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Note: Have killed Burke and disarmed the bomb, have run into these mercenaries. Me too.

Note: I disarmed the bomb but didn't tell Simms about Burke, or kill Burke and I have never run into these mercenaries.

Note : Disarmed the bomb, tell Simms about Burke, killed Burke before he shot Simms and never found those mercenaries.

  • Edit: I have done the same as above (disarmed bomb, didn't tell Simms about Burke, didn't kill Burke) and I encounter the mercs on a regular basis. I have very positive karma. -Dormous 17:22, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

I've moved these from the article to the discussion page. I do encounter the Mercs, have disarmed the bomb, and didn't kill Burke. The Talon Mercs hold the other contract- the private contract which players with positive karma get, but not this specific one. I'm guessing you would have to tell Mr. Burke directly that you won't do it, or go to him after you disarmed the bomb. --MercZ 23:37, 29 November 2008 (UTC)

Threats? Edit

Is Mr. Burke, and by extension Alistair Tenpenny really in any position to be threatening Talon Company?

I don't think so, but Burke and Tenpenny (and most of TT's residents) are arrogant snobs: Burke and Tenpenny certainly THINK they can threaten them. Talon Company could assault TT without many losses, but well, they are getting money from Tenpenny, so they just ignore the threat and try to get the job done. 02:39, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

Truth about this Item/Hitman spawns. Edit

No matter what way you try to disarm the bomb you will get Hitman spawns. I tried out every scenario of disarming and it seems the actual act of disarming the bomb makes them spawn REGARDLESS of Burke being alive or dead.

I tried...

Killing burke before disarming without telling simms.(Enter bar, shoot him without talking to him.) Killing burke with Simms and letting Simms Die. Killing Burke with Simms and saving Simms by killing Burke. Telling Burke no, disarmed the bomb letting him live/leave. Avoiding Burke completely not even entering the saloon.(My suggested way.)

They are a rare spawn, a lot more rare then the regular talon company mercs you see because of good karma. Only choice you have is to decide what way seems more realistic. In my opinion never talking to him at all(Just talk to Simms accepting the quest, and disarm.) is best since killing him then seeing contracts made by him is unrealistic considering he has no time what so ever to order a hit. I can't confirm how many times you will see hitmen opposed to regular talon company but I would think you only see Hitmen once. The most realistic way is to let him Kill Simms and run off however if you like Simms and want him to live don't even trigger the optional dealing with Burke.

(I used the rare spawn location above mine field and within 10 tries via auto save there would be hitmen. If you haven't encountered them you must be unlucky, not doing random rare spawn locations or simply not paying attention when they spawned. They spawn hostile, so not seeing them and traveling away they most likely died via another monster encounter.)

Reduced frequency if you assault their base? Edit

I won't verify this myself, because last time I even talked as if I knew what I was talking about my post got instantly reverted. Facts for condition: I have disarmed the bomb, killed Burke (and saved Simms), Been approached by the "first" squad of Talon mercs (the ones who introduce themselves), I have mowed through probably 40 random waves of these guys over the 3 in-game years I've spent (project purity can wait lol)

Anyway, from what I have observed is: you know how they typically show up in certain places (i.e. fast travel ((similar, but less annoyingly predictable as the Legion assassin teams in New Vegas)), exit from a subway or any door for that matter)? Well, after locating Fort Bannister and pretty much wiping out everyone in there including their apparent leader, I have rarely seen them. I have the highest karma in the game, only times I see them are during the "random encounter" related areas, they still have the contract on them, but they don't spawn "on me" anymore, in fact they rarely see me; I sneak attack them from afar. They appear in random places, but typically wander as patrols rather than strike teams oddly. Usually engaged in overdramatic skirmishes with mole rats and occasional super mutants. I won't say thats the "way it goes" but that is worth mentioning if anyone else has experienced it. I won't touch the actual page, so someone else can do that if it turns out to be true. PaulReverend (talk) 16:32, September 29, 2016 (UTC)

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