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Frozen Ceremony Bug

I did not go to the church at 3:00 on the day of the wedding. Since then none of the merchants who attend the wedding have been in the Marketplace because they're stuck in the church. I finally figured this out, went to the church, used the Wait feature to fast forward to 3:00, but nothing happened, the sequence is frozen.

So, I tried the hack mentioned in the Article. At 3:00 I opened the console with the ` key, clicked on Father Clifford, typed "kill" (without the ") and hit enter, but nothing happened. I tried again, typeing the object code number (000410b7) after KILL and still nothing happened.

I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong. Can someone please provide more precise directions on how to kill, resurrect, disable, and enable this guy so he can hurry up, marry the kids, and get the merchants back to the market?

Servius 19:48, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

Most likely you don't have him selected, because kill should kill, well, anything. If you have his code, you can try "PRID 410b7" (assuming that's the right code) and then "kill". PRID sets the target (it'll be in the top center of the screen), the same way clicking on a target works. --DarkJeff 18:24, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

Sometimes Father Clifford is difficult to select. If the phrase that appears over his head when he's selected while you're in console mode contains empty quote marks prior to his ID instead of the words "Father Clifford," he is not selected correctly. You may have to try clicking him several times, all over different parts of his body, before his name appears. only then will console commands work.

Quest Name

If the title of the quest is supposed to be reffering to the popluar song, shouldn't the title be "A Nice Day for a Right Wedding"

No the fact that the do the deed then get married, doesn't make it so "right"

The name is taken from the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide. -- Porter21 (talk) 06:21, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

Researching into the glitch

For any of you guys that experienced the 'never ending' marriage glitch, have you completed 'Those!' and sent Brian Wilks to Vera?
In my first playthrough, I rescued him after I got the marriage done. In my other two I rescued Brian first, which resulted on him never taking a seat, and saying "Oh, hey there." repeatedly. I sense that HE is the problem.BSMaker 02:03, 31 January 2009 (UTC) I rescued him first and let him go to Vera, and he did not take his seat like you said, but I didn't get that glitch, but then again I suppose he might be one of many factors. -Sleepydragn1 23:00, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

This happened to me too, waiting for 1 hour made Brian sit down and the wedding continued normally.Powlee 01:01, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

This happened to me as an ongoing glitch. It hasn't stopped. I tried everything I could including reloading, restarting, and even killing him. Everyone just fled. :l

Opening and closing the wait dialog help?

I slept until just before noon on the day of the wedding at the Weatherly Hotel. I went to the chapel and waited until after 2 pm. Some people came and sat down but after a while, I realized no one else was coming. I opened the wait dialog to see what time it was (3:12 pm) and closed it with the slider still set to zero. The moment it disappeared, a bunch more people instantly appeared as did Angela and Diego and almost immediately started the vows. Opening and closing the wait dialog apparently made it reevaluate the situation and realizing it was after 3 pm, it set everything in motion.

This is on PC with 1.7 patch and all DLCs installed.

umm... obvious reference

White Wedding by Billy Idol. One of the most common lines is, "It's a nice day for a white wedding". —Preceding comment was unsigned. Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Umm... unofficial title. Spoon 16:58, 28 August 2009 (UTC)

Alternative to killing Father Clifford

Instead of killing Father Clifford to fix the bug where he is standing silently with Angela and Diego, you can instead select him and use a "Say RCPriest" command. This will force him to enter the wedding speech.

If Angela and Diego's home is already set up (which happens as soon as Father Clifford starts speaking), it means that he's already started the ceremony as far as the game is concerned, but hasn't gotten around to saying the next line for some reason.

Moved from Article

I moved this section from the article so it can be revised. As of now, it is a wall of text 10 times bigger than it needs to be. If someone would cut it down to only include important and accurate information, without repeating cases or specific cases or details, it would greatly appreciated. The bug(s) need to be on the article, just not like this.


As this quest doesn't appear to have any long term effects other than a few dialog choices updating to take the marriage into account, a bug that prevents this quest from completing is not a very serious issue.

