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Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor is a skill book in Fallout 3.


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A pulp science-fiction book focused on the adventures of an itinerant meat trader from the settlement of Junktown, the book contains insight into trade with the aim of assisting those bartering after the Great War. Anyone who reads it will surely benefit from the contents. By 2287, the book has been remade, albeit in a cruder, more hand-drawn, format, detailing many illegitimate, but possibly necessary, means of conducting business in areas like the Commonwealth.[Non-canon 1]


Reading this book permanently increases the Barter skill by 1 (2 with Comprehension).


Closest map markerLocation description
Abandoned car fortLeft of the ammunition boxes
Andale or Fairfax ruinsIn the concrete treehouse, halfway between Andale and Fairfax ruins
Arlington LibraryMedia Archive: on a table with a coffee machine, in a room with a pool table and a Nuka-Cola vending machine; northwest part of the map
Bethesda ruinsTo the east, in the raid shack, on a coffee table in the bedroom on the second floor of the shack
Bethesda ruinsIn Bethesda underworks, on a bucket sitting on a bench, found right after coming from the tunnel at the entrance
Dupont EastInside Lady Frumperton's Fashions, sitting on top of the safe
Grisly dinerOn a shelf
Hubris ComicsOnce you go in the door, there is a terminal trap directly ahead which will explode. It is on a shelf to the left of the terminal.
Little LamplightIn Murder Pass, on a toilet in the southeast corner of the room north of the entrance
Mama Dolce'sOutside, opposite the entrance to the Food Distribution section, in a broken container with several barrels inside
National ArchivesIn a strongroom, on the side by a safe
National Guard depotDepot Training Wing, on a desk in an office area located on the second floor
Reclining Groves Resort HomesEasternmost destroyed home, on top of a shelf
Sewer waystationCarried by a ghoul named Gallo
Statesman HotelIn the north-eastern room on the second floor, on a desk, next to a phone and 2 coffee mugs
Super-Duper MartOn the counter, directly in front of the room with the protectron
Temple of the UnionIn a raider fortress on top of a highway to the southwest; (only available after finishing the Head of State and The Waters of Life quests)
Tenpenny TowerNext to the Love Letter on a desk in Susan Lancaster's room. This book can be found again only during the feral ghoul attack to help the ghouls get into the Tower forcefully.
Tenpenny TowerTo the east, in Willy's grocer, on the counter
The Capitol BuildingIn Capitol Building East entrance, on a desk in an office area, opposite the center office door from the hallway that runs East/West
Vault 92In the supply room, on the shelf just behind supply room terminal
Vault-Tec headquartersIn the Guest Relations area after you come down from Administration
Wasteland gypsy villageNorthern shack, on top of a desk in the north-western area of the room


There are only 23 copies of this book available in the game (24 with the Tenpenny Tower glitch) as opposed to the regular 25.

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Behind the scenes

The title of these publications is a reference to Fallout. Specifically the unmarked quest Blackmail Iguana Bob. The quest starts with Doc Morbid in Junktown, goes through Iguana Bob Frazier in the Hub, and ends with the aforementioned blackmail back in Junktown. Wherein the Vault Dweller discovered that Doc Morbid had been supplying pieces of human meat that were being sold as iguana bits.



  1. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook p.177: "One example of a post-War magazine, Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor is a collection of short, handmade books written by an unknown vendor of jerky from Junktown. Copies have spread across the wasteland and can be found from California (near Junktown itself) to the Commonwealth."