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Untitled[edit source]

this is 100% entirely incorrect...

i think this page might be referring to a different quest.... the birds of a feather quest is given by the van graff's and begins with door guarding duty!!

You're right. I've edited the article to remove the false information and add some correct information. --Kris User Hola.jpg 22:57, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

What is this I don't even[edit source]

"You have to suck HER dick for money" What the? CANPoo 01:07, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

Here's a thought: how about, instead of making a comment about the vandalism, maybe next time UNDO it? Just look at the page history and click that little link labeled "Undo" next to the bad edit, and then save the page and it'll be as though it never happened. --Kris User Hola.jpg 01:25, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

Bug[edit source]

talked to jean w/ rose following me. he had no weapon equipped since i pickpocketed all his ammo previously. told him to shoot rose and i was perma-stuck while rose and jean just stood there next to each other

Can't seem to save Cass[edit source]

At level 16, I tried to clear this quest from my log by bringing Cass to the Van Graff's and refusing to let him shoot her. The initial firefight didn't go well at all, and I took to rigging the place up with C4 before I began the firefight and immediately blowing it as soon as everyone turned hostile. It completely cleared the room outside, but I just can't kill Jean-Baptise. I can unload everything I have into him and regardless of what weapon I have equipped he kills Cass before I can drop him, then turns on me and I kill him. Point is, I just can't seem to get Cass to survive the encounter. Any ideas, assistance, strategies, etc. from people who have done this successfully would be highly appreciated. 01:11, November 1, 2010 (UTC)

It is because her killing is a scripted event, it is not a normal kill, as you can see in this script : (sorry, I don't know how to get a better display for the script. Feel free to edit...)

begin OnHit VFSJeanBaptisteCuttingREF

; If the player has the objective to bring Cass back to Jean-Baptiste, when he shoots ; her she disintegrates if GetObjectiveDisplayed VMS29a 45 == 1 || GetObjectiveDisplayed VMS29a 36 == 1 && VFSJeanBaptisteCuttingREF.IsInCombat == 0

; Removing Cass from factions so she actually dies in non-hardcore mode RoseOfSharonCassidyREF.RemoveFromAllFactions RoseOfSharonCassidyREF.SetPlayerTeammate 0

; Kill Cass, and disintegrate her kill CIOS LaserDisintegrationFXSpell

; Update quest SetObjectiveCompleted VMS29a 36 1 ; In case player had Cass already SetObjectiveCompleted VMS29a 45 1

; If the player tried to defend Cass, Jean-Baptiste attacks after killing Cass if VMS29a.JeanBaptistePissed == 1 SetEnemy VanGraffFaction PlayerFaction EnablePlayerControls else ; Need to pause to let Cass disintegrate before JB talks to the player set VFSSilverRushCassKillingTriggerREF.CassKilled to 1 ;VFSJeanBaptisteCuttingREF.StartConversation player endif


It looks like a surprise from the programmers. You must fail the quest to succeed. One plays as he/she likes but if you want to save Cass you must fail the quest. It is a very good idea because the reward is far better for failing than succeeding : You keep an excellent companion, get a perk, a lot of XP, the loot in the room and the satisfaction to teach this arrogant bastard he can't be rude to his betters and live. At this stage you are swimming in money and don't need his petty reward. As I am on personal opinions, here is my way to make the fight easier, take ot or leave it : It is best to ask your companions to wait just outside. As long as the Van Graffs are not hostile no one will care if you cover the store floor with mines. Then, from a distance you can shoot one and make them explode. then run outside. The guards will follow but NOT the van Graffs. The companions wil help to dispose of the guards, and it is far easier when there is only Jean Baptiste and his sister left in the room.--Croquignol 17:03, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

