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Maybe they're the Fallout 3 equivalent of the DC Metrobuses. Heh. 21:30, February 18, 2010 (UTC) (Yukabacera, don't feel like logging in)

Road sizeEdit

It appears that this, along with every other road vehicle in the game is too big for the small roads. The roads look too small for these vehicles, so there must have been numerous traffic jams in pre-war time

Patriot 00:32, June 15, 2010 (UTC)

Far North-East of the WastelandEdit

I'm playing the PS3 GOTY edition. In the far north-east, there is basically a ditch that has a bus propped up in it. If you go slightly to the west, there is an area that you can run and jump up to get to an elevation that will allow you to jump onto the bus. Doing so causes the bus to catapult high into the air and land about 100 metres away (hurting you in the process). I've tried it twice, and the same happened both times. No MIRV equipped or carried. 13:02, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

xbox Breaking a city liner free of the A.I anchor. Edit

Strength 1 Lvl 1 An in game exploit push the LINER from the SUPER- DUPER MART ,past Wilhems's Wharf, past the door to the Gift shop entrance at the Jefferson Memorial and on to RIVER CITY.Break the LINER fee from its computer held anchorage. Armed with FAT MAN stand at the rear. Remove all body armour. SAVE. Fire the NUKE at the base of the LINER and blow yourself to bits. This reverts to the save.Still equipped with FAT MAN the LINER can now be pushed almost anywhere. Only FAT MAN will allow this exploit. No NUKEbeing wasted. Avoiding rocks and buildings thhe CITY LINER can be steered by pushing either end sideways or from the rear at running speed. By nudging with the jump button the LINER's length can be exploited to access higher buildings or escape into the wastland outside the game. F.T.will take you back

xbox The complex A.I computations of stress forces relating to the Wanderer from Vault 101 equipped with FAT MAN pushing the CITY LINER. Edit

The CITY LINER when pushed equipped with FAT MAN exhibits some very strange dynamics when pushed into any immovable object.A fence,sign post,building or concrete block. A number of things can and do happen depending upon the reaction of forces as perceived by the A.I.which calculates that the Wanderer is far stronger than the City Liner.Free from the A.I anchorage the Wanderer is able to get beneath the LINER and by using the jump button cant throw the LINER upwards. If pushed against an fixed object and by applying continaul pressure irresistible forces are set in motion that appear in many diverse reactions.The City Liner may in an instant bounce backwards over the wanderers head, catching fire as it does, and exploding some distance further behind. If pushed at an angle in an enclosed street the Liner can fly up into the air and vanish over the tops of tall building to a sound of an explosion elsewhere. It can rebound so far and high behind the wanderer that it can vanish from sight at 65 running paces and yet sometimes comes rebounding back exploding nearby.It can vanish vertically straight up into the air and is never seen to come down as it may fall further away than the visual 65 paces line of sight or it can just explode into fragments at the Wanders feet with or without a nuclear detonation. Save often as it is a dangerous and difficult construct to manage.--1000HrsFallout3 (talk) 05:53, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

Crushing players with the CITY LINER for nil hostility and no loss of Karma Edit

xbox .Crushing players with the City Liner. Using the ingame Fat Man exploit push the CITY LINER over any of the three wastelanders at Super Duper Mart. They will give a grunt before being squashed , sometimes into the matrix for no loss of Karma or hostility from the other two. All three can be crushed with no loss of Karma. At Rivet City the security guard at the steps can be crushed with no loss of Karma or hostility even though the water carrier guards might be nearby .When the two water carrier security guards set out from Rivet City with a Pack Brahmin loaded with Aqua the Brahmin can be crushed and killed but not the two guards who having lost their delivery load will return to Rivet City base and sit around since the water can no longer be delivered. None of the traders, other guards or parked Brahmin can be crushed.

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