  • A bug reported in PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, results in the wedding never finishing. Ordinarily, the wedding starts with Angela walking down the aisle, followed by an exchange of vows. Instead, people just sit around in the chapel whistling while the couple stands next to the father, silent. The wedding is never completed, there is no karma boost, and every day at three another attempt seems to be made, ending in failure. The only known solutions seem to be either reloading to an early enough save, although the assassination of Father Clifford (and then timely exit before more deaths occur) will cause the couple to stop endlessly waiting in the chapel, as well as everyone to stop gathering there at 3:00 PM. With this method however the couple never marries (though they still say the are going to if you ask them) and any patch that may be released for this particular bug will likely not work as the priest is dead. Another potential solution (confirmed on PS3) involves the wait dialog; With Angela standing in the back of the Chapel around 2-2:30 PM, wait 1 hour. Most of the seats should automatically fill up and she should step forward to begin the ceremony. It has been reported that Bryan from the Those! quest may interfere with the wedding by engaging conversations, so attempting to trap him in Seagrave's room (difficult but possible to lock him in a corner) just prior might help. It should be noted that while using the wait dialog has been known to work for a few users, the aforementioned Bryan was oftentimes still standing and even uttering the occasional "Hey there" during the vows.
  • In the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 versions of the game as has been witnessed, the wedding goes normally at 3 o'clock and you gain the karma boost but Diego never shows up! This has happened to nine people, however, after one player left the Church, he discovered Diego stuck in a running position behind the motorbike by the entrance to the Science Labs. Diego has also been found running behind several doors of Rivet City resident's rooms during the wedding ceremony. If the player chooses to involve himself in the Unmarked Quest: Council Seat, he can be found running behind Seagreave Holme's door and Bannon's door if the player opens both rooms and closes them after leaving.
  • If the above bug occurs and you find diego the wedding will continue and when the time comes Diego will say "I Do" even though he isn't even at the wedding
  • It is possible to reset the wedding if it gets stuck (on the PC only) by resetting Father Clifford. To do so, open the console with ~ and click Father Clifford to select him -- his name and Reference ID should appear on the top of the screen. Then use the commands in order:

This will cause him to begin the wedding speech, allowing the script to continue. It is advisable to do so at 3PM at a given day, so the other NPCs will be present. (confirmed - I found Father Clifford difficult to select - I only managed to click on the smoke in the room for a while until I got him. This method works perfectly - provided you select your target starting with "Father Clifford" , instead of "" which is the smoke.). An easy way to select Father Clifford is to use the command 'tfc' (ToggleFreeCam) and move the camera inside Father Clifford.

It is possible (PC) to fix Father Clifford by just the disable/enable sequence. Also note that it is possible that prepending the kill/resurrect sequence will cause the wedding to break up without happening.

  • During this bug (after 3 and still no wedding started) Angela will disappear from the aisle while everyone including Diego is still at the altar. To fix this, locate Angela outside the church in the hallway, talk to her (doesn't matter what you ask her) and she may then return to the wedding ceremony. If not, then skip time ahead by an hour and Angela may now be now at the altar with Diego and the ceremony started.
  • Though not technically a bug, since many NPCs are all located in the same area for the wedding, as soon as the wedding ends and everyone stands up, they all immediately start conversing with one another, resulting in multiple conversations all occurring at once, many with the same dialogue (observed in the PC version and the Xbox 360 version).
  • Diego spends late nights wandering Rivet City's flight deck, and has an unfortunate tendency to wander off the northern end of the flight deck and kill himself on the walkway below. Looks like he got cold feet. Even though Diego may die, this won't prevent the wedding -- Angela will happily stand at the altar and say her vows alone.
  • The bug can be encountered by waiting in Chapel for the wedding to start. Wait in the Marketplace and then enter the mid-section and head to the chapel near the wedding time. Everyone should be in their right place.
  • Killing Angela or Diego after convincing them to marry, but before the wedding ceremony, causes entering the Rivet City Marketplace to freeze your game on the Xbox 360.
  • In PC version of the game, when you take a seat in the church prior to the other characters arriving, a NPC can still sit in the same seat as you.
  • The NPCs may enter the church and once everyone is in they stand up and leave. Then if you talk to people they say they've already gotten married, resulting in no karma boost
  • When speaking to the NPC's (Vera, Angela and Diego), they may never tell the player the time of the wedding. When asked "How are things with Angela and Diego?" they always say "They're getting married!" or something similar but no wedding date/time. I lied to the Father and this bug occurred and then followed Deigo around the flight deck, Angela came running out around midnight and told him she had a crush on him.
  • Angela may at some point before the ceremony stop and act like she is still at gary's galley! She will ask you what you want to eat and leave the wedding, even if everyone is there and ready to go.
  • For one player on Xbox 360,if everybody attends the wedding, it's possible neither Angela nor Diego attend. The wedding will still end by everyone getting up and leaving, but no karma boost. You may later find Father Clifford, Diego,and Angela at the church like they are getting married, but they will say nothing (unless you talk to them)and nobody else is at the church.
  • Also if you kill Diego and get the ant queen pheromone to Angela within 34 minutes(in game time) she will have the wedding anyways and stand there alone.
  • A quite interesting bug that doesn't actually negatively affect the quest is that Father Clifford may be floating above the railing on the alter. Then he will do the whole ceremony up in the air. He will also actually look down at them as well instead of just looking forward like he would if he were on the floor.
  • It may not be a bug, but Angela was carrying the knife during the ceremony. Then you can talk to her afterwords and ask about their love. She will put her hands over her heart, and the knife will appear to be cutting her neck.
  • Sometimes, at any random time, you can enter the Church see Diego, Angela, and the Father Clifford, other NPC's will come, and at 3, the wedding won't happen. Its very frustrating.
  • Although not a bug, Angela will sometimes turn to Diego during the wedding and say "I'm so nervous, just think, Diego and I will be husband and wife"

-- 22:24, November 4, 2009 (UTC)

Fixing the Wedding Bug.

