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DT contradicts Ulysses page Edit

According to the article, "The Courier duster is visually identical to Ulysses' duster and shares the same 13 DT."

However, Ulysses' duster is clearly described as having a DT of 15, not 13.

So says Dunwitty 07:58, February 27, 2012 (UTC)


i got it finlly heres how you get the different ones, good strip rep = houses good legion rep = legions good ncr rep = ncrs no good rep with any of the above = yes mans/independent how to tell which you'll get, in last talk with ulysses you have a rep dialog, if it says strip, its house;ncr,its ncr;legion, its legion;if rep says rep you'll fail with him saying you dont have aligence to any one aand thats when your goin for yes mans! i was the guy who had the im gonna do it topic at the bottom, i just stuck this in here because this is vital info and no one would check the bottom of the page for vital stuff. three daug.

also the couriers hand sticking out of the ground would be better than the symbol on yes mans version and a lucky 38 should be on mr houses version.

^Learn to type before you post something bro.

2 various effects Edit

decided by in game actions or random chance?

decided by which side the player sides with, NCR, Legion, Yes man, Mr. House. --PastorOfMupets 08:51, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

Yes but what variable is used to decide which faction the Courier sided with. if you havn't completedc ertain quests it's very possible to string all four of them along and maintane very good reputations with all of them. Darth Dracula 14:04, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

  • It might be dependent on reputation or what responses you give to certain things Ulysses asks. My high NCR rep allowed me to give specific [NCR] labeled responses to Ulysses when talking to him through ED-E and I ended up with the NCR duster, so this may have an effect on it. OLIOSTER (talk) 14:07, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

Can anyone take a look in the GECK and confirm what this is dependent on? What Diologue triggers do the Blackjack and Old World Justice versions depend on if it's a diologue thing. if not what reputations or other things are needed? OK so after some testing I gathered that it's not diologue with Ulyses as his very first conversation is dependent on something else. Could somebody confirm what the script looks for? Darth Dracula 14:18, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

Definitely interested in this info as well. Does it just depend on what you do in the quest(s) The End/The Apocalypse (seems like there a 4 choices here), or does it also depend on reputation with factions? If it also depends on reputation what happens if you're idolized by all the relevant factions?
  • Actually you could be on to something there. I launched missiles at both NCR and Legion and got the House duster (also a House save) but we should try and get comparisons Fallout: Shades of Grey, coming 2012 21:06, September 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • Here's what I have so far. It's decided upon right once you exit the the NCR path, legion Fame gets you the Legion Path. Fame in the Strip is the House Path which just leaves the question of just what triggers the Yes Man path. Darth Dracula 23:58, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

NVDLC04UlyssesTempleDoor02SCRIPT says:

			If (nNCRRep > 1) && (nNCRRep >= nLegionRep) && (nNCRRep >= nHouseRep)
				Set NVDLC04DialogueUlysses.nFaction to 1; (NCR)
				Set NVDLC04DialogueUlysses.nDuster to 1;
			ElseIf (nLegionRep > 1) && (nLegionRep >= nNCRRep) && (nLegionRep >= nHouseRep)
				Set NVDLC04DialogueUlysses.nFaction to 2; (Legion)
				Set NVDLC04DialogueUlysses.nDuster to 2;
			ElseIf (nHouseRep > 1) && (nHouseRep >= nLegionRep) && (nHouseRep >= nNCRRep)
				Set NVDLC04DialogueUlysses.nFaction to 3; (House)
				Set NVDLC04DialogueUlysses.nDuster to 3;
				Set NVDLC04DialogueUlysses.nFaction to 0; (None of the above)

So it appears that it takes the highest reputation out of NCR, Legion, and Strip, unless all are not very high, in which case Yes Man is chosen. Unless there's another script running I'm not aware of.

