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I'm not very good with editing, so if someone can add to the article:

Loot Edit

Grognak the Barbarian comic located in the pagoda (?) near a skeleton and some waste barrels Legendary Furious Power Fist from SWAN supermutant boss, taht spawns when player approaches the pond. 15:05, November 13, 2015 (UTC)myhv


Someone indicated there was a code on the seal at Boston Commons (number 7 with the "A" in brackets). I can confirm the one at the Old North Church has a "1" with the "R" highlighted, and that'll spell "RAILROAD" with the indicated letter position. Anyone that can take screenshots and edit that into a nice flowing paragraph, please do so. I just appended to the previous statement as I don't have time right now to go back and check them and edit this article. Thanks Mctaff350 (talk) 04:52, November 20, 2015 (UTC)

- Eh, found it is part of the Road To Freedom quest. So there is that.

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