super mutant with the rocket launcher who was sitting on a ledge on the side of a building, and all of a sudden I was invincible. The super mutant with the minigun downstairs probably fired a thousand rounds into me, none of which did any damage. There were two more around the corner with a hunting rifle and an assault rifle, same deal. However, I couldn't fire my weapon or use VATS. I also noticed weird clipping here that I'd not seen before -- got into one of those tubular radiation shelters, closed the door, and suddenly there was a super mutant inside with me, firing his weapon with his legs pumping but not moving at all. I was stuck in there with him and couldn't move after that.

I think this is a clipping issue caused by explosion knockback and an error in edge detection. I have been stuck in a wall, a truck, and the ground at the Wheaton Armory after being hit with a Raider's Rocket.

freeze right after loading[edit source]

On ps3, me flawkes and a group of radscorpions was a fighting near Rockpolis. I saved there, and now when i try to load back, the game freezes after 2-3 seconds and i cant do anything. I can open the pipboy right before the game freeze, then it wont freeze, but I cant do anything to stop the game from freezing when i exit the pip boy. does someone have a solution please

save game corruption[edit source]

On the PC, the save games can be corrupted for no apparent reasons so that when one walks to a certain location (mine was near the bow of the aircraft carrier), the game crashes. Bethsoft very unhelpful.

quests or bobbleheads not affecting stats/S.P.E.C.I.A.L[edit source]

Hi everyone. I got fallout on xbox360. Dont know if any of you had this problem. after finding the luck bobblehead my luck did not increase from 5 to 6 but stayed at 5. During the Oasis quest after destroying the heart i did not receive the +1 to endurance. had it once also with the ants bonus strength/perception with another character.

The other stuff are bugs, but the Oasis quest reward does not give +1 Endurance. Barkskin gives DR only. --DarkJeff 19:47, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Overseer death bug[edit source]

In Vault 101, after choosing not to kill the Overseer, Amata walks out of the room where she has been sitting and abuses the player for killing her father. A quick check of the room where he was reveals it's now empty, and the Overseer is nowhere to be found. All further dialogue with Amata runs as if the player had killed the Overseer, when the player had left him alive.

Tchitcherine 02:33, 29 November 2008 (UTC)Tchitcherine

Getting the music paper for Agatha[edit source]


I have now experienced this bug a lot of times. I am level 20, done all other quests and now I want to get the Blackhawk for my collection of named weapons. I fasttravel to Agathas house, talk to her about the music paper and then step outside. The closest place to get said musicpaper is Springvale Highschool, so I fast travel to there. While loading, the game freezes. It also freezes if I try fasttravelling anywhere else.

Has anyone else tried anything similar?

Tokega 15:15, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

I've had my game freeze up on me many times but then i heard about the clear cache fix, where you go to memory, select hard drive, it shows format and something else, you press xxlbrbxx and it goes into a maintenance mode. there's probably better directions on here somewhere but that has worked for me so far.--Dcmjim 01:51, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

Removed crash sections[edit source]

Unfortunately Fallout 3 crashes often. I am removing the game crash sections here, because they are simply a part of a poorly created game and are not particular to a particular area in most cases:

Travb 03:39, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

Many of these crashes though affect the save files. Any that corrupt the save stop game play. I think many of these qualify as those type of errors. I know I for one can not play many of my saves because of the location crash at Reilly's Ranger Compound.

Important Matter[edit source]

This page needs to be edited to remove all the 1st person speech (I, me, my, etc.). It is very informal and improper for a wiki page. I would do it myself but the page is locked, so someone with privileges to edit it needs to fix the page as it is in desperate need of attention in this matter.

This is a wiki-page dedicated to logging in entries about glitches and bugs that have been encountered during the game, and since the player encounters these glitches first hand it would seem logical for them to write about them in the first person. Plus, this is a wiki-page, that's pretty much the definition for informal. And yeah you spelled privileges wrong, but don't worry I fixed it.--Dcmjim 02:22, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

Would you like two more?[edit source]

I have just had 'canned' responses from Bethesda on these

1. On my Core2Duo E7300, Radeon X1650Pro the game loads & crashes within a second.

2. On my partner's old P4, game reboots the PC whenever I get a kill with a critical hit to the head in VATS

Fort Bannister[edit source]

Encountering Commander Jabsco's Mister Gutsy, I destroyed it, and left the base to take my loot home. Returning a few hours later, with everyone still dead where I left them, one red marker appeared. When I came to the wreck of the MG, the red marker was moving around me with no-one there, like a spirit, and with the MG's voice yelling at me. After a little while, the MG's body, while still on the ground, started firing its weapon. I went through a door nearby, and suddenly the corpse appeared and fell to the floor, and the same thing happened until I threw a frag at the wreck.

Tchitcherine 02:33, 29 November 2008 (UTC)Tchitcherine

No Ears[edit source]

I don't know if this is a bug or intentional but I don't know why it would be intentional. Mister Sandman Kills don't let you collect Ears for the Contract Killer perk. Pafema 14:13, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

maybe it depends,that what version you have, cause my ps3 version this wil work and i get ears.But i dont know another versions......--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 19:09, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Magical Ladder[edit source]

There's a ladder (close to the beginning of Franklin Metro Utility) which can be opened and closed. I took a closer look at it and it leads up into orange sky, perhaps unfinished map. I found it quite funny. I was opening and closing the ladder and when I turned around the two Feral Ghouls were staring at me. I forgot my Ghoul mask at home:( LJ Carrion 04:12, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

The Big Town Glitch That Everyone Knows... To a Point[edit source]

This is for the PS3 version.

I didn't realize (at the time) that the science option after saving Red and Shorty from Germantown was basically a screw up, so I continued on with life, checked out the junkyard thought they were on crack, checked here and found out that it was a glitch. So i left Big Town just as is with everyone waiting for me to fix the robots. I do a few things, probably around two in game weeks later, I check them again, and they are all gone. I searched all of the houses and I looked everywhere. But they weren't there. So I continued thought that it wasn't a problem, but it seems that the game decided to erase them completely.