--Evil4Zerggin 00:08, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

Not only that, but there's an order to it as well. I'd written out a whole long explanation of how to get the Yes Man version (Blackjack I think), but failed to take into account the "greater than or equal to" (>=) in the programming. So, assuming all the relevant reputations are exactly equal (and greater than one), you will get the NCR version. If Legion and House are equal, and NCR is low, you'll get the Legion version. If NCR and House are equal, and Legion is low, you'll get the NCR version. For Blackjack, all three reps. must be zero or less.
Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but on the reputation page I think I read that once your positive reputation goes up it can't be lowered. That probably means anyone who has played any main quests and/or raised reputation with any of the three factions will not be able to get Blackjack at all.

So what is the threshold for "Very High". are we talking Accepted or Liked? Darth Dracula 00:14, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

Unfortunately hard to say--the values are set using GetReputationThreshold, which has little documentation. My best guess is that Fame has to be at least Liked/Smiling Troublemaker/Unpredictable/Soft-Hearted Devil but I could be wrong. --Evil4Zerggin 00:21, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

Tested it with all three being set to "accepted" and got the NCR rout. OK did some looking about. Reputation Threshold is how Polerizing your reputation wiht a faction is as illustrated in this thread. Darth Dracula 00:31, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

Interesting--it looks like it returns raw reputation "points" rather than full levels. This would make it very hard to get the Yes Man version; you would have to not have done any quests for any of the three other factions (or at most a very minor quest). --Evil4Zerggin 01:56, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

But if you side with Yes Man doesn't that ruin your Rep with NCR, Legion and House? You had to Kill House to install Yes Man into the Lucky 38 Computer, that kind of lowers your House Rep. Completing Wild Card: Change in Management gives NCR and Legion Infamy. I'll try to test this but it seems reasonable to me. --Bartlmay 09:48, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

There is no Yes Man duster, just NCR, Legion and Vegas (or The Strip, if you want) dusters. The variables in the NVDLC04UlyssesTempleDoor02SCRIPT script shown above are determined like this:

			; Updating the faction checks in case the player returned to Mojave and came back.
			Set nNCRRep to GetReputationThreshold RepNVNCR 1;
			Set nLegionRep to GetReputationThreshold RepNVCaesarsLegion 1;
			Set nHouseRep to GetReputationThreshold RepNVTheStrip 1;

According to the link from Darth Dracula, GetReputationTreshold [faction] 1 returns values 1 to 6 if you have positive rep with given faction (Accepted or better). The script runs when you take the elevator to the temple to meet Ulysses, I did some testing using "setreputation" and "show "xx003e44".nduster" commands, it seems that the values returned are:

Idolized = 6
Liked = 5
Accepted = 4
Good-natured Rascal = 3
Smiling Troublemaker = 2
Dark Hero = 1

This means that to get the so-called Yes Man duster, you need to have Neutral or worse rep with all the other factions. -- 17:04, October 8, 2011 (UTC)

FYI to anyone still looking at this, Dark Hero is considered a mixed rep. All other reps will also return a 1 when using GetReputationThreshold <value> 1, as that's checking on the list of good reps. 15:01, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Not really about Mr. House Edit

See!/ChrisAvellone/status/117373844406272000 It's about raw Strip rep, not necessarily about your allegiance or otherwise to Mr. House...

What ties the duster to a certain faction? Edit

I don't have LR yet but I'm really curious on what exactly determines the alignment of the duster? Is it tied to main quest progression, your character's reputation, or just certain actions within the DLC itself?

EDIT- Wow, in the 2 minutes it took me to make this post it'd seem someone has already answered my question.

