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-- T60 Power Armor --

FOund some T-60 BOS armor near the houseon a dead soldier, needs confirmation whether it can be found before the return of the BOS (was after the prydwen showed up)

Negatory on that. I hadn't gotten that far in the SL, and can't find the armor. Must be either SL related or just a lucky find.

~Ran-san, 3 Dec, 2015

Update: It was a lucky find. Big John's is right on a BOS Vertibird patrol path, and with the heavy weapons the Super Mutants use, there's bound to be some casualties.

-- Shelter Bug --

Anyone know the id for the shelter, cant get into it as its bugged out with the generator on while it remains sealed after turning it on, and fast traveling away to clear inventory space.

Unless this week's patch fixed it, you're FUBARed. Bug reseals it and it can't be reopened once you leave. Annoying, since I forgot to turn off the damn radio.

~Ran-san, 11 Dec, 2015 6:53 EST

Did anyone notice, in the house, on Big John's terminal, the 3rd entry is dated 10/28 yet is pretty clearly from before the war. If that's not a typo, that would mean all 3 of those entries are a full year before the war went nuclear, which really makes no sense given the 'tone' of finishing up the fallout shelter just in time but hoping not to need it, etc...

(PC version, latest patch as of 12/30)

It would seem this should be noted in the Notes, does anyone agree/disagree?

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