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Mustang P-51D

I felt that plane in the Preservation Society must be based on a real life plane. In fact its display (from the ceiling) reminded me of many planes I have seen at both the old and new Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. So I did a little internet research and came up with what I did. I realize that a footnote should probably go with the Smithsonian blurb. But, um, I don't yet know how to format footnotes. And I realize the thumbnail is not the same as the larger photo that is linked to. But I felt the use of the thumbnail was "fair use" and the angle of the plane in the thumbnail is amazingly similar to the plane as found in the game. --Sp3lly 09:07, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

White Mannequins

Don't know why all these things are in the museum, but I'm wondering if it is a nod to the game Bioshock in which these things are often seen?


Just a note: removed a part about a supposed reference to a Scottish monument preservation society, it may be a matter of opinion but I really don't think the fallout 3 devs were sitting around saying "lets name it after the Scottish monument preservation society!" when they came up with the name.


Anyone know the rationale behind using "Capitol" here, especially when it most likely refers to the entire city as a whole and not just the building? --Skire (talk) 00:55, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

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