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Enclave member?Edit

Could Calvert have been a member of the pre-war Enclave? He seems like their type: rich, powerful, prestigious, and desirous of more of all three, and willing to manipulate and outright destroy to get it.

He had to at least known about them knowing how well-connected he was in the workings of the Federal Government.

--MadCat221 22:12, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

No, this Calvert was a scientist. Maybe his brother in the Senate knew, and got the Professor a transfer to the St. Aubin Medical Facility. Nitpicker of the Wastes 22:16, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

He's still a member of a rich, powerful, prestigious family, and seems to have an authority of some level. Enclave brass didn't necessarily have to be members of the government, they could have been tycoons as well. There's no definite evidence, but someone with that level of tech and that kind of connections certainly couldn't have been off the Enclave's radar. --MadCat221 03:34, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

What the Calvert NPC looks like!! Edit

I found him by turning him hostile then using a Bio-Gas Grenade(s) I was able to see him in a brain form and in NPC form in NPC form he is invisible similar to the chinese stealth suit!!

  • I just finished a big edit/rewrite of "The Brain Bug" section and added a quick picture I took. I didn't know how to explain his cloak look so someone may want to touch it up a bit. JFreeman 03:24, 28 June 2009 (UTC)
    • What is it with all the considering things obviously meant to be behind the scenes to be official? It's like this on the Catherine page too. --MadCat221 05:19, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

possible to remove invisibility? Edit

Is it possible for PC players to remove his invisibility effect somehow to get a glimpse of what the hidden brain looks like? -Silent (7-1-09)

He's not meant to be seen, so his appearance would be as canon as Catherine's. --MadCat221 22:21, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

Souveniers, if anyone wants them. Edit

I just wanted to let everyone know, if you don't, that after you destroy Calvert, you can find his brain on the bottom level of the cylindrical room in which he's kept. You can't carry it outside, but it would probably be an interesting decoration for your house or suite.--Squirrelxb 00:25, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

Or, shoot it, and watch it explode in a ball of blood! Yeah! Ronin 04:54, September 15, 2009 (UTC)
Poor Professor, you have to kill him twice... Nitty 04:56, September 15, 2009 (UTC)
There's only one way to be sure, y'know. Ronin 14:45, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

Visible brain running around the boardwalk Edit

After smashing the actual game brain to bits with an axe, I returned to the boardwalk to "The Brain is unconsious message" Eventually the game crashed and I restarted from my last save which was just before a nap in the room with the pint sized slasher mask. I exited the motel, and returned to the boardwalk to unload some of the booty I collected from finishing the Calvert Mansion quest line. On the way a FULLY visible dark haired young man in underwear ran by me. As he passed a green ally "The Brain" appeared as his name. He ran in the bank because smugglers had invaded the boardwalk. I chased him inside, but he must have exited as I entered, because when I left he was back on the boardwalk as a cloaked character. I then shot him a few times, and he turned into an enemy. But I can't kill him, and he doesn't fight back, and won't speak. Anyway I have to go all the way back to the save at the end of the Calvert quest line because the autosave outside of the motel has Panada dead, and the dumbass hardware guy never gets more caps to buy stuff with. These are great games, but Bethesda really needs to stop using it's customers as unwilling playtesters. I'm getting sick of it. They can afford to debug these things nowadays. 04:10, October 12, 2009 (UTC)Blib

Glitch? Edit

  I got to the point where I have to choose to kill desmond or calvert. I chose Calvert so I placed a pulse mine next to him to take out all the robots. I accidentally hit calvert so he ordered the robots to attack but they didn't move. I attacked the mine to trigger it and all the robots fell over dead and the jar cracked, but calvert and desmond went through their conversation like normal. I started shooting the jar with a magnum and a couple shots before the jar broke, calvert exploded in a shower of blood from inside the jar, but kept talking to desmond. Can someone else confirm whether they can trigger this or if it was a one time deal? Thanks. (I'm not signing this cause I don't have an account)

unconfirmed bugsEdit

  • There is a common glitch where the player will randomly be informed that The Brain is unconscious whenever they go near the boardwalk. This is because Professor Calvert's actual actor, named The Brain, resides in an unopenable Pulowski Preservation shelter hidden in the café neighboring the Homestead Motel, and is possibly falling through the map and being killed due to falling damage.
    • If you go to the area around the Ferris Wheel you will notice a green dot on the radar to the right of the Ferris wheel, indicating a friendly NPC, The Brain. He can be reached by the player although no conversation may be started with him and he has the cloak effect similar to that given by a Stealth Boy. The following is how to reach The Brain:
      • On the 360 version of the game this area is is reachable by use of stacked baby carriages, or jumping from the truck on the opposite side of House of Wares to the rooftops and jumping rooftops till you get there. Upon getting on and falling through the roof, you can find this hidden occupied Pulowski Preservation Shelter with The Brain in it. However, it cannot be opened. It is most likely here for when he talks to you during the quest Thought Control.
      • PC players can simply use the tcl command to travel through the walls and reach the Pulowski Preservation Shelter with The Brain inside.
      • Another glitch is possible to occur if you return to the lighthouse in the area where the brain is it sometimes is floating in midair and will explode in a cloud of blood if shot.

--Kingclyde 04:16, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

Craig Sechler Edit

Craig Sechler has to voice this guy. When he talks to you through your mind, it reminded me a hell lot of Calavicus Vile's hound in TES: Oblivion. Plus it sounds very similar. Tzaro the Outcast 01:11, January 28, 2010 (UTC)

Mug shot Edit

For those wondering what Calvert looked like before ending up in a bottle...
Professor Calvert

  phoenix  txt  xp  07:28, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
It's a placeholder, default NPC. Not Professor Calvert. Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 08:38, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
It may be a placeholder with no specific personalization, but that's the base character image, and what the Stealth Boy effect is placed over.   phoenix  txt  xp  09:47, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
Because it's a default character used by the GECK. Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 14:25, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Tribals Edit

I was getting the error, "The Brain is Unconscious", and when I ran over to the ferris wheel, I found the brain npc getting attacked and repeatedly killed by tribals. After I killed them all he ran down the ramp and tried to run into the wall for a while.

I'm getting the message too, but I haven't seen anything like that. Last time I saw Calvert was in his brain form on the floor after I killed him. Kurbis 21:31, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

Getting the vault key Edit

I'm not sure if this has been emphasized in any way already, but after killing Professor Calvert, if you jump down onto the bottom of his... brain container thing... and look straight up, you can get the reward vault key and a blank speech box from "The Brain". Just stand on it and look straight up, jumping and rapidly hitting the activate button. This is probably the bobblehead that is within it that you can talk to, but I did this without 'tcl' on the 360.

Oops I forgot to sign MeatyDog 20:30, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

The Brain Edit

The term "The Brain" redirects to this page, but it shouldn't as The Brain is a Fallout 2 character which has nothing to do with Calvert. He is a giant Molerat living in some tunnels under Gecko. It appears there is no entry for him yet, but once someone gets around to it this redirect will be confusing.

Prof. Calvert brain? What a jerk ! Edit

xbox. Any double crossing Professor who says ,Desmond is a " washed-up old limey" is a Jerk. A fitting place to find such a person is in Jerks cafe. That is exactly here you can find Professor Calverts brain. In the center of Jerks cafe hiding in a coin operated Pulowski Preservation Shelter. Locate him by use of your compass and see the shelter, which shows occupied, by strategic jumping the walling. He shows up as friendly ,but don't believe a word of it,the Jerk!--1000HrsFallout3 (talk) 06:21, September 27, 2012 (UTC)

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