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You can actually get this outfit and Autumn 10mm pistol near the end of "the waters of life" using a glitch. Check youtube for it, I think someone recorded it.

How To Get his Uniform (Official, Proved Way)Edit

After the escape from Raven Rock, Go to the Jefferson Memorial, and sneak in by the generator near the ramp to the entrance, kill all of the Enclave that are on the ramp (They won't attack until provoked) and take their uniforms, repair them all (If you have a high enough repair skill) and make your way to the rotunda. If he is outside of the purification chamber, then reverse pickpocket him the enclave armor, leave the room come back, and take his uniform (Simple as that), but if he is in the purification chamber, then you will need to stand at the nearest possible place, and change the camera angle by holding LB and turning it around until you see it say "Pickpocket Colonel Autumn" the repeat te method above. Simple!

--James Asker here saying: "Have we shared a frosty, ice cold Nuka-Cola yet today? No? Well we ought to fix that now shouldn't we!" 18:34, 4 August 2009 (UTC)


This outfit IS repairable, you need to obtain it early in the game at the end of the Waters of Life quest *when colonel autumn seemingly dies in PP*. You need to get up close to the bulkhead door, and turn the camera to third-person, then rotate it until the "search colonel autumn" message appears, then use the glitch to get colonel autumns uniform and his 10mm pistol, then, at the beginning of Take it Back (quest) tell Sarah Lyons "I think I need a minute or two" then follow the glitch outlined here:

Yes, but what can you repair it with? Fat Man Spoon 21:13, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

He's right. The outfit is repairable to an extent. As said in the article NPCs can repair it to a certain percent. Therefore it can be repaired up to somewhere in I think 80s. BUT if you want 100% percent durability then you need both Colonel Autumn's outfits. You can repair the outfit to 100% once in the whole game. I suggest if you want to display it somewhere, repair it with the NPC then with the other outfit. If you actually use the outfit, it's better in the long run to just have two almost 100% outfits. (THIS EXCLUDES THE PC CONSOLE OR MODS) --Zyan 20:43, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

See?I was right...however for PC user's that don't mind looking like winter rick astley.....general chase's overcoat is much better Butter 17:50, 21 June 2009 (UTC)
Haha, it'd be funny if Rick Astley's outfit (at 0:28 in really was the inspiration for it. Considering all the other silly nods they've thrown into this game, it's possible. - clockwork211 26 July 2009
Tan trenchcoat on black clothes is quite common. It's not a reference of any kind. 10:32, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

On Mothership Zeta you can have Somah repair it to 100%. Just bring the uniform with you onboard, as well as all your other unique items that cannot be repaired the normal way. While on the ship, make sure to store these in a place where you will be able to come back later. See the Mothership Zeta (vehicle) page for more information about this. I've done it and as far as I know, the only items you cannot 100% repair this way are head wraps. --N00w 02:27, December 29, 2010 (UTC)

can somebody confirm this? Edit

After the patch, I don't think Autumn is at the memorial when I go through the rocks and sneak in. Has anybody else run into this?

GOOD QUESTION. The same thing happened to me, anybody shed any light on the situation? TunnelSnake 03:29, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

ya it happened to me too somebody clear this up please

He is in the Memorial. I'm just running into a problem though where he's inside the Purifier Control Room, so I can't get to him.

Actually, I have Broken Steel and the same happened to me. It probably figures that you'll kill him later because you can continue with his stuff. --Zyan 20:44, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

If you go in before take it back he might be in the purifier but all you have to do is activate the door until he leaves and then he will assume his designate position that he will be at during the quest--Wastelander6969 23:05, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

You must go in after you report to Elder Lyons after completing the quest "The American Dream". If you go before that, he will not be there.

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Obtaining it Edit

Method 1) There actually is a way of getting this outfit before the end of the game. During the Waters of Life quest after Colonel Autumn supposedly "dies", you can grab his belongings as long as he falls near the door. You must face directly towards the body with the cursor directly on the body in first person view. Once this is done, hold down the button that changes the perspective and you should be able to rotate the camera. Rotate the camera half-way and you should see a "Search Colonel Autumn" message. Voila! You can also search Dad and possibly everyone in the room if they fall close enough to the wall.

  • Colonel Autumn does not have his laser pistol during this part of the game. [edit: (Confirmed on all platforms.) You can obtain Col. Autumn's unique pistol at this point, although when you see him later on he will have recovered both his unique armor and pistol. edit: You can also acquire the enclave soldier's equipment using the same method in the video.]

(Method 2) If you have missed your chance in the above method you still have another. After you have finished the American Dream Quest (the one at Raven Rock) and BEFORE you activate the robot Liberty Prime (aka the very last mission) fast travel to Rivet City. Once here travel West to the Jefferson Memorial and you should see the blue energy shields. Since you should be coming from the West side go up to where the energy shield cuts off and where the generator is, make a save here. The reason for the save is that when you are jumping over these rocks it is possible to get permanently stuck, any who continue jumping and you should make it over the rocks. The hole in the rocks is under the "stairs", not between the stairs and energy shield generator. Another way of passing the shields is to again come in from Rivet City to the memorial. But this time go to the left and get to the last generator at the end of the shield. Jump toward the cable closest to you and jump again toward the metal support. Once that is over make your way inside the Gift Shop and into the Rotunda (there will be Enclave Soldiers in the gift shop). Col. Autumn will be standing in there like he is on the final mission but he will not talk with you. You now need to reverse pickpocket a suit of armor onto him that is in good condition. After that leave the room and then re enter, Col. Autumn should be wearing the suit of armor you just put onto him allowing you to pickpocket his outfit.