Strictly Business (quest) gets you to capture Arkansas, Flak, Susan Lancaster, or Red. They only told me to go after Arkansas, Flak, aor Susan. Red wasn't mentioned at all! is this because the game thought that I killed Red before the quest started, or is it actually screwed up?

Clank250 22:55 (MST) December 15 2008

They're dead. The mutants came and wiped them out if you don't do anything about it and let time pass. --DarkJeff 19:50, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Every time i enter Big Town, there is always a Giant Radscorpion on the other side of the 1st-3rd wooden makeshift wall. The weird part however, is that everytime i look in its direction for the first time, it climbs up the wooden support beams ( / ) and from there floats over the wall and kills everyone. (Xbox 360)

Running Console Mode in Fallout 3[edit source]

This is how I fixed the tilde function for the console command in Fallout 3 - make sure that "num lock" is on...then use the tilde key...worked for me. atksys

Glitched Turing[edit source]

This has happened to me twice on the 360 version once when i went to the cave underwater near the talking tree where you start the "Oasis" quest and when the AntAaganizer killed me in her layer and when i had respond i couldn't look around or turn but my right thumb stick worked in vats and my map on the pip boy but when i loaded a saved before i got to those locations and it was fine. --XKillerBenX 20:07, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

(X360) Northern Lights/Abyss Glitch[edit source]

When playing and looking up, then in another direction, a "light" engulfs most of the screen, sometimes accompanied by the screen getting split into zones, with the borders and sky becoming black. So far it's been seen in minefield and the "Mining Camp" from Operation:Anchorage. Saving and reloading does fix it.-Puddlemaster Talk+Contribs. 20:55, 30 January 2009 (UTC)

Workbench glitch[edit source]

Can anyone confirm the workbench glitch were u leave ur gun on it and it fixes it -Pacman WakaWaka

I tried to put a weapon on it to check the tip, but could not put any on it, only grenades did not fall to the ground, all weapons just fell down. -Shakti

It is not under the bug catagory anymore. Does that mean it doesn't work? -PacmanWakaWaka

AntAgonizer outside of Megaton[edit source]

Weird. This happened to me when exiting Megaton. The AntAgonizer just randomly appeared. I killed her with my trusty Deathclaw Gauntlet though.

Yes this can happend, game will spawn wrong people to wrong places.--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 19:06, 5 April 2009 (UTC)


This happend to me when i did galaxy news Radio guest.When i did it and i decide to get back.When i fast travelled to there,those super mutants spawned just front of studio,well i killed them all of course but then that GNR studio was locked and it cannot be picked!! How can i get my reward now? Please help me!--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 18:48, 31 March 2009 (UTC)

Just tried the backdoor and i still cant get in!!--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 19:05, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

There is an intercom to use. When you use it a Brotherhood Guy will open the door for you. --- Shadowelf

I know. But when i went to intercorn it says normal thing but still its locked and noone seems to open it.--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 20:15, 14 April 2009 (UTC) If your on PC you can hit Tilde Key then click on the door and type "Unlock" without quotes. If your tilde key the ~ button does not work turn on Num lock or vice versa.

Unofficials patchs[edit source]

Please, Is it possible to add links to unofficials Patchs?

xbox 360[edit source]

"When you pass between the rooms, radio may be glitched because of loading. It repeats a part of the song/speak until the radio returns to normal. (codec related latency?) "

I got that on the 360 but its better now after installing the most recent dashboard update (also fixes an xbox OS bug where custom user music stopped when games were loading intense things). Also it may help to install the game to the HDD (feature new with the new dashboard)

Unsearchable Glitch[edit source]

This glitch occurred when I vaporized a Rivet City Security Guard with a Laser Pistol. I then explored the Wasteland and came back to his pile of ashes. There was items in the ashes but if you try to search it the HUD will disappear and reappear. It's unknown how to solve this bug as there seems as if it won't be searchable so you might have to reload your saved files. (Confirmed on Xbox 360)

This happend to me too , when i killed them whit laser pistol and five days later there is these ash piles and when one of security guards just stands and look at me. When i pressed that search button, it claimed that ash pile was that security guard and she was still alive. Lol i was like WTF.And you can loot her when croushed like u are pick pocketing her.--SURVIOR OF HOLOCAUST 20:19, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Multiple Enemy Spawn[edit source]

This happened when I exit Megaton. Outside there was many enemies including Protectrons, Big Ants and Radscorpion. Some times it may spawn even a Yao Gui but that's rare. It's even possible for Robobrains to appear but isn't as likely. The ones that spawn the most by Megaton are Radscorpions and Big Ants. It's also unknown how to solve this as it's on Xbox 360 and there's no console command.

This is nothing unusual, you could encounter a deathclaw (not mind-controlled) an Enclave Soldier, Robobrain, Giant ant Yao Guai and a raider all at the same time. As the PC level up, what used to be a protectron could turn into a sentry bot, vicious dog a Yao Gui, etc. You can either kill them and drag their bodies far away (note they cannot be dragged if the Deputy killed it with a laser and turned it into an ashe; e.g. Giant Ant, Robobrains can be dragged unlike Protectrons and Sentrybots, etc. simply drag them far away, e.g. behind Springvale Elementary; they will respawn there from then on. (unless turned into plasma goo, laser ashe, or had been blown apart. Otherwise, simply FT out of Megaton, wait 73 hours then walk back. From a location where you can clearly see the area in front of Megaton gate; (e.g. Vault 101) shoot at them so you can lure them away from the gate. Once you've lured them somewhere else safe,kill them. They respawn where their body was left at so drag them away if you can, if not lure them to a location of your choice. At higher levels, drag them into the river and the next time they respawn; (next time you enter that area and trigger it) they will be killed by Mirelurk Hunters and Mirelurk Kings; you will never see them in front of Megaton. Again, this is not a bug.

