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What certain event does she become missing at?

I believe they were referring to if you convince James Hargreave to run away. --MercZ 23:58, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

Well this sucks. I walked into Flak and Shrapnels room to steal stuff, and the door magically locked behind me with only the girl inside. The only save files I have are the autosave and the save file from inside the room. Im screwed. (GW-Kiron 19:43, 21 December 2008 (UTC))

No worries Kiron. Provided either Flak or Shrapnel are still alive they will eventually return to their room and open the door. it just takes time, sometimes lots of it. (and I just realised how long ago you posted that, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume you already did something about it. lol)

What the... Edit

I've never even SEEN this character so much as talked to her. I consider myself mentally competent and fairly perceptive, so I'll add that to the list of bugs... O_o

Chief Justice Young Edit

Someone might want to add this as a bit of trivia under this entry (I'm a law student); Chief Justice Young was a Justice of the Victorian Courts. The legal abbreviation is "Young CJ", maybe there's a reference there, or maybe just coincidence. I'm sure someone can google it.

Meanie Edit

Does anyone know what actions spark CJ to call you a Meanie? I have very good karma and I haven't killed or robbed anyone connected to her as far as I'm aware. Livingston 02:00, 5 July 2009 (UTC)


OK, why does C.J. walk into Flak and Shrapnel's place and lie down? Does anyone else find this weird? Skallagrimsson 21:22, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, I can explain why she goes to Flak and Shrapnel bedroom and why she sleeps in their bed. It is not at all a perversion but a simple mistake :-) And by the way, I can also explain why you can often find Flak or Shrapnel sleeping in Dr Li's bed. It is simply because they have no assigned bed. Both beds in their bedroom are marked as owned by CJ Young and her sleep package has a wide radius, wide enough to reach Flak and Shrapnel room. She can randomly choose any of the 3 beds. There are several similar "bugs" in the game, All 3 beds are the same naval cot model, i suppose the programmer just made a copy/paste of CJ's bed in the other room but didn't remember to check the "owned" flag. So, Flak and Shrapnel will never sleep in their own bed and for their own sleep package they'll seek a non-owned bed. Precisely, Dr Li's bed is not owned by anyone, only the door belongs to Dr Li, and once Flak or Shrapnel are in the room they are trapped inside until the return of Dr Li but they can use the bed. By the way, Dr Li's bed looks like a double bed but it is a single one. So you'll never see Flak and Shrapnel sleeping together or any of them sleeping with Dr Li... Morality is saved.Croquignol 04:43, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

Upper Deck, Hangar Deck tensions. Edit

If you catch the Young family eating dinner at Gary's Galley (usually around 6 p.m.) you'll over hear C.J. ask her mom, "Mom, why don't we like the people in the lower decks again?" and her mom will sound embarassed and reply with "Honey, shhh, it's not nice to say that, especially in here." I'm paraphrasing a bit but you get the idea. This opens up a new set of dialogue options with several characters about the trouble between the Upper deck and Hangar deck residents (I'm guessing hangar refers to the midship deck). Characters include Father Clifford, Diego, Dr. Preston, Bannon, Christie Young, and Harkness. The general idea is that the lower decks resent the upper decks because they have more money, and the upper decks see the lowers as the unwashed masses. I don't think this counts as an unmarked quest. I haven't found a way to resolve it. Maybe it's an unfinished quest?

Also, after hearing "I'm not suppose to talk to strangers." come out of C.J.'s mouth 99% of the time, I found it kind of suprising to hear her say at dinner "Mmmm smells good." and start answering me with "Howdy Mister".

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