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I heard something about a few special perks in Per Jorner's Fallout 2 guide and walkthrough; namely the Alcohol Raised/Lowered Hitpoints perks gainable in the Parlor Room of Vault City. According to that information, these perks are gained if you order 100 bottles of Alcohol-Z and you have a certain amount of luck:

  • LK 1: Alcohol Lowered Hitpoints 2 (maximum HP lowered by 4)
  • LK 2: Alcohol Lowered Hitpoints (maximum HP lowered by 2)
  • LK 9: Alcohol Raised Hitpoints (maximum HP raised by 2)
  • LK 10: Alcohol Raised Hitpoints 2 (maximum HP raised by 4)

Additionally, the Autodoc in the Courtyard can also bestow two special perks: if the character's Intelligence is less than 4, after healing oneself the player can opt to "ride agin", which adds the Autodoc Raised Hitpoints perk (same effect as Alcohol Raised Hitpoints). However, you get a level of Autodoc Lowered Hitpoints which permanently decreases maximum HP by 2 every time you do this after the first occasion! The guide also states that the Autodoc perks are bugged and crash the game if you click them on the character sheet. Another bug is that if your IN is 10, then the HP raise will be +4 instead of +2... but you need IN<4 to access the option to do this in the first place... --Amitakartok 23:28, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Unattainable Perk(s)? Edit

Hello dudes, there is a perk in fallout? and for sure fallout 2, i can proof it, if you can't believe it. The perk is called Mental Block, i noticed that the article contains only infos from the fallout perk. Any suggestions what we can do? Kind regards. Alessio79 02:05, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

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