Method 3) [For Xbox 360] after the lethal gas inside the chamber kills Col. Autumn, your father, and the guards inside, grab the barrels that are around the opposite side of the rotunda. Set them up just outside the locked door where the Colonel and James die, so that you are able to climb them to get on top of the rotunda. You must now sacrifice one of your mini-nukes (hopefully you have a Fatman) to fire towards the statue in the middle. The walls around the statue are non-clip, so the mini-nuke will fly through harmlessly. With proper aim and maybe a few reloads (heavily suggested you save once on top of the rotunda), you can blast the bodies inside closer to the door, after which you can use a technique similar to that outlined in Method 1. If the bodies are close enough, you can merely face the door at an angle with bodies against it and it should allow you to search them. If they are further away, you may have to crouch, enter third person, and face various angles (most of which do not face the door).

Note: DO NOT walk through the nonclippable wall! You will fall into the area, with water at the bottom, with no way to escape. A Reload is the only cure

Note: The area just above the computer your Dad uses that explodes is what gives off the radiation. If standing in the proper place, you can accumulate 50+ rads/sec. Sub-note: It IS possible to search the scientist and guards as well, but you should be content enough with searching Dad and Col. Autumn, since the others inside carry common amour/weapons.

Method 4) Another way to obtain this uniform is to glitch into the Jefferson Memorial before the final quest (Save before getting past the barriers.), then sneak past the Enclave troops in the memorial, then kill Autumn in the rotunda, make it where his weapon doesn't fall into the water, the loot his body. When you do decide to finish the game, kill the Enclave troops that would normally guard Autumn to continue. Note: Only confirmed on 360.

Method 5) Just shoot him in the face and take it during Take it Back!. You won't be able to wear it for long, as the game ends once the Project is activated. However, if you have downloaded Broken Steel, the game will continue, allowing you to wear it in the Wasteland.

Push him out Edit

save before you enter the room some times the air look doors don't close so save and run in to the purifier and push him past the door and get out to or you will die then when autumn goes to shoot the lab girl leave the room and come back in and when your dad kill's him self you can get Colonel Autumn's Uniform

hey i need help getting autumns uniform Edit

hey i saved after i started the take it back quest and all i have to do left on it is to kill autumn and start the purifier is there any way i can get his uniform now please help me i really want it.

If you have Broken Steel,just kill him and take it. The Second Wolf Brother. 18:27, 4 August 2009 (UTC)

i don't i have it on ps3 and i don't think they even have a release date on it yet

Broken Steel is being released in September. Hang in there.

I need real help.After i got out of raven rock,i went to the memorial,and glitched my way through.I i killed the two Enclave soldiers then i went into the room where Col.Autumn is at.And hes Inside the place with the Bulkhead in front of it.And it says i need a key.I really want his outfit bad,and i'm on ps3 by the way.Please tell me what to do.


I was wondering if there was any way to obtain the colonel's overcoat after the quest take it back for the xbox 360...I let the colonel go peacefully because I thought I would face him in broken steel...turns out that's not the case...Is he anywhere in the wasteland or did he just run off out of DC all together?? 09:26, 24 August 2009 (UTC) Nuka-Rawr!

Me too I want his outfit but I let him live dammit!

Getting 2 of Colonel Autumn's Uniform Edit

use the glitch where you move the camera to search Autumn's inventory in The Waters of Life Quest. THEN when you complete The American Dream Quest, tell Sentinel Lyons to give you a few minutes so you don't unleash Liberty Prime on the Enclave in Take It Back! once you tell her to wait, exit the Citadel Laboratory and fast travel to Rivet City. once you do that, head West to the Jefferson Memorial (past the super mutant fortress with the wasteland captive) and once you get to the forcefield in front of it, follow the forcefield to the LEFT, you should see a generator that the forcefield comes from, jump on the ringed pole coming out of the generator (This might be difficult at first but it's VERY easy once you get the hang of it), next you will see an opening between the generator and the forcefield, jump into it but be careful because if you get caught between the generator and the forcefield it will be hard to get out! once you make it through the opening you can easily navigate into the Memorial gift shop. the enclave soldiers outside are friendly but the ones inside the memorial are hostile. kill them and you can go into the Rotunda. It shouldn't seal you in the rotunda but if it does you will need to redo this. once you get into the rotunda Colonel Autumns will appear however friendly, kill him for (I believe) no karma loss and you can loot his uniform AND his Laser Pistol off of him. He will be dead when you enter the rotunda in Take It Back! so you will have to kill the Enclave Soldiers inside (they will be friendly just like they are if Autumns is there however you NEED to kill them to proceed). Note: if you have Broken Steel you WILL NOT need to glitch past the forcefield to get to Autumns the second time, instead you can just kill him at the end of Take It Back!

An easier way to obtain two of his suits (PC only) Edit

While in Waters Of Life, open the console, click on the sealed door to the chamber. Now type "activate", you will get something you just need to ignore. You can get his suit, the other scientist's one, and the two Enclave Power Armors there. Also James's suit if you wish. A better way instead to stick your nose to the glass and pray to god that you're successful.

At Take It Back, just kill him and take his suit. The Fallout world is better without him.

Get a merchant to repait it, and THEN repair the suit with the other suit if you wish. Get it 100% and keep it somewhere, either in your suite or Megaton house.

Where does Col. Autumns body go Edit

After you kill him at the rotunda, after i beat broken steel i went back to the rotunda his ash pile was gone( i made him stop being hostile and shot him in the head with a plasma rifle).

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