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Who's the idiot who says that the lapels are incorrect? This isn't a tuxedo, it's a white tie tailcoat and the peaks are perfectly accurate. As for the "tuxedo", or dinner jacket, as we call it on this side of the pond, the shawl lapel is much more recent than the notched lapel, which is the most common lapel on a dinner jacket. There is nothing wrong with a peaked lapel, but this is far from the 'traditional' option. Also, a "low" waistcoat such as the one worn there (a white tie, marcella waistcoat) is perfectly apt; in fact, low-cut black waistcoats that dip in the shape of a U are the original black tie waistcoats. The high waistcoats with many buttons like you get in a three-piece business (lounge) suit are very recent, an unfortunate (American) innovation in formalwear. Whoever gets off being pedantic on the "notes" section should shut up unless he knows what he's talking about, because when you get it wrong you look doubly the idiot. I'm not editing the section so that other people can snigger a bit, but it ought to be removed.

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