-Gareth Gobulcoque

We're still trying to figure out the specifics. the system used is a little wonky and There's no clear path to the Yes Man Duster. Darth Dracula 00:02, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

Inconsistancy within the Article Edit

OK the Article can't seem to keep its facts straight. in the Notes section it says that the House version of the duster is the one wiht the Old World Flag. but in the match up with perks and effects it states that Old World Justice is on the Yes Man duster. Can anyone sort this out? Darth Dracula 00:10, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

hey can anyone tell me why i was with yes man and got the duster???--D.norris96 01:15, September 22, 2011 (UTC)d.norris96

One part of the notes says that what you get is determined by your raw amount of points with a faction, whilst the other says it is reliant upon the conversation with Ulysses. This is a real problem, because assuming that 1 is correct, I will get the legion outfit because I'm a Wild Child with them from staying friendly early on and then killing them for the NCR. God I hope it's determined by the dialogue... --Delta1138 SnooPING AS usual I see 20:15, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

I think the note about dialogue just meant to imply that your conversation with Ulysses will sort of tip you off as to which faction you have the highest rep with, and as a result which duster you will receive. The duster you receive is definitely dependent on reputation, but perhaps Ulysses unique conversations options are as well.

Possible Bug? Edit

I've sided with Yes Man and have already killed House, yet the version I receive indicates that I'm working with him. 06:23, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

EDIT- Nvm, before I posted only the first line of this page was shown. Can see now that it's already been noted. 06:25, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

I too sided with yes man and my rep was as follows, ncr = idolized, strip = idolized(less), legion = wild child, first time round i got the great bear which i think is the best stats wise. i then went back to get blackjack cause it looks the coolest, so i wore ncr armour while talking to ulysses and sure enough got "strip" dialog, but ended getting old world justice. i think the problem is that the game doesnt realize if you kill house it should change the strips control to yes man. so unless all three are equal or less than zero you wont get blackjack.

Got wrong duster Edit

I'm sided with Yes man but during the entire lonesome He talks about mr House But hes Dead in my game so I got the american Flag Not complaining I just think it should be noted,

Reputation Missing. Edit

So after finishing LR, and receiving the Old World flag duster, I now how no main factions listed in the Pip Boy. Only the minor factions are shown. Im still automatcially hostile with Legion, but Neutral with NCR (I was Idolized). I only noticed this after finishing LR. Anyone else notice this, before or after LR? 21:35, September 23, 2011 (UTC)

My Findings... Edit

So I had the same troubles as many other here (got the NCR duster, then changed some things and heard Ulysses speak of "Vegas" at first, which led to the Mr House Duster...arghghghghgh).

I'm idolized by everyone but the Powder Gangers, Freeside, and BOS, even though I'm a member, went through the whole quest line (kept Veronica in the BOS, kept Macnamarra in, etc).

I tried talking to Ulysses with legion stuff on, got Mr House Duster.

Talked to him with BOS armor, got the Mr House Duster...

I'm trying to see how I can get more rep with the BOS, but I'm at a loss.

Anyhow, I've scoured the net looking over the ways you get each duster, and it seems like its not just questline or visible rep (as others have stated) but a mix of attained infamy plus good rep (you can't see the infamy you've attained), with the Legion and NCR representing themselves, the Strip = Mr House, and GET THIS: the BOS and Followers of the Apocalypse = Yes Man!

I repeat: getting the Yes Man Duster seems to be based upon your rep with the BOS and the Followers of the Apocalypse.

I'm kinda SOL (I didn't go through the BOS story the hard way, with the bomb collar etc, but with Veronica getting me in, so I can't get any higher than Liked), since both my characters are Idolized by Vegas, NCR, the Legion, and the Followers, but only Liked by BOS--plus I only became Idolized with the Legion after committing about 94-500 sorts of war crimes against them.

I've tried every type of trick to mess with things (beyond the obvious killing spree/terrorism angle...) but only ended up with NCR and Mr House Dusters (the NCR one is probably the coolest, perk wise, while House's is just dumb...I mean, "OOH! POISON RESISTANCE and a LONG MAXED OUT SPECIAL STAT! GOODY!" I have 10 STR from OWB, but the AP from the Legion Duster could be nice, and I'm almost in favor of extra LCK).

