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Luck in gamblingEdit

Does luck make it easier to win in Casinos ? Sinusha 13:38, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

It seems to. My character has a 9 luck and I win blackjack nearly 100% of the time. Far more often than my skill and/or the actual odds should allow. Not so sure about the slots or roulette. 07:53, October 31, 2010 (UTC)

I don't play low luck characters, but does seem to effect slots I can't seem to lose money at them. Definitely does in blackjack, and not just in what cards I get to start with but what cards I draw as well with luck of 10 even drawing on 17 I rarely bust and I have gotten blackjack itself 3 times in a row frequently. Not sure about the roulette, It is a bit harder to test, but I didn't see my number coming up even after 20 plays or if it is in effect not as noticeable while playing a single number. When my next character gets back to Freeside in a day or two I'll do few hundred spins on the roulette wheel and try to see how it is work.

Yeah I've only got 2 points in luck and have only ever won once in slots. Jax-Kenobi 22:25, November 15, 2010 (UTC)


in my opinion for a shooter type in new vegas these are the best 2 build choices:

5 str, 5 per, 5 end, 1 cha, 6 int, 9 agi, 9 luc

that build will give you slightly more skill points. you would get implants for str, per, agi, luc, and dermal plating.

5 str, 5 per, 7 end, 1 cha, 4 int, 9 agi, 9 luc

that build will give you slightly more health and resistances. you would get implants for str, per, end, agi, luc, dermal plating, and health regeneration.

the reasons i say this.

str 5 (6 with implant), and taking weapon handling perk, will let you handle any weapon up to 8 str requirement and with power armor up to 10.

per 5 (6 with implant), will allow you to take better criticals perk

end 5 , because you need a minimum of 5 to get the required 4 implants + dermal plating

cha 1 because charisma doesnt really do anything except give you minor skill points and buff your companions.

int 4 , because you need a minimum of 4 int to get educated and comprehension perks for skill points.

agi 9 (10 with implant) because agility determines total AP, AP regeneration speed, run speed, reload speed, and draw speed.

luc 9 (10 with implant) because luck determines your critical hit rate

that leaves 2 points left over, and in my opinion the best choices are either to put them into Int for an additional 29 skill points, or to put them in End for more health, resistances, and a couple more implants.

Perception and Accuracy in New VegasEdit

I keep hearing that perception doesn't actually effect accuracy. The Perception page even says as much in the New Vegas section. This despite the in game description which explicitly says that it does. Can anyone confirm or refute this? 15:45, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

I've tested enough to convince myself that Perception does not affect accuracy. I took the varmint rifle with scope and let off a bunch of shots at a wall a fair distance away, once with a 1 and 10 agility character each. Still in scope view and without adjusting the aim, I measured (with a ruler on the TV) the maximum spread. It was the same for both characters. Brightshade782 02:08, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

Weapon Handling Edit

Weapon Handling has been listed previously under STR 7 requirement, but it has no such requirement (it merely requires STR of 9 or less).

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