PS3 Game Degradation[edit source]

This has become steadily more noticeable as I haave been playing. When I first got the game, it performed flawlessly. Now, there are graphical glitches galore, and more bad physics than I can shake a stick at. My game freezes at regular intervals, and frequently shuts down my PS3 entirely, so I have to either unplug or hard-restart the system. All my other games work perfectly, so I don't think it's my console. Has anyone else experienced this, and has anyone any ideas about what may be causing it? --gperson2

Yes, by the time I complete most of the quests and obtain all the Bubble Heads and Unique Weapons; regardless of never glitching with merchants for caps, or skipping quests, having no companion or any themes for Megaton house, as well as waiting 73 hours after I've explored some place to save; at around 350 hours into the game; suddenly saved games would rapidly increase in size; up to 12MB and became unplayable. I speculate that it is caused by the game taking up too much memory, and hogging it with unessential data and not knowing how to dump/release it. Happens quite often especially outdoors; texture not loading properly since you are moving too fast (silent running, being chased by a Death Claw etc.) before the area has been loaded properly and the game auto-saving while loading at the same time corrupts the save. Only texture I see now is green or white; plasma or laser goo/ashes that continue to remain on the ground even after the enemy has respawned. If I use energy weapons or a Gatling Laser, it ends up creating multiple plasma goo or ashes that is tied to a single NPC. Clearing the Game Data does not solve the issue as they are stored on saved game. Attempting to loot when the NPC is actually alive often instantly crashes the console. Note: Prior to v.1.61 PS3demon 20:52, September 26, 2009 (UTC)


right i went into vault86 to get the g.e.c.k and when u get capterud by the enclave dogmeat was missing didnt get a notification saying hed died or anything just that hes disapperd all so lucas simms and walter at megaton have dissaperd any help thx KARKEN999

Shrapnel gets lost during Strictly Business quest[edit source]

I went to enslave Flak. I did it while he was at work... Shrapnel attacked me and followed me outside i ran away from him so i wouldn't have to kill him. I when i went back to Rivet City later and there was no one working at their shop. I found Shrapnel wandering the wastes a week later... i couldn't buy anything from him.

Sticky Blows Up in Big Town[edit source]

After completing the Big Town quest by using [Explosives] to have them lay a mine field, traveling to Big Town with Sticky resulted in him setting the mine field off.

Though he's certainly happy to be there.

Solution: Liberty Prime Stuck on XBOX 360[edit source]

I had been trying to find a solution to this problem but there is nothing currently up in the bugs section as to how to remedy this completely. I hope this helps anyone who encountered this issue like me.

  • Note I had all 3 DLCs when this bug occurred (up to broken steel downloaded to my 360)

On my 2nd run through with the game, Liberty Prime was stuck at the start of the bridge at the beginning of the final quest. His one and only action would be shooting down the first enclave heli and then he stops with a bunch of unnamed brotherhood troops at his feet.

I have read in several forums that this is due to prime's initial path finding trigger being linked to Paladin Vargas. Being an evil character, I had slaughtered everyone in the citadel and Vargas was a pile of goo I had left behind about 30 hours ago.

I tried the following solutions with no success:

  • Waiting (72 hours): prime occasionally moved on the spot, still no progress
  • Moving Vargas's corpse to liberty prime: I couldn't find his corpse/goo pile anywhere around the citadel entrance.
  • Jumping through the shield gap at Purity: Sarah spawns inside the facility, but she runs outside again and stops at the energy barrier. Every attempt to talk to her has her insisting that we'll talk more once we reach Project Purity (Even though we're already there!! -_-'). Unfortunately, without Sarah you cannot start project purity and you can get stuck in the Rotunda with no way out and no way to finish the game.
  • Reload a previous save: Personally I didn't want to replay that far back.

If you are in the same boat I was, then maybe you'll have success with the below solution.

SUCCESS: By far the most suicidal and most difficult solution I had read, was to lure Liberty Prime to the barrier ( This is not easy. Using the small hills and the bridge itself as cover (The one with the energy barrier on it). Start firing at Liberty Prime until he registers as hostile. Keep in mind he will only follow/attack you if he can see you (So it helps reloading the area until he is actually facing the bridge). Hide behind hills and keep his attention on you and start backing up under the bridge with the energy barrier. Prime should be in pursuit trying to get a better shot on you. If you are having trouble pulling Prime (like me) close enough to the barrier, there is a lamp post on the bridge next to the energy field to take cover behind. Keep his attention on you and hide behind the post. Once he gets to the base of the bridge jump off into the water on the far side (not the shallow side). His attention should now be on the barrier and he will resume his normal path finding all the way to purity.


  • The initial leg over the bridge can be made easier by luring the first two enclave troops back to the bridge within Prime's sights. He should advance and fire on them provided that Sarah doesn't kill them before you can pull them back.
  • If Prime still doesn't move once at the base of the bridge, try luring him further by swimming under the barrier.
  • Be sure to save frequently with new saves for each leg of progress Prime makes (it'll save much heartache)
  • As crazy as hiding behind the lamp post sounds, its the only cover spot i could find that would lure prime up the bridge. Provided you do not get hit with a direct shot, you will survive on stimpacks.
  • If Prime still does not go for the bridge barrier, try cycling your visibility from [CAUTION] to [HIDDEN]
  • Once Prime breaks through the first Barrier, he will still be hostile. Do not be in his line of vision and do not move up until you are [HIDDEN]. There is a chance he will stop killing enclave and turn around to kill you. This is a non issue if your hiding skill is high, or you have stealthboys/Chinese Stealth Suit.

This is a recount of what happened in my game. Therefore observations I have made may differ substantially to what happens in your own. I highly suggest going through all other remedies before taking this approach, simply due to the difficulty of it.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Localgod 01:41, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

(XBOX 360) Frame skipping[edit source]

My game, fully patched, with Broken Steel, The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage, is starting to show signs of frame skipping. Every 3 seconds, the game does a noticeable frame skip, albeit, only a quick millisecond frame skip. It's starting to get annoying, and I've gone back to GTA IV until I figure out whats wrong with it.

I do remember Oblivion having a "clear cache" feature, by holding the A button down upon startup. Does Fallout 3 have a similar feature? Or is this an underlying problem with my XBOX 360? My 360's survived since December 2007. I've only had one 1RR

(Overheating) problem, to which I cracked open my XBOX, and took my auto-shop quality air compressor to it (and successfully fixed it), and I've also had 20+ 3RR (not the fatal RROD, power surge related), when my house has lost power due to temporary rolling blackout, or what-have-you, and the XBOX 360 was on, and attempted to restart (apparently, power surges cause the XBOX 360 to give you 3 red rings when the power comes back on. It's not lethal, as stated before, just restart the 360 and everythings fine). I doubt my XBOX is on the fritz, I think maybe it's just a similar problem that Oblivion had involving a clogged up cache.

