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Stats Edit

Could anyone with the GECK add some stats for the coyote and all the variants please? It would be much appreciated. AVeryNaughtyMan 20:13, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

Rescued Me Edit

Was playing a new character on hardcore and after sleeping inside the abandoned trailer near the Yangtze Memorial I came outside to a nasty surprise: a giant radscorpion happened to be just north of me and saw me. I started back-pedaling as fast as I could while letting him have it with my weathered 10mm pistol but it wasn't doing much to his armor. After I'd been hit twice and two more smaller radscorpions joined I was in bad shape when suddenly out of nowhere (that I saw being too busy running backwards lol) two coyotes jumped in and proceeded to fight the radscorpions. They of course died but their sacrifice managed to take out the giant and wound one of the remaining two smaller radscorps. After quickly chugging antivenom, stimpak and sunset sarsaparilla I took them down and got the heck to safety. No idea why they came to my aid but I'm not killing one again unless I have no choice. Sure it's a game and they're simply pixels, but those pixels saved my pixelated butt. This was a level 3 female Asian with 1 charisma and only the Black Widow perk with Skilled and Small Frame traits. Got lucky I guess :) 05:12, July 4, 2016 (UTC)

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