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Game of the Year edition can't be saved to Xbox hard drive? Edit

My friend came over and we were playing COD MW2 and decided to save it to the hard drive to make it quieter and to save my disk drive from dying. Since we both love Fallout 3 also, we thought we should save it to the hard drive. We tried, but it doesn't even give the option. I know I have enough hard drive space, because I had 26 GB before installing Modern Warfare 2, and a dual layer disk is only 8.5 GB. So, what's up? Can the GOTY edition not be saved to the Xbox hard drive? It would be a good addition to this article if someone can confirm this, just as a heads-up to some readers. --XG33Kx 04:35, November 30, 2009 (UTC)

Dunno. The normal (not goty) version worked fine for me.

Never mind, lol, I got it to work --XG33Kx

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