T 16:12, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

B.S.O.D.[edit source]

Havn't seen this mentioned anywhere, and usually Blue Screen of Death/PC reset indicates a hardware problem (e.g. faulty memory) but I can duplicate this bug easily, so it needs to be noted somewhere. My system meets or exceeds the game's minimum requirements. In combat whenever using VATS, or getting in close-range combat, the game sometimes randomly crashes during special effects (like explosions or motion blur), and very predictably in this one instance: If the Pip-Boy is opened whilst any blood splatter is still in the air, the system goes down every time. Have to reboot. It is less likely to happen if Mip-Map quality is set to "Performance" in ATI Catalyst controls, and water effects are disabled. It's bad enough that I make a point to avoid ever using VATS or the pip-boy anywhere near a combat zone. In all other situations I can run the game in High settings (some Ultra) for several hours with no problems. -- 21:20, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

The huge penis statue[edit source]

When you leave the vault for the first time, jump 3 times at the entrance. After the third jump look behind you. A giant statue of a penis will appear!

Oh really. That's interesting. /sarcasm LJ Carrion 12:09, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

Old Olney Map Bug[edit source]

It might only be for me, but the map is messed up.

Gibson bug:LOB enterprises,[edit source]

( Xbox 360) I had been to LOB enterprises in L'enfant south before, I found Gibson dead and took his laser pistol.

I came back again much later in the game, and he was alive, his arm up in a firing position but no laser pistol! The laser beams appeared to be firing out of his chest as he chased the Radroaches around the building.

HILARIOUS, i was wondering if anyone had seen the same thing with any other NPCs?

Point lookout is extremely glitchy[edit source]

1). When walking up the hill towards the Ark and Dove Cathedral the framerate skips often.

2). In the Underground Lab there is several unreachable items ammo boxes and microfusion cells, some can be moved with a grenade.

3). Quite often when going near water, a large square of light will appear, but only on the water not the land.

Sounds missing from Broken Steel[edit source]

First of all liberty prime doesn't have speaking soound anymore and what more bothers me, heavy incinerator doesn't have firing sounds.

Rivet City Armory Mishap[edit source]

While exploring the upper portions of Rivet City, specifically the armory area,a fleeing Commander Danvers (i think thats the correct name) runs buy me and opens the armory, shortly followed by everyone in the area attacking me. I'm assuming the event of the door opening is supposed to be triggered by the player and the player only, and the outcome of the event is Rivet City becoming hostile. This has happened to me quite a few times, and i dont know what the gaurd are running from.

I have had this too, i intended to steal the schematics inside and the bastards will run up to the door before i even get there and open it, then suddenly turn hostile, which then ,means i cant trade anymore with them. Have to admit, second time round with the game, this stopped, try reloading or maybe turning it off and on again.even keeping followers away whilst going near it might help 20:02, 5 August 2009 (UTC)MikeRaffyTaffy

I'm thinking this has to do with the turret inside the armory somehow seeing you through the door if you're too close or in a certain spot. If I pick the door while being just close enough to interact with it this won't happen. I use a Stealth Boy while doing this as to not turn the city hostile. ArmeniusLOD 16:07, September 27, 2009 (UTC)

Two odd glitches[edit source]

I have two odd glitches to report. I recently started a new game on my 360 to avoid the mistakes I mad ein my first game. The main one I was avoiding was the death of Lucky Harith. I made sure to avoid the caravan routes as much as possible, but he still ended up dying eventually inexplicably. Well, ever since he died, the caravans no longer move. Wolfgang is stuck at Rivet City, Hoff at Canterbury, and Crow at Templ of the Union. This is advantageous to me since I know exactly where they are, but I figured I should report it. The second one is very odd. Right outside the Citadel, I was jumping around some rocks and got stuck, so I fast-traveled to the citadel. When it loaded, my character was semi-transparent redardless of first person or third person view. I unequipped and re-equipped everything, and that fixed the graphical glitch. However, when I am in sneak mode, no NPCs realize I am there. I was wearing winterized combat armor, and had no stealthboy equipped, yet I could walk right in front of anybody in sneak mode. Both of these glitches have survived multiple in-game days and console boot-ups.

Radio stations all "out of range"[edit source]

When I loaded up Broken Steel and completed the Waters of Life questline I noticed I had wierd stations "People's Republic of America," etc. but no stations show in range all are greyed out. Not sure when exactly this happened as I am not a big radio user, I noticed it most because in game radios all fell silent! I have looked in Google but I seem to be the only one so afflicted.

How to fly a baby carriage[edit source]

I was playing around on Point Lookout add on. I was trying to see the fallout shelter in side the bored walk building, after many failed attempts I started messing around with the baby carriages. I started moving it around by pressing the right analog stick (XBoX360). Well let me cut to the chase, I was dropping the handle over my head and tried pushing it, I finally picked it up (with the handle over my body),and to my amazement i stared to fly. I swear to god this works, you have to be in the handles and pick it up and run and you'll go straight up. If I had a camera I would make a video to put it on line but I don't. I have flew the carriage past the hight of the fairs wheel in Point Lookout. I have used this out side of Point Lookout in the Capital Wastelands. This is good to get out side of a map, or on top of a building, after more messing around I found an easier way to do it. First- turn the baby carriage upside down with the handle on the ground. Second- crouch between the the handle and carriage in the open space, move around while crouching to get your feet to touch ground. Third- once it the space pick up carriage bellow the wheels and move forward (probably mess up a lot here), may have to drop carriage and pick up again. Finally if done correctly you should go more that 20 feet of the ground, or as high as you want to go. Note: don't drop carriage, don't look around while flying, keep arms and feet in carriage at all time, and most importantly don't go into 3rd person must be done and remain in 1st person.

