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Eyebot stationEdit

There is a Eyebotstation buildable inworld after the Story -- 16:23, March 22, 2016 (UTC)

  • Yep! I came here to say the same thing. The "Eyebot Pod", found near the drawing of the Mechanist after the fight. It takes 6 power, and when activated sends out an Eyebot to find specific resources, explosives, or ammunition. No clue the *mechanics* behind it yet. It takes 2 copper, 4 circuitry, 6 aluminum, 2 fiber optics, and 2 nuclear material to build.
    • I'm back! After choosing the resource for the Eyebot pod, you can sit back and wait/quick travel for it to be done. An eyebot goes out, but I'm not sure if it *actually* goes to the target location. Once a set amount of time has passed, the item will spawn in an apparently random location. Test one had 3 oil (in two different groups, 2 oil and 1 oil) at the Police Rationing Site in the yellow box. Test two spawned a Nuka grenade in a desk in Revere Satellite Array. It seems like a fairly inefficient way to find resources, but a good way to find explosives/ammunition (Including rare ones, such as mini-nukes, Nuka Grenades, and 2mm EC) in apparently unlimited and free supply. The station itself also acts as a normal computer, and is capable of controlling attached switches/turrets.

Page Links Edit

So the link for Sparks leads to an Old World Blues Robot, if someone could change this that would be great! Stretch27 (talk) 03:52, March 23, 2016 (UTC)

Quick runthrough of Automatron Edit

Notes from my quick runthrough - I'll leave it to the regulars to incorporate as they see fit. feel free to delete when this runthrough becomes redundant/irrelevant.


1) took about 5-6 hours to get through the main quests. three new sites and two new factions: robots and Rust Devils. At level 50+ I managed to gain two levels, which I used to maximize Robotics Expert. 2) Initial encounter results in deaths of all humans and robots at the site except for Ada, who becomes available as a companion (your old companion will go home) Don't know if this can be avoided - right as I showed up, a couple of mininuke blasts seemed to obliterate everything there. 3) You can immediately build a robot station after meeting her - I recommend doing so right away, to upgrade her systems. Perks that give greater options include: Armorer, Blacksmith, Gun Nut, Science and Robotics Expert. Also having an extensive trade network and lots of settlers scrapping for you helps. If you don't have these perks maximized, rogue robots that you kill can sometimes have advanced mods on them that you can install on your own robot. 4) You will meet another robot, Jezebel. She starts off as a head, but you can add a body at a robot station in any settlement. She does not appear to be available as a companion, but once you build her she will be a member of the settlement, and you can relocate her to another one if you'd like (I sent her to Greygarden). 5) Any other robot built at the station is available to be your companion or relocation to a settlement. They don't appear to have an affinity level or perks available at highest affinity. 6) In your interview with Jezebel, you will learn some details about how she interprets the Mechanist's commands that may be useful in the final confrontation. 7) You will also see a lot of information about the origins and methods used to harvest the robobrains at the various sites that also help to inform your choices. 8) be on the lookout for various robot models (till now only available rarely in vault-tec lunch boxes) throughout the new locations. 9) Robot companions will not show up when you fast-travel to the Institute, despite their apparent lack of affinity or allegiance. 10) existing complete robots (Codsworth, Mr Handy's at Greygarden) are NOT available for customization in the robot station. But I'm sure you could build a lookalike Mr Handy or Ms Nanny - just not with their voice. I haven't tried luring some of the custom robots at Easy City Downs to a settlement yet (need Robotics 3 to do this effectively). 11) The eyebot station gives miscellaneous quests (as described elsewhere) to find resources. You can follow the eyebot as it tracks the resource, but this could lead to the eyebot being destroyed as it travels through hostile country. If this happens, you need to go back to your settlement and repair the eyebot station, to get a new eyebot.


1) You will meet the Mechanist at your final destination. This character is referenced in the Silver Shroud series broadcast in Goodneighbor. If you bring your Silver Shroud costume, you can speak to the Mechanist as the Shroud, and they will respond in kind - it did not appear to affect the outcome any. 2) you are required to bring Ada to your final destination, as she is the only one that can open several doors you need to go through to get to the mechanist. So I doubt there is new dialog recorded for the existing companions. 3) lots of persuasion checks, some with Ada and Jezebel but mostly with the Mechanist. Since I went in with Charisma maximized, I passed all checks and got what might be considered the optimal solution. Don't know if this outcome is available if you fail or refuse to follow the check dialogs. You will probably miss out on some benefits if you shoot first and ask questions later. 4) You will receive the Mechanist's lair as a settlement. Like the Boston Airport you can't grow food, but it looks like you can build everything else. 5) If you get the optimal outcome, you can receive radiant quests for other rogue robot attack sites. 6) You also get the Mechanist costume, which at level 50+ has 72 each for damage and energy, and the Mechanist helmet, which is similar but slightly less powerful than a fully upgraded Destroyer helmet. The costume CAN be upgraded with Ballistic weave, making it probably the most powerful full set of armor in the game at Mk5 level. The helmet doesn't appear to be upgradeable. 7) I didn't test to see if you could 'Speak as the Mechanist' anywhere - generally, when chasing rogue robots, you dive into battle with no preliminary dialog first. 8) don't know if you want to reference Isabel Cruz on this page. 9) Doesn't appear to be new magazines or bobbleheads, though there is a cool drawing of the mechanist. Still looking for the Automatron pip-boy minigame. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

The Game is on a PC in the Rust Devil's place, marked as a recreational terminal or some such. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!
Yep. Already mentioned in the article for Fort Hagen hangar. Aya42 (talk) 11:40, March 24, 2016 (UTC)

Tesla ScienceEdit

I found a tesla magazine during this serie of quest, but i dont know if it's a new one. 06:22, March 24, 2016 (UTC)

Presumably it was the one in General Atomics factory, in which case that's part of the base game. Pretty sure there aren't any new perk mags in Automatron. Aya42 (talk) 11:40, March 24, 2016 (UTC)

Lone Wanderer Perk Broken Edit

It seems to have broken the 3rd rank of the Lone Wanderer perk, and the 25% damage increase no longer applies, but how and when it happened I can't really tell. Has anybody else encountered the glitch? EDIT: Restarting the game fixed the problem.

Laser gun mods Edit

When robots added by this DLC are killed, in addition to dropping robot parts, they also sometimes drop items which look like mods for the laser gun, e.g. beta wave tuner. However, these mods seem to have a different base ID to those in the base game, and can't be attached to weapons. Can anyone else confirm this, and is there some other use for these mods, like attaching them to robots, or is this a bug? Aya42 (talk) 18:46, March 26, 2016 (UTC)

It's there, but it's at the bottom of the first mod list for laser weapons. They have "X" added at the end. Funny thing is, I've had a totally different thing going on: I've been able to attach them to as many lasers as I want without running out of it, and it requires no materials, either. Jykale (talk) 14:13, June 5, 2016 (UTC)