Anyone with Idolized status with BOS and Followers wanna test what I've read about the internals of this? --Timfever 14:26, September 28, 2011 (UTC)

The Effect's Meanings Edit

Looking over the effects I gained a flash of insight and thought on each meaning

First the Yes Man Effect: The effect is more luck and resistance to poison, something one must be worried about in the Casino, in luck of the card, and luck of the glass

The Legion: Power, strength, allowing you to slash, hammer, slam, stab, harder faster and more to any foe

The NCR: You are a courier, you need to endure long roads, carry many things to the NCR outposts

Mr. House: You must be fast, and willing to go into any place for the man, doing so gives you more riches

These are just my thoughts, feel free to comment or mock me for looking to deep, just thought I mention what I think --Bren Tenkage 09:12, September 26, 2011 (UTC)

Bro you should right a poem or something you're deep. -The Polar Bear lives 00:18, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

One lonesome man comes to mind from these posts....Jerry the Punk lmao.--Eckrack 09:00, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

Hmm...with the NCR duster, it seems more like the NCR has a great burden on its shoulders, hence the carry weight alleviating some of that pressure. --Bottletopman (talk) 01:18, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

I figured... Edit

I thought you got a specific duster upon choosing what to do with the missile. I got Old World Justice and figured it came from blowing up both legion and NCR territory.--General Darkstar 04:42, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

I disarmed the warheads, but I got a NCR duster. If your theory and my expectation about it would be correct, I'd need to nuke the Legion to get the NCR duster (and probably get the Yes Man duster by disarming the nukes). I even went with Yes Man (although being Idolized by the NCR) and got a NCR duster. The quoted code earlier and my findings reject your theory.--I7Grendel 20:29, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

im gonna do it! Edit

i think the guy who said about the bos and followers rep has the right idea... so im goin on a killing spree, im gonna kill every1 on the strip + camp mcarren to get my rep with them down leaving only them two and freesides rep up high! il get back to ye on this. p.s. god bless save files!!

Getting the "Blackjack" duster Edit

I've noticed that people had some problems getting the Yes Man's duster (Blackjack). I myself had some issues getting this duster also i've spent many trial and error situations, and i finally got the results i was intending on with my Yes Man toon. The "Blackjack" duster requires your toon to have a high reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel(highest w/o addon is Liked) and The Followers of Apocalypse.

1. Don't do any strip quests or much of the main story, or any NCR or Legion quests 2. Make sure you do all the Followers of the Apocalypse quests including turning in meds for rep. All of that should get you idolized with the Followers. 3. Do all of the Brotherhood of Steel quests including Veronica Santangelo quest line. The highest rep you can get with them w/o Lonesome road is Liked. 4. The addon suggests that your toon should be 25+, I leveled by doing the Honest Hearts addon and Dead Money plus doing the Followers/freeside quests along with the Brotherhood. If you dont care about your level just make sure before starting the addon you've done the Followers and the Brotherhood quests. 5. At the end of the addon (Lonesome road) when you choose to blow up ncr and/or legion or not to, my findings show that what ever choice you make to whom you blow up shouldn't matter if your rep is already high with the followers and the brotherhood, at least in my findings. If you wanna play it safe i suggest using ED-E to stop the missle launch causing your rep with the brotherhood and followers to max. I personally just blew up the NCR still got the "Blackjack" duster.

If these steps are followed your toon should have the Blackjack duster, and pregrats. Feel free to add any other suggestions anyone my have.--Eckrack 07:42, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

  • I made a character, didn't care about the Mojave and leveled up mostly in the DLCs, when I started Lonesome Road I had completed Things that go Boom for NCR, I had killed Caesar and Mr House and I had not handed in a single quest for Yes Man. I was Neutral with BOS and liked by the followers and I got the "Blackjack" duster. - FieryWrath 17:07, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

We may never know for sure, but it still bugs me, especially since I work for NCR, and yet I have liked on BOS and idolized on Followers, and Good natured rascal for NCR--For NCR 03:33, March 12, 2012 (UTC)

"Blackjack" duster without rep! Edit

I have noticed many saying that you need certain "points" or reputation with a certain group but when you think about it this make more sence;

You CAN'T get reputation with Yes Man, how do you get rep with someone you can't? Easy, don't get rep with anyone and you only have one remaining.. The one that doesn't have the possibility to get rep with!