If not found already-found first by spartanKiller64 on Xbox-306

Flying Deathclaws[edit source]

Outside of the Deathclaw Sanctuary, I encountered two Deathclaws. I went into sneak mode and shot one with my dart gun, but the other saw me. It ran toward me, and shot straight up into the air. I did not see it or its body after I exited the Sanctuary which was several game hours later. Not a game-breaker, but certainly strange. Now, I'm just going to say that I expect to see a Deathclaw in Mothership Zeta. (Note: That was a joke. I actually don't expect to see any Deathclaws in Mothership Zeta.)--Hollow Points 19:58, 30 July 2009 (UTC)Hollow Points

Merchant Trick[edit source]

Can the trick with the instant 100% cnd with merchants be used to get two 100% Alien Blasters if you have Broken Steel?-- 16:41, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

No, because ive noticed that any special or unique weapon you sell will disapear when its sold. I have no idea where too, but to do the glitch, its important they have one of the things ur looking to glitch:s 20:04, 5 August 2009 (UTC)MikeRaffyTaffy

ThreeDog Announcements[edit source]

After reaching Lvl 20 on the PS3, Threedog stopped talking about me after his Last, Best Hope for Humanity broadcast. I don't know if this is actually a glitch, but is there anyway it can be fixed?

I cannot be certain that I've fixed it for good; but I snuck into GNR and killed Three Dog and left without being detected (doubt it matters whether you get detected but still) I then tuned in to GNR and sat back to enjoy the music. BUT I began to miss Three Dog, however miss informed and bugged he was. So I saved the game as NEW, and loaded an earlier save (without ending the game) Suddenly Three Dog started making up to date announcements; and something other than Enclaves in DC for the first time in at least 200 hours. Even though I've already deleted the save with Three Dog Dead, the Radio was fixed.PS3demon 21:02, September 26, 2009 (UTC)

mysterious game crash?[edit source]

basically i'm 27exp away from levelling, i get the exp, level up some skills, click done, go onto the perk screen aaaaand! freeze! the entire fallout 3 game just stops responding. I wait for it to respond, doesnt respond, i close it and continuously try but it keeps breaking, i even used the console to just set the level and advance the skills. it still crashes....--Glewis

Vault 106 Bug Found[edit source]

When entering Vault 106, the character begins feeling nostalgic, as random flashbacks will occur when passing through certain parts of this ruined vault. One of these flashbacks shows Butch attacking your character with his switchblade. Attempting to use V.A.T.S. against this 'apparition' will cause the game to lock-up in V.A.T.S. mode; you will not attack Butch, though he will continuously attack you in this mode.

--Sixstring7 16:12, September 3, 2009 (UTC)

WTF?[edit source]

I was just walking along carrying my 10mm Submachine Gun and it had "disappeared" in my hand, all except for the trigger, my hand, and the clip!

this could be related to the gauss rifle glitch where the weapon dissapears from third person view it might be a glitch with the model if youve had that gun for the whole of the time youve been playing saving on the spot and reloading should fix this glitch

(almost) Infinite Money[edit source]

My Barter skill is 100, and since I got it to 100 I have been able to buy items off traders for, for example, 20 caps, confirm the transaction and then sell the item back straight away for 300 caps. I have so far tested this buy buying combat armor from Moira and Flak, on Xbox 360.

Just wondering: how much less buggy (if at all) is the PS3's GOTY edition than having the standard PS3 version with all the DLCs?

i dont no how (360)[edit source]

hello i dont no how this happened but i was able to equip multiple head gears i currently have 18 head gears on also with this glitch i am able to make certain skills to 100 like the barter hats having two or more equip one then try to equip the other continue trying and then look at your barter skills reminder you must complete the first glitch to get the second glitch to work im still working on coping it

Super-Duper Mart[edit source]

A Highly unusual glitch/bug. During the quest "The Wasteland Survival Guide," one of the raiders just outside of the building was equipped with the Alien Blaster. After successfully killing said raider(3rd try since I saved asap after seeing the blue energy balls being fired at radscorpions) I was able to loot the Alien Blaster off the corpse but no ammo. Xbox 360 version 07:05, November 18, 2009 (UTC)

Flickering black boxes/screen (PS3)[edit source]

I have occasionally encountered this when one or more enemies are on fire (and a short time after the fire disappearing). The glitch is that when an enemy is in flames, the screen starts this flickering and the enemies have flickering black boxes in front of some of their limbs. The flickering occurs when moving though, so sometimes you can stop and the screen/the enemies' limbs will stay black as long as you don't move. Most recent encounter was when I lit a few Super Mutants and Centaurs on fire at Our Lady of Hope Hospital 2nd Lvl. --Bippo Ernesti 07:15, December 25, 2009 (UTC)

Drowning, traveling, dying (PS3)[edit source]

I recently noticed you can actually drown right before you fast travel to a new location. Just go underwater, wait until you run out of oxygen, wait till your health gets so low that a moment longer would result in death (usually around 1-20 HP). Time it so you get on your Pip-Boy and fast travel to any location and you will hear the death music during loading. After the game has loaded you will slump to the ground, dead. Some places can have their own effects. Fast traveling to places like Girdershade, AntAgonizer's Lair, Evergreen Mills, Tenpenny Tower and other certain places can result in the camera and the character's corpse spazing out. Some places will have more violent instances than others (traveling to The Citadel will have quite a violent shaking/spazing effect). --Bippo Ernesti 14:26, December 25, 2009 (UTC)

All sounds stop playing[edit source]

This occurred on my Gaming PC rig randomly about a week ago. After about two minutes into the game if i brought my pip-boy up all sounds would simply stop as if the game had been placed on mute. The sound would work again if i quit and reloaded the game but a few minutes later it would do the same thing. After hours upon hours of investigation apparently this is the symptom of something going wrong with a codec interfacing with the game engine. the only way to fix it is to do a system restore to just before the sounds started disappearing. Whatever went wrong before didn't happen this time (15+ play time after system restore and the problem hasn't resurfaced). Also according to other people who have had this problem a way to tell if this is going to happen soon is if every time a new song starts it plays a screechy sound like someone yanking a record around the wrong way while its playing, note: this did happen to me a few days before my sound disappeared.


