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Well, I shot both, just to be sure. They even had the same loot..

I found one Art walking away from the other's body on the south riverbank a little east of Sanctuary. He said something to the effect of "That thing had my face!" but would not engage in conversation.

I came across this event on a quest for the Institute. Like usual, one Art holding another hostage, aiming at him with a sawed off shotgun. I spoke to the hostage, passing one charisma check, saying "Hey, I'm on your side. I just need you to tell me the truth. Then maybe I can help." He responded with "You're with the Institute? Look, this guy knows I'm a synth, so just help me take care of him, alright? Otherwise I'm going to be in a lot of trouble." After I convinced the human to lower his weapon, the synth said "Oh, thank god.", then he got up and said "Now, how about you and I clean up this mess?", resulting in a gun fight between the two of them. After killing the human Art, trying to talk to the synth resulted in one of the following phrases: "You saved me from a whole heap of trouble when I got back in the HQ.", "Thanks, now I've got a mission to take care of." and "Maybe don't go mentioning this to anyone next time you're in the Institute? I've got a reputation to maintain." Just putting this here if anyone wants to put the info into a more proper format on the actual page.

You can encounter Art (synth) alone fighting a deathclaw (and losing this fight) --Benmc20 (talk) 13:36, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

Have the infinite loop glitch with this encounter. I have probably seen Art vs Art about a hundred times over the past month. But NEVER the actual dialogue. Just Art fighting Art. Over and over and over again. I guess it's because the random encounter was interrupted by a group of Super Mutants when i discovered it for the first time. And now i find them everywhere, 3 times just today, always Human Art vs Synth Art, already engaged in combat. As soon as i hear a single pipe pistol and a shotgun, i'm already like "no, please, not these guys again". It's almost like i'm haunted by this event. But it's also kinda hilarious if you just see it as an actual part of the Fallout world instead of a glitch. The Institute using all it's resources to produce hundreds of identical Synths just to terrorize this one man, poor Art, for absolutly no reason. Just for fun. Making him fight himself everyday, over and over again.

-- 03:40, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Just a note ; Got the encounter at red rocket truck stop and one of the cheeky goons nicked my X-01 power armor.

Weird thing happened to me just now. I've already met the Arts several times in this game (not to even mention all other play-throughs), never however close enough to catch the dialogue and the situation. Again, I wandered in on them already shooting it out, this time at the Nahant Sheriff's Department. One of them was hostile to me, so I decided to join and shot that one. Turned out to be the synth one. Deacon was with me, but he seemed fine with the whole situation. Then, before going to his usual post-shootout mumblings, Art looks me in the face and says "We'll (or did I just pick it up from "...will") secure the area". It came out in the Art voice as far as I could tell, but there was a Brotherhood patrol in the area, so I may have just overheard a Knight out of sight behind a wall. It just sent my imagination off, maybe there's more to Art than we know? ;)

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