The following steps were taken in order to set the wedding in motion:

1) Go to the Chapel while the couple and the priest should be present there.

2) Have your character sit on the bench and have him/her wait, between 2PM - 2:59 PM, in order to get the other Npc witnessing the wedding to show up.

3) Have your character wait till 3PM or sometime before 4PM and see if the priest will start it up.

    Note: Sometimes the quest will resume and things will set in motion and the priest will start giving the wedding.

If not...

4) Go to console and select the father/priest and make sure his name is inside the quote, i.e "name [series random letters/numbers]" and type in "say rcpriest" without the "". The priest should start flapping his tongue and you should be able to finish the quest.

    Note: If somehow the priest is still mute; you can try typing in "kill" to slay the priest. Get out of the
         console and watch the priest go limp. Then have him resurrected with "resurrect". Then finally proceed to using 
         "say rcpriest".

I was able to finish this quest when I still haven't found a home for the boy from the quest "Those!"

Good way to select father clifford

To select father clifford in an easy ay you can simply use the scroll wheel on the mouse, this will run thought he possible console IDs in the room.


How much Karma do you receive from attending the wedding? --Sentry Telos 09:11, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Another Glitch... I think

Okay, so I was scanning the website today and I noticed that this glitch wasn't mentioned, but I don't know why. It's happened to me on three or four playthroughs now, and I don't know how to fix it. Apparently, I end up missing the wedding all together.

So, I was invited to the wedding by Diego and I decided to go there early so I didn't miss it. (In a desperate attempt to get neutral karma from evil) I think it was around 2:57 p.m. Anyway, I sat down in the front row and waited for everyone to come. In the end, I waited for around 30 in-game minutes and no one had come in, not even Father Clifford. So, I tired using the wait button (every hour) and still nothing happened. At this time I think it was 8:30 p.m. So, I stood up and Gary Staley walked in, followed by the other guests, including Father Clifford, Diego and Angela. I sat down again and waited for Father Clifford to start, when suddenly Angela decided she didn't want to get married and walked out of the room. Without saying a word to any of the guests or her fiancé. So, I followed her out, and into the market place. Where she began to continue her daily schedule, mainly cleaning the floor. I waited for a little while and she shouted, "Dad it's the end of my shift I'm going shopping", and walked into the lower deck. I continued to follow her around the ship, but she wouldn't walk into the church. Ironically announcing that she couldn't wait to get married.

No matter how many times I've reloded my saves or restarted a new game, she continues to walk out of the room. So, I've had to stick to the conclusion that it was a common glitch in the game. Now looking at the Wiki (which I use for all my Fallout 3 help) I noticed that it wasn't on here. Am I just experiencing some unknown NPC activity or has no one borthered to mention it? By the way, it's on the Xbox version. Could someone clarify this for me? It's begining to annoy me. And I want a humane answer. I don't really want to go on a crazy slaughter of all the guests to get her back. 21:04, May 2, 2010 (UTC)

No idea how to fix it. However, if you want more Karma, go give some water to a thirsty man outside Megaton or something. i put a picture of a different game on a Fallout wiki and there nothin you can do bout it 21:09, May 2, 2010 (UTC)

I got angry at this mini quest..

I got the glitch where they just stood there and do nothing til 6:00 pm. So I shot Diego. Waited 3 days came back and every one acts like nothing happen and no dialogue about a wedding at all. Odd.

Got the pheromones. ?

I bought the pheromones after getting the hint, but now when I talk to angela theres no option to give them to her...just the usual small talk/barter.

Quest (Possibly) Failed?

So I arrived at Rivet City after visting GNR. I go around, find Angela Staley, knowing that she's involved in a quest. She talks abouts Ant Pheromones and I think 'Oh, I'll get her it in a few days'. After talking to the other characters involved in it, I leave Rivet City to accomplish other side quests (e.g. Blood Ties, Stealing Independence). By the time I talk with Angela again, she's crying over Diego rejecting her. I talk with Gary, who calls Diego a coward. Then I talk to Diego himself, who says he finally rejected Angela.

What exactly happend? Was I supposed to do the quest in one day? (JustALegoGuy (talk) 17:46, March 18, 2016 (UTC))

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