Unwanted stat boosting bug?[edit source]

I know the title sounds wierd but i didn't know how to explain it. For some strange *censored* reason my game saves all the stats effects. For example i got a stat boost for power armor, while im wearing something else then i can switch, new stat boost. If anybody could explain this to me i would be grateful

MikeRyan 17:28, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

ps no i dont think this is helpful! my agility is down to four! And i'm not even wearing power armor

  • sigh* dont anyone read here anymore? PLEASE HELP ME YOU LAZY *censored due to use of the f word and similar words*

Fawkes Follower Bug[edit source]

This bug annoys me. I recruited Fawkes as a follower and he says he will follow. But no matter how far away I go, he won't actually follow me! He will stay in the same spot he was. The only time he actually moved was when he was stuck in Raven Rock the whole time I finished the game. When I finished the main quest, Broken Steel kicked in and had me wake up in the Citadel. Fawkes then appeared beside me, but still won't move! How can I fix this? EHeroFlareNeos 04:13, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

Inverted anolog sticks? (360)[edit source]

Whenever i move the left anolog stick my character my person looks around and the right anolog stick moves him, i started a new game just to see if it was the data being corrupted, no luck. Any ideas? 09:35, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

Weird spawns[edit source]

I keep getting weird spawns inside containers. First every fridge spawned 28 Nuka-Cola Quantums along with the standard loot, and now for some reason every Nuka-Cola machine spawns a Luck Bobblehead and 1000 pre-war money (also with standard loot)! Why is this happening? Yukabacera 15:53, February 19, 2010 (UTC)

Suggestions regarding new layout

I would reccomend breaking down the list by universal bugs, and then platform specific ones. Also, it would be noteworthy to mention if and when official patches solved any specific problems. Moving bugs to their related pages would seem prudent, though should probably be just an FYI with a link to the more comprehesive list.

As a matter of form, it should also be required for posters to list the platform version when posting here to help determine if the bug is game related or a system problem. For example; some bugs I've seen listed on individual pages may be related to the Xbox 360 cache containing prepatch data, which can be solved by clearing its system cache. On the xbox 360 many game freeze issues are related to this(many titles, not just in Fallout 3), as well as some problems with DLC. As a blanket issue/solution, a heading for it may streamlime related bug notations. Xclockwatcher76.180.112.25 22:44, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

Hey, thanks for your input! The Xbox360 cache-clearing tip is a great idea. I'll get it added to the general tips section when I get home from work.

As to the platform-specific idea - that's actually one of the things I did away with when changing to the current format. It turns out that other than the few PC-specific bugs that are in the article, there really aren't platform-specific bugs. Every one of the bugs reported across the wiki eventually gets confirmed for all platforms, and it was certainly unhelpful to list them several times in different sections. I've purposely kept the freezing and crashing section worded generally, because there aren't really any repeatable crash spots in the game for anyone. (Shalebridge is the possible exception, and that has been noted in the article.)Gothemasticator 23:47, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

Weird texture bug[edit source]

When i was playing fallout 3 i saw some enemies i used V.A.T.S. and then a rare texture bug appeared when I was looking left is saw a sucking screen en when i turned any other direction it worked fine. it lookes like the whole direction is stretching right there does anyone know how to fix this? this also happened to me yesterday on the pitt DLC

note: the text above: it was on 23march 2010

Dr.Li FAIL (360)[edit source]

ok you know when you escape project purity and use the tunnel to go to the citadel? well when i came out i fast traveled to GNR to show my bud something and when i came back dr li was pacing back and forth infront of the intercom. i talked to he and she acted as if we were still in the tunnel but i went over to paladin bale and he acted as if dr li had already talked on the intercom. Leaving me stuck with the door to the citadel closed with my objective saying "guide through the taft tunnels" but shes outside and its starting to piss me off because i cant continue! (may 9 2010)


Strange, Help Me[edit source]

Ok this is some strange shit I was going to get the Sneak Bobblehead and my game started doing the following. When I would open my pipboy and drop it back down I would fire a shot, and when I jumped I would fire a shot. I checked to make sure none of my keys where sticking, and make sure I had the controls the right way and none were stuck and the controls were right. I tried opening a old save that I have used since 08 and I just fired by itself. I also tried changing the controller I was using and it didn't help either, someone help me or I can never play Fallout 3 the same again. Also this is on 360. Send me a message on my Youtube "111111111576" or Kongregate Account "111111111576".

Never Mind

Common Bug[edit source]

There's a pretty common error out there for PC which causes crashes when starting a new game. Apparently, it affects people with the mobile intel express chipset family graphics card (which is supposed to be able to play the game.) I had the problem until I downloaded a file fix I found on Youtube, and I figure it may be worth mentioning to help ease the pain of all those people who keep searching for some way to fix it :/—Neo(T) 17:57, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

Date/Time[edit source]

Somehow, the days have come out of sync for me. I'm playing on the xbox 360 and the day and date now change at 6pm, rather than 12am. Sir Jcd 16:34, June 1, 2010 (UTC)

I'm playing on PS3 with GOTY edition just came across this abnormality, The day changes at 4am though, I don't know when this occurred but I just worried the world will be messed up from this change. --Kmg90 14:19, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

Infinite XP Glitch[edit source]

I didn't see it listed but it's really common and easy to use but the main page has temporarily been blocked from editing (Because basically it got out of hand and disorganised). Anyhow, kill someone in V.A.T.S, then after the finishing blow but before V.A.T.S has closed, quickly load up a previous save. The XP from the kill will be transferred to the character you just loaded up. No Karma loss or anything is continued over though, so if you're a few XP short of a level you could save the game just before you shoot, say Lucas Simms following the above technique and when you load up you'll have the XP but he'll be walking around casually as always!

The XP doesn't actually get carried over to the save you just loaded, the XP gained bar just appears on that page

Floating gun glitch[edit source]

It has happened on multiple occasions, that when wielding a Fat Man and getting knocked down that the weapon will be invisible in FP mode but will be shown pointing up our down in TP mode will cause the Player to die if pointing down when fired and die if a roof is above the player if too close.

Level up bug[edit source]

Does anyone know how to fix the level up bug?