I tried going to LR at lvl 4 with my legion character, it's hard at such a small lvl but you learn how do survive with alot of sneaking and sniper using after some time. I was neautral to Legion, vilified with NCR (Kill all un-named in Sloan), haven't meet the Strip or any other then Goodspring (Idolized) when you talk to Olysses the first time after leaving the Hopeville Missle Solo Bunker he says You enter the Divide without a flag" and so on about you will leave with one flag. When you actually meet Odysses you must make sure to have enough Speech of 90/100 when the rep line comes up and you can say "You might not believe in nations, but I do" to him you MUST fail this to get the "Blackjack" duster, I have only tried this when not killing Olysses and sending the missiles on both Legion and NCR. Since it worked for me and I see other have such a problem with it, I thought I lend a hand. GL!

Female Courier's Duster Edit

Regarding the article saying that there is no female model, I believe there is. I just finished Lonesome Road and both the Courier's Duster and Ulysses' Duster appear to have a female model on my Courier. I'm going to edit that part out, or could somebody do it for me? This is my first time editing/posting on a wiki, 00:50, April 14, 2012 (UTC)JerZey CJ

Alright, I took the edit out. You can clearly see the outline of the female courier's breasts so you're right. -- 00:03, April 20, 2012 (UTC)AtlasGraham

Can it change? Edit

I plan on finishing the main quest Independently but some how got the NCR version of the duster and my question is: Can it change if you pursue a certain quest line after receiving it? --Gamer1191 (talk) 07:34, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

How to get Mr. House duster if you are idolized in The Strip and NCR Edit

Is it true that if you are Idolized by NCR and The Strip and wear NCR clothes when speaking to Ulysses, you will get Mr. House's Duster instead of the NCR version? I'm about to start Lonesome Road and I really want the duster with the old world flag which is Mr. House's.

I also think the pictures on the dusters should have been different, they should have used the 21 for Mr. House, and the old world flag for an Independent courier.

-Theoretically you should don NCR faction armor before talking to Ulysses, so that your NCR reputation is dropped to neutral when the script runs. Maybe Brotherhood armor works as well as it should drop your NCR even below that and is slightly better (y'know, power armor). -- 20:19, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

A mod that fixes the duster selection script Edit

I found a mod that replaces the mess with something that makes more sense. Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance by Machienzo

It simply checks on your quests and disregards the faction rep.

By using the modder's own words:

NCR Allegiance

You have to have at least killed Mr.House and not failed the quest "For the Republic, Part 2". You also can't have failed the quest "Don't Tread On The Bear".

Caesar's Legion Allegiance

You have to have at least killed Mr.House and not failed the quest "Render Unto Caesar". You also can't have failed "Beware the Wrath of Caesar".

Mr.House Allegiance

You have to have completed "The House Always Wins IV" and Mr.House can't have been "neutralised".

Independent Allegiance (You are true only to yourself).

This has two sets of parameters to be extra careful with allegiances. Elseif is set as a failsafe. - You have to have failed "Don't Tread on the Bear", failed "Beware the Wrath of Caesar" and completed "The House Has Gone Bust!". - There are no parameters for the secondary option. This is in the case that you have not made any factional progress.

-- 20:25, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

My proven way of getting the Yes Man duster Edit

If anybody is having trouble getting the Yes Man (Blackjack) duster, then I have a simple way of doing so. Bear in mind, it is likely that you might not even be able to get it already because of the strict criteria required.

Which duster you receive is entirely dependent on your Reputation with the three main factions; NCR, Legion and The Strip. If out of these Reputations, your highest Reputation is NCR, then you will get the NCR duster. If your highest reputation is with the Legion, you get the Legion duster. If your highest Reputation is with the Strip, then you get the Old World Glory duster.

