Item Locations

  • 13 can be found in Roosevelt Academy. (All are in the Academy building, none in the Arts and Athletics, Library, or Maintenance and Evacuation sections.)
    • 3 in the middle stall of the Men's Room and 3 in the left stall of the Ladies Room in the 1st level on the west side.
    • 2 on the ground by the cabinet in the Headmaster's office (SE corner, 1st level).
    • 3 in the middle stall of the Men's room near Dean Dewey's office (same restroom as the Pugilism Illustrated, East side 1st level).
    • 2 in a wooden crate in the NE corner of the eastern-most room on the 3rd floor.
  • There are 9 in Warrington Station.
  • 1 is found in Springvale School's lower level, inside a metal box in the storage room south-east from the entrance.
  • 5 can be found in Minefield.
    • 2 are near the mattress in the ruined building occupied by the sniper, Arkansas.
    • 2 are in Gibson House in the upstairs kids' room.
    • 1 is in Benson House under the bunk beds in the upstairs kids' room.
  • There are 4 in Lucky's on the end of the shelf nearest the cash register.
  • There are 3 in Marigold Station where you kill the flame ants.
  • There are 3 in the CO Quarters of Fort Constantine on the chessboard in the middle of the first room.
  • There are 3 in a wooden box with some Wonderglue at the Abandoned Car Fort.
  • There are 3 in the Germantown Police HQ on the first floor (SW corner behind a "Hard" locked door) - watch out for a frag mine on the floor.
  • There are 2 in Pinkerton's Lab, conveniently placed next to a Lunchbox, 5 Sensor Modules, and 13 loose caps.
  • There are 2 on the right pool table in the Offices and Cafeteria level in the RobCo facility.
  • There are 2 in a sink in the Men's Room on the ground floor of the Arlington Public Library (From the main entrance, go straight through the door between the two staircases, it's the restroom on the left).
  • There are 2 on the floor in the room where you get Grady's Safe Key in Marigold Metro Station. (The location is Letter B on the Marigold Map found in the Grady's Package wiki.
  • There is 1 in the Sniper Shack where you find the Victory Rifle and the Keller Family Transcript (4 of 5).
  • There is 1 in the Regulator HQ.
  • There are 2 in a box in the makeshift campsite in the Sunken Chambers which you reach as part of the Oasis (quest).
  • There is 1 on the shelf in the western-most storage room of the Sound Testing level of Vault 92.
  • There was 1 in a Metal Box in Agatha's House. Possibly random.
  • Some can be found in the Museum of Dave in a classroom desk. - This is random. Checked twice in two separate games.
  • Cherry bombs can be found in many Raider-inhabited ares in the game.
  • As a nod to a famous practical joke, cherry bombs can be found in some toilets throughout the game (for example, on the ground level of Bethesda Offices West, in a small room to the left of the desk with a Big Book of Science. another example is in the main section of roosevelt academy.
  • There are 2 at the ground floor of the The Raid Shack
  • One can be found in Vault 87 in one of the rooms on your left as you enter the Living Quaters.
  • In Blackhall manor 2 can be found in a baby carriage upstairs in the hallway. And 3 more can be found if you turn around a take a right on the floor before going down the stairs.
  • 2 cherry bombs on the altar with the skeleton that has the riutal knife threw it.
  • (Point look out content/Turtledove detention camp/Bunk A) Enter bunk A and take a right. Look at the skeleton on the floor and you'll see 1 cherry bomb by its head.

All locations go here--Kingclyde 00:18, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

Only Crazy wolfgang sells them?

well, crazy wolfgang is dead... where can i buy unlimited supply's of them? the vendors in rivet city doesn't sell any, smiling jack and moira either...

which vendors do sell them?


Is there a specific list for the Pitt and Point Lookout for a steady supply? Because the page just says "The Pitt" and "Point Lookout".Bllasae 19:18, October 26, 2009 (UTC)

The statement is generic as a full list will clutter the article. They are darn near everywhere but I hqve found a majority of them in the capital wasteland vs. the pitt or point lookout.--Kingclyde 19:20, October 26, 2009 (UTC)
Even if they were on the talk page (where the other ones are) it would be helpful to know where to go if I wanted to get some from Point Lookout or The Pitt.Bllasae 19:32, October 26, 2009 (UTC)
As you find them you are free to add them. I really don't keep track of those in-game so I personally do not have a list.--Kingclyde 19:39, October 26, 2009 (UTC)

Locations in Fallout: New Vegas / Available from merchants?

I found these in two places, at the kings's school of impersonation and at nellis air base. I was wondering if anyone knows if they are available to buy from merchants? I haven't seen them available yet. Dcruze 18:45, November 5, 2010 (UTC)

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