Climbing Mountains[edit source]

Dunno if it was already discovered, but it is possible to climb slopes wich are normally too steep to climp. Just tried it at the radio tower on Agatha house and was able to climb the cables that fixates it to the ground. The game, to prevent players from being able to climb such slopes, prevents the PC from jumping when over one, but if you press back (or wherever direction is opposite the slope) for a split second and then press jump, you can jump and climb it. This seems to happen in Oblivion too. 14:43, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

Project Purity Control room[edit source]

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I have gotten to the part where I have to go into the project purity control room and type in the code. Autumn and his 2 goons are dead and Sentinel Lyons, myself and Fawkes are left. We get the message from Dr. Li and when I go to talk to Lyons she says "Let's secure this area before we go any further". from there I cant get into the control room and the 2 doors leading into this room have locked behind me. It wont let me wait, to kill time.

Anybody have any ideas about this? If I reload the game before I go into the control room, I can keep playing but will never be able to finish the main quest. Scottytps1 05:21, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

Another Radio Bug[edit source]

I have completed the main campaing of Fallout 3 on PC. I have the Game of the Year edition, so I have all the DLCs. I chose to activate Project Purity myself, so while playing on I got the known radio message on GNR saying: "It's been two weeks since the Brotherhood of Steel kicked those Enclave bastards out of Project Purity and started that baby chuggin'." or something like that. Later I decided to replay the game all over again. But now I heard that radio message about Project Purity, while I was still busy with the "Following in his Footsteps" quest, way before the Lone Wanderer even hears about the Purifier. Then I reainstalled the game, removing all savegames in the proces. And again I heard that radio message way too early. Oh, and I also hear radio messages which do fit the game progress, like the fighting still going on in Canterbury Commons, which I stopped in an earlier playthrough. I don't know which version I have, but I haven't applied any patches manually. Maybe this problem was fixed in a patch. If so, tell me. If not, please tell me what the problem could be. I also use the regular God Mode cheat and the codes to make all merchants and their guards and Brahmin essential.

Note: My PC well exceeds the system requirements and I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I7Grendel 10:14, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

This is not a new bug. Kris (talk) 13:16, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

Full repair bug[edit source]

When using a maxed out character with all DLC's installed, and attempting to fully repair massive ammounts of weapons, some of the weapons (for instance the 10mm pistol) got separated and did not always fall into the same 'row' in my inventory slots. I had multiple 'rows' of fully repaired identical weapons. Although it does not affect gameplay or weapon functionallity, it is irritating and messy. Reloading and trying earlier saves does not help.

Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix this? 15:03, August 7, 2010 (UTC)Mabosaha

Nope, but I've had it happen as well -- especially with The Pitt's slave outfits. I think it might have to do with the item being so very nearly repaired that when the game measures it in percentages, it's 100% -- but it's not quite at max HP. (DavidJCobb) 22:59, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

Follower with upside down gun[edit source]

Followers sometimes have an upsidedown gun

As stated in the article you can change their inventory; the example given was to give them a stimpack (or take one away). This will fix the issue. If your followers gun in in a normal state, then if you holster your gun (thereby causing your follower to do the say) before entering a new cell (signified by the spining clock and splash screen), you should not run into this bug at all. I have tested this extensively (Fallout 1.7 - GOTY edition, with 96 active plugins).

Fix to level up bug[edit source]

I've experienced the level up bug (the one that gives negative skill points). It's a proper pain in the ass, but if you're on a PC, reload and remove an amount of skill points equal to or greater than the amount of negative skill points you get, then it's gone, but watch out for it at the next time you level up. 22:04, August 28, 2010 (UTC)Random lurker.

Replay download content[edit source]

I don't know exactly where this should go, or even if it counts as a bug, so I am leaving it in the forums, I found that with the Xbox 360 Goty edition you can delete download content, load the savegame, save the game with the completed dlc deleted than reload the content from the disk and reload the savegame, the game will start the sequence again as if you never played it, be forewarned, you will lose all dlc specific items to that dlc and have to do it again, I used this on operation anchorage and point lookout, this is good if you want to play it again, gain experience, or if you missed something you can only get once, I don't think it will work with broken steel.Superinsomniac 22:46, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Major Fallout 3 Graphics Glitch (new?)[edit source]

Sometimes when I ply F3 on my xbox I get this graphics glitch.

It's hard to explain but it looks like endlessly stretched-out multi-coloured beams starting someplace in the sky coming right toward you.

Looks very much like a hardware problem. I got the same kinds of issues in WoW when my old video card (the second one prior to the current one) started to fail. Try and blow the dust out of the Xbox and see if that helps, and if it's not still under warranty you might want to open it up and look for caked dust or swollen capacitors. --Kris User Hola.jpg 16:00, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

It's done that frequently for me. FULL ON DOUBLE RAINBOW! (Graphics glitch)! Nukey (talk) 16:09, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

I have a weird graphics glitch myself. Maybe someone can tell me what's going on? When I loaded up a new game, just before you take the G.O.A.T (where you spawn inside Dad's clinic), the Dad NPC had massive, Deathclaw-like hands. It had the normla textures of that character's model, but it was using the hand maodel of a Deathclaw. In 3rd=person view, the same thing happened to my character in Megaton. please tell me if this is a glitch, or if something's wrong with my game. User:Abacrius 10:05 AM EST, October 18, 2010

Two bugs[edit source]

I got two bugs. One was when i ran into Mel. I had no ammo and 2 HP so ran into the power station near Old Olney. I came out and i was walking in the air. However whenever i tried to fly over a rock i couldn't. It was very strange. I then sat down on a sofa and i was on ground again. Why did this happen? Also, another one. I went to Megaton Ruins. There was broken terrain and you could see through it. There was green inside it. I ran over to the broken floor and i was stuck. I died of rads and fell into the hole and i was floating in the air and there was green walls and a blue square at the bottom. Why did this happen and what are the green walls and the blue square?

Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 14:08, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Date:Year bug[edit source]

Its weird but I have not experienced this bug, my date WILL progress in years. im currently in 2279, and it reads that on the wait box. The specific date in my game is 7/13/79, making it my 21st birthday in-game. Maybe my game is unique?? 00:37, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

I'm playing on my xbox 360 and I'm currently at 01.04.78. I'm thinking either people reported the date screwup from either very early versions, or from platform specific versions. Chalzr 05:21, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Reclining Groves Resort Homes bug[edit source]

This is repeatable for me, happens every time I do it (Game of the Year Edition on PC). When in Reclining Groves Resort Homes, next to the wrecked houses is a barn, inside it is a trader person. There is a white table near the back of the barn with some various items nearby which belong to the trader (a wrench, coffee cups, other stuff). Well if you try to pick up one of the coffee mugs in particular -- its on the ground next to the table -- the game simply quits to desktop immediately. No Crash, just boom, you see desktop, game has closed. I tried doing this when loading a much much older save, traveling there, and picking it up again and boom quits. I tried rebooting, copying the game's folder and playing from that folder (in case it was a hard drive read issue at the spot the game files were exactly placed), but no in each case the same issue happens so it means somehow that particular coffee mug is linked to a permanent bug causing the game to quit. How ABSOLUTELY ridiculous of Bethesda to do that, to have certain items in the gameworld or anything in the game-world for that matter which simply causes the game to quit to desktop for no reason. If they had coded the game correctly, then there would be no way picking one particular cup up causing a quit error, or picking any of them up would do it too. This leads me to think their coding methods are a bit....strange, and unique to certain items, areas, or instances. That alone can lead to tons of errors happening and very hard to control them all. Someone could confirm this cup error and see if it happens in your game's copy too? Would be appreciated.

A game engine is one complicated piece of code. It's simply not reasonable to assume bethesda would be able to predict every possible bug in their codebase. Just out of curiosity, if you're still having this issue, does anything show up in the Event Viewer immediately after a crash? I've had problems with other applications that silently die because of the way DEP was handling buffer overruns. Either way, if you want to see something fixed, the developers need to be aware of the issue. They aren't mind readers :)

Items Hidden in Inventory[edit source]

Placing multiple items in a container (or player inventory) will result in some of them being hidden from view. Usually though removing the visible items will result in the others reappearing. 21:11, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

The Blob[edit source]

Okay, this is a fairly rare one and if I remember correctly my buddy might have taken a video of it, in any case, I have a save I made to fulfill my sadistic ragdoll impulses located at Evergreen Mills. What I did was kill all the Raiders around the exterior, and dragged them all near the fenced area by the building. Naturally, the only logical next step was to start dropping my entire inventory of frag mines in a circle and then deposit the bodies in one big heap atop the mine pile. Usually I'd use a fat man or frag grenade to ignite them, and it would usually obliterate the corpses completely, however, one time when I did this (with the grenade), perhaps the way the mines were laid or how the detonating explosive landed -- I'm not quite sure, but instead of all the bodies flying out, well, they kind of all glitched together into an amorphous blob of raider ragdolls. When I say amorphous, I mean that limbs on one side of the pile that were still attached were stretched over to the other side and attached to limbs on other ragdolls. Heads, arms, legs, hands and feet, every where the physical model had a bone, all these limbs were rotating and stretching. Of particular humor were the gibbed parts that stayed in tow as they also rotated. However, even more fascinating was that this mass actually MOVED cohesively in a well defined direction (towards the train cars) at a snail's pace, but nonetheless they moved indefinitely. I set aside a special savegame for that one, but when I reloaded it later, the corpse mass just kind of seemed to explode apart (not gib, but just fly apart as though an explosion had occured) again. This would appear to be directly attributable to the game's physics engine and I would love to see if anyone else could replicate it!

Need solution to follower bug[edit source]

I play f3 on an Xbox 360. I have completed the main quest line, and am waiting to complete the last quest in the Broken steel quest line. At level 5, I hired dogmeat. He then died on the way to the outcast outpost. During the 'finding the garden of eden' quest, I was able have fawkes as a follower. I could ak fawkes to be my follower after escaping raven rock, but did not have good karma. I played through until level 22 without any followers, but then took the 'Puppies!' perk, therefore gaining the equivalent of a new dogmeat. However, I can no longer get any followers, with all replying that they do not like my current companion, even when dogmeat has been sent to vault 101. I would like to know of any solutions to the problem. If not, I will try the multiple followers glitch, killing dogmeat, then hiring to fill the companion slot.

Open container search corpse, looting slowdown[edit source]

A common bug is a slowdown when opening containers or loading new areas, looting or searching corpses. The cause of this slowdown is due to third party graphic software. Uninstalling software such as ASUS SmartDoctor and ASUS Gamer OSD will resolve this issue. 12:20, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

high level random encounters early on GOTY for PC[edit source]

I'm not sure if this is the place for this but i couldn't find any other place, the Enclave as well as a few other high level random encounters are happening almost as soon as I leave the vault such as Sam Warrick appearing out of nowhere and gunning me down (its happened a few times)--General Darkstar 20:53, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

Very odd set of bugs[edit source]

I'm not sure if anyone checks this but I keep experiencing the oddest bugs that all seem to happen at once. The first sign is when I go into a building or new area. The loading screen isn't one of the preset loading screens. Instead it's a black background with all sorts of pipboy icons. Almost like a texture file. Then, after this loading screen, empty containers no longer show the "empty" message, the dialogue box for people disappears after I respond to an NPC's original message, and finally the sneak indicator is stuck on whether I'm in sneak mode or not. It's really weird. It doesn't affect the gameplay too much so it's not a huge deal, but really, what the hell is going on? Has anyone else had these problems? By the way, this is the Steam PC GoTY edition of Fallout 3. 07:08, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Wierd Bug- Please Help![edit source]

I just finished getting the Virgo II dish from the Tech Museum as I have done many times before. I went back to GNR to tell Three Dog. The door was locked, and it needed a key. I tried the intercom, and the guy said "doors open, quit bussin me, willya?" The door remained locked. Solution?

Dead NPC weapon disappearing[edit source]

Sometimes a dead NPC will lose their weapon, either: (a) when the game is reloaded OR (b) when they fall down

Either way, when you loot the body, you can grab everything and it can show an empty inventory, but the "empty" status does not show up. Investigating behind/inside textures/objects in the area with TCL cannot locate the weapon. Grail Quest 08:25, March 9, 2012 (UTC)

Xbox 360 Bugs[edit source]

Where is the section for Xbox 360 specific bugs? 10:55, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

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