Now, as for getting the Yes Man duster, your reputation must be Neutral or lower for all three main factions; NCR, Legion and The Strip. I got the Yes Man duster with a neutral reputation with all three of them, so you do not have to worry about having to go on a killing spree on an NCR base or on the Strip in order to lower your reputation with each. Therefore however, if you plan on doing NCR or The Strip quests, you will need to hold them off until you have completed this add-on and gotten your duster. On the bright side though, you can still do some quests for the NCR and the Strip and still get your Yes Man duster, as long as you don't get an Accepted or higher reputation. For instance, I did Can You Find It In Your Heart for Ranger Jackson and Keep Your Eyes On The Prize for Ghost at the Mojave Outpost (both of these quests give you some NCR fame), and still got the Yes Man Duster, this is because I still had a neutral Rep with the NCR. It is only when you get an Accepted or higher reputation with one of the three main factions when you are unable to get the Yes Man duster.

However, when it comes to what you decide to do with the missiles at the final quest, you MUST either cancel the missile launch by having ED-E sacrifice himself, or by choosing to fire the missiles at both the NCR and the Legion. The reason for this is because if you chose to launch the missiles at only the Legion, you end up getting NCR fame and rise a Reputation level with them. And of course if you choose to launch the missiles at only the NCR, then you end up getting Legion fame and rising a Reputation level with them. So bear all this in mind. Also, wearing an NCR disguise to reset NCR reputation to neutral didn't work for me. Your true reputation MUST be neutral or lower.

Contrary to what other people may think, having a high reputation with the Brotherhood or the Followers does not give you the Yes Man duster. I didn't do any quests for the Brotherhood or the Followers, and had a neutral Rep with both, and I still got the Yes Man duster.

Hope this helps those wanting the Yes Man duster. And remember to wear your Yes Man duster with pride! <3

Brandon Fox (talk) 23:58, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

It's not that complicated. All you need is to not have a positive reputation with NCR, the Legion, or the Strip. A positive rep is one of Smiling Troublemaker, Good Natured Rascal, Accepted, Liked, or Idolized. This is checked before you launch the missiles. It's already been thoroughly explained on this talk page... 14:59, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Considering there's such a huge mash of information which seems to differ person to person, I decided to explain things thoroughly to individuals if like me, they really wanted the Yes Man duster. I for one found it difficult to navigate the info. Can I put on faction disguises to reset it to neutral to get it or not? Some say yes, others no. Can I do some quests for NCR which people inevitably end up doing and still get it? I found out once and for all. This is everything which worked for me on my Xbox 360.

Brandon Fox (talk) 22:25, October 31, 2013 (UTC)

Faction Armor Will Count in Calculations Edit

I really wanted the Blackjack/Yes Man Courier Duster, but the NCR Idolizes me and the Legion Likes me, and I didn't want to nuke them, but I couldn't find out if wearing faction armor counts into the calculations for which duster you get. I just tried this out, wearing NCR armor for the entirety of The Courier and The End. (I had neutral fame on The Strip). I got the Blackjack duster I wanted. Just posting this so that anyone else looking for a non-nuclear option can find one. 15:55, June 14, 2014 (UTC)

This didn't work for me. I wanted the Strip version, but I am idolized by both the NCR and the Strip, so I wore NCR armor from before entering the elevator all the way until I grabbed the Courier's Duster and I still got the NCR version.
◄► Tephra ◄► 00:53, June 28, 2014 (UTC)

NCR better Edit

For me anyway. If I've gone somewhere and loaded up on goodies and am close to or reach the limit for weight, all I'd have to do is put it on. It's basically 22 lbs free, very handy for lugging that last heavy item you don't want to leave and don't feel like coming back for. Sure there's a perk that lets you fast travel when over encumbered, who wants to waste a perk? 12:36, July 8, 2016 (UTC)

Canon? Edit

Slides with the Courier in the duster 21 in the endings are canonical? If so, then Vegas became independent.--ExplorerSmaily (talk) 12:18, April 18, 2018 (UTC)

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