when i did it i waited until jean-baptiste was in the bathroom hallway.. then i walked cass into one of the bathrooms, told her to keep her distance and wait there, then shut the door behind her closing her in. then i talked to jean and killed him before she could exit the bathroom... then i sat in the hallway waiting for thugs to come through the doorway to me and shutting the bathroom door in her face whenever she tried to walk out.
it kept her alive.
I had a hard time the first time just trying to fight with Cass and Rex against everyone. The second time, I hired a Freeside Bodyguard (a King) and call a NCR Ranger (they both came in with me, but I think now the NCR Ranger won't). So basically, it was 7 of them against 5 of us. Much better odds. I took Jet, Psycho, and Med-X, then lined the room with C4 (5 of them) at the feet of each guard and Gloria (except the one that roams, and make sure you don't hit the guard with the C4). When the battle started I popped off the C4, killing the guards and Gloria. The C4 behind Gloria blows the weapons away from Jean so he can't get the Plasma Caster. I then switched to the Gobi Campaign Rifle with Armor Piercing Rounds, targeted Jean's head and in two shots the whole battle was over. Cass had the All American with Armor Piercing Rounds and with her, the Freeside Bodyguard, the NCR Ranger, and Rex - they cleaned up the remaining guard and hit Jean enough so only two shots killed him. Much easier the second time. (Howie)
On my second play through, and there is a new patch that will make the Van Graffs hostile on sight if you complete Haertache by the numbers peacefully before this quest. I did the same thing, called a NCR Ranger and hired a King bodyguard. When I arrived down the street from the Silver Rush, the Crier and Simon attacked. The King bodyguard started firing and then 3 more Kings joined in to help me. Four Van Graff Thugs came out and it eight of us (Me, Cass, ED-E, NCR Ranger, King Bodyguard, and 3 more Kings) against six of them (Simon, the Crier, and four VG Thugs). Pretty sweet fight. (Howie)

Strange Man melded into rock[edit source]

I've done two playthroughs so far and every time I get to the second leg of this quest, the man I go to deliver a package to is always somehow melded into the rock where he stands. One time I had to travel a distance away and come back because he was completely inside the rock. It seems to fix itself if you travel far away and then come back to where he is standing.

    • I could never find the man. It kept sending me to Isaac's house which was empty and there was no one outside. I left and came back, still nothing. I waited, nothing.

Can't talk to Jean-Baptiste[edit source]

After telling Gloria the strange man was pleased with the package, she directs me to speak to Jean-Baptiste, but he just keeps telling me to go away. Possibly due to killing the strange man and his followers? -- JonCollins 06:16, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

I can't even reach him. He's upstairs, behind the Hard-locked door marked in red. My lockpick skill is not sufficient, and I'd rather not be shot at by all the Van Graffs either. I'll resort to either moving him or unlocking the door through the console. Coming back later in the day might also work, but I don't have the patience for it. — Lovable Sociopath 17:32, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

failed withoutever accepting[edit source]

I never even accepted this quest yet when I walked in Silver Rush store guys just started shooting at me and the message I failed the quest appeared. I decided to reload my auto save and got out of there before they could shoot at me again.

That is common when you do something that makes it impossible to ever accept the quest, like killing the NPC that gives it. Also, why did you run in without handing over your weapons? --Saphireking65 20:50, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

What if you killed the Van Graff Thug guard whose outside the building and asks for your weapons if you try to go in? Will that make this quest impossible to complete? Because the Van Graffs are very hostile towards me. --Unregistered user June 11, 2011

If you kill Simon then you fail the quest. Also, when you first walk in after you give your weapons to Simon, you need to wait a few seconds and let the Van Graffs deal with their business. If you just walk past the guards - they will become hostile. (Howie)

Fighting the VanGraffs - preparations[edit source]

Remember that you can drag objects with "Z" key (on PC). Dragging owned objects isn't considered an offense, and you can drag every object on the table in front of Gloria out of everyone's sight, for example, to the bathroom and then steal them. Consider bringing 3 or more Weapon Repair Kits when you enter the store. Then drag the Plasma Caster from the table to the bathroom out of sight, grab it and repair it. Even with low Energy Weapons skill it does tremendous damage. Don't forget to bring Atomic Cocktails as they give protection against energy damage. I suggest you do at least the first job for Van Graffs (the guard duty), as after that you can enter the shop without being patted down for weapons... IIRC. Although there's plenty of weapons inside. If you manage to pick the lock to the office and bedrooms, there's enough corridor space to place the plasma mines, potentially taking out half of the people in the store should you retreat there. Since Jean-Baptiste is the strongest guy in the room, consider taking him out first by using a Stealthboy and placing an explosive in his pockets, thus probably starting the fight.

Terrifying Presence Sucks[edit source]

I mean, why bother even having it as an option to save Cass when all it does it get's Jean-Baptiste to back off, yet doesn't even move the storyline along? You'd think it would change his mind about trying to kill her. -Malus X 19:35, November 20, 2010 (UTC)

Wrong BaseID[edit source]

The BaseID on the page isn't working for me.

You're right; fixed. Dmunsil 20:12, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

Can't advance quest after killing Cass[edit source]

I completed the quest "Beyond the Beef" by offering Cass to be eaten. That quest finished just fine, and now in this quest it tells me to talk to Jean and let him know that Cass is dead. When I talk to him though, he asks me if I have found her and my only options are to say I don't want to find her anymore, or that I am still working on it. There is no dialogue option to tell him she is dead. I have tried waiting for many hours but nothing seems to fix the problem. I can't tell him that she is already dead.

bug while guarding the store[edit source]

on ps3: after the attempting to search the fourth patron and killing him, simon moves the body and returns to his position. nothing happens after waiting in game for several hours, waiting ten to fifteen minutes real time, and entering the store or leaving your post causes the van graffs to become hostile. Adhan 23:57, December 5, 2010 (UTC)

Can't kill Cass[edit source]

No, it's not a bug. LOL I usually sneak with a stealth boy and kill Jean-Baptiste, I simply can't kill Cass, not because of fan-service or whatever, but because she's one hell of a companion. Her health is high if you chose the peacifull ending of her quest, she's very good with guns - even better with the violent ending of her quest - and her perk to player is one of the best in the game, very usefull. I kill her this time because I'm playing a heavy energy weapons build (Veronica, Arcade and Raul are better suited for my build), but otherwise I wouldn't recommend. Brfritos 09:46, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

Van Graffs hostile?[edit source]

I just did "Pressing Matters" then Cass's quest (peaceful/NCR route); now I'm trying to turn her over for Birds but all the Van Graffs are hostile, including Simon and the crier, even though I haven't talked to any of them or anything. What did I do wrong? The page doesn't make it seem like Heartache and Birds are mutually exclusive.

edit: Never mind, I guess the new patch makes it impossible to do both of them.

Simon & crier don't always turn hostile[edit source]

Playing on PC; having initiated Heartache by Number and been asked by Jean-Baptiste to get Rose, after to speaking to her I decided to return and kill J-B accompanied by Boone and E-DE (reverse pickpocketed frag grenade, killed most of the guards with a Holy Frag in the main part of the shop). After looting I left the building only to be ignored by Simon and to find the crier carrying on as nothing had happened. I returned a couple of times and they're both still there, neither are hostile and Simon breaks of his usual welcome with something like "oh, who am I kidding, just go right in."

Simon doesn't even exist for me 0_0

Van Graffs turn hostile after peaceful route[edit source]

I went the peaceful route and reported my findings to Ranger Jackson. I promised not to exact revenge on Alice McLafferty or the Van Graffs. However, now when I go to Freeside and simply walk past the Silver Rush crier, both he and Simon attack me. If I go in to defend myself against Jean-Baptiste Cutting and Gloria Van Graff (I already decimated the guards) then Cass will ask me why I bothered gathering the evidence if I was going to kill them anyway, implying I failed the peaceful route. So... I guess I can continue the peaceful route but just not go into the Silver Rush? I want to make sure I get the NCR ending with Cass where she's alive and well. --IceTyrant89 01:55, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah I seem to be having the same delimma. It really sucks that Bethesda did this, considering I was buying weapons from the Van Graffs before Cass's companion quest. I guess the only thing left to do now is to delete the patch on my XBOX to see if it works right ScXthursday 18:44, May 18, 2011 (UTC) __

Weight remains after serving as guard?[edit source]

This is my second playthrough and I don't remember this happening the first time. I went through the guard quest, but when Simon took back the rifle and armour he lent me, the weight remained. I don't know how to get rid of it. That's 17 pounds I can't afford. I tried the quest twice, once with laser and once with plasma, and it was the same both ways. Is this a bug? How can I fix it? --Hapaxlegomena 22:44, April 2, 2011 (UTC)

happens to me as well.thus i won't do this quest.i was hoping to let that 4th guy take the van graffs down,but now with this problem i'm just gonna kill 'em all myself.hehe --Frizstyler 12:06, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

Those things don't have any weight because they're quest items, so the weight of them won't go away when they're taken away. --Kris User Hola.jpg 14:32, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

r u sure?because for my game they HAVE weight(about 20 lbs).it is added when the guard wears them to you,and is added again once you are done with the 5 when he takes them,you still have their weight once.Same happens if u finish the quest with the 4th NPC.When you toss them,their weight still remains once--Frizstyler 18:54, July 21, 2011 (UTC) All quest items appear to have weight when you look at them in the inventory screen, but if you dropped everything but the quest items, you would see you are holding 0 lbs of equipment. 11:28, August 28, 2012 (UTC)

As the above user stated, the best way to show yourself that it is weightless is to put all of your other items into a container. You'll see that while the item remains in your inventory, its weight is not applied against your total. TheShotgunShogun (talk) 20:10, August 28, 2012 (UTC)

Jean wont talk?[edit source]

Gloria told me tot alk to Jean, and I cant. He just tells me to go away. Plus, the whole quest disapeared on my Pip Boy. --DictatorDom14 16:39, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

After Birds of a Feather[edit source]

After the quest when your talking to Gloria for the final time she says she doesn't have anymore work for you but if you come back she may have you deliver weapons shipments to the NCR. Is this a new quest, cause I've came back a bunch of times I've never gotten the dialogue option.

Gloria won't finish the dialogue...[edit source]

I entered the Silver Rush for the first time, and Gloria began her dialogue with the buyer. I forgot that I had to wait and rushed past the guards, who then started to shoot me. Upon loading the autosave, Gloria and the client just stand there and don't complete their conversation, so I can't go past the guards without them turning hostile. Any suggestions?-- 03:56, March 3, 2012 (UTC)James

Bug?[edit source]

I entered the Silver Rush for the first time after handing over my weapons (I think) I agreed to give them over. I walked between the two guys just inside and next I knew I was being shot at. I ran out, and none of my weapons were equipped but I still had them all, and the game informed me I failed Birds of a Feather. I hadn't recruited Cass yet so what gives?-- 03:37, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

One of the guards should have told you to wait until the meeting going on in the main area where the shop counter is finishes before they allow you past them. They shoot you if you tresspass in the area they're blocking before the meeting is over. User:Great_MaraMessage 03:41, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

Should I let the Silver Rush explode?[edit source]

The third person who approaches the Silver Rush when your guarding it intends to blow it up if you let him in. That's one way to keep the armor and rifle. My question is, should I do that?

If you want to complete the quest for Elder Hardin, then yes. Energy X Signature0.jpg 19:49, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

Picking the lock[edit source]

It would appear picking the lock on the chest outside the building will screw you over for the whole quest if you do it before accepting the quest. I got in Freeside and picked the chest out of habit for experience, now when I try to start the quest no matter how many times I reload/wait/try to talk to Simon he is always "Getting my stuff ready.".

I can obtain a Gas Grenade…?[edit source]

"It is possible to obtain a gas grenade during this quest. If the player is quick enough, the grenade can be obtained. See the respective page for more information."

Yeah ? How ? I could never do it. I remember how to get the Gas Grenade (well, a pack of six, actually) during Operation : Anchorage with a glitch but I could not get those this time.

Suicide bomber won't show up[edit source]

If I pass the Speech check with the third customer and let him enter the store, the fourth customer (i.e. the suicide bomber) won't show up and the quest becomes impossible to finish. Turning the third customer away was the only way I could get the suicide bomber to appear and the quest to proceed normally. This was on the PC. 17:54, May 14, 2020 (UTC)

wish i had a save before that so i could try that. anyway i can confirm that happened exactly same in my game and i continued via setstage command then gave the package but after that when i returned to freeside it says quest is failed if i go to silver rush via coc command everyone attack to me in both outside and inside of the silver rush. -- 00:49, May 25, 2020 (UTC)
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