Tales from the West Virginia Hills is a magazine and holotape series in Fallout 76.


Tales from the West Virginia Hills is a pre-War series of magazines that feature stories about different monsters from West Virginian folklore. Each issue comes with two holotapes containing a two part radio play written by Steven H. Patterson, detailing people who have come into contact with these creatures. Each is set out in a simple formula: the first holotape describes the protagonist(s) being set up to encounter the titular monster, with the second holotape covering the encounter before ending on a sinister, ominously vague note.

Story summariesEdit

#1: Curse of the Wendigo - Wealthy atomic power plant owner Richard Moore's willingness to speed up production past safe limits results in a radiation leak. Although exposed to the energy, he survives, but begins showing an insatiable hunger for meat. When his son checks in, he finds his father has devolved into a feral, skeletal creature, who implicitly attacks him out of hunger.

#2: The Mothman Cometh - A young girl named Mary Scarberry awakens in her bedroom, surrounded by her worried family. She describes how she was coaxed by some friends to go climbing the dangerous Fayetteville Railroad Bridge, where they encountered a strange creature like a giant humanoid moth. She recounts it saving them from being hit by an oncoming train. Leaving her to rest, the adults reveal that while it saved Mary, it dismembered her friends and left their bodies in high trees. As they talk, the Mothman suddenly smashes into Mary's room, destroying her nurse robot and abducting her before the adults can arrive to protect her.

#3: The Beast of Grafton - A couple of teens named Robby Cockgril and Peggy Mansfield are run off the road by a hulking headless monster as they speed home from a late night date. Fleeing into the woods, they stumble across an old hospital and try to take shelter there, only to learn too late that the monster they saw is one of several crafted by the resident doctor from human test subjects; and he has just injected the pair of them with the mutagenic formula.

#4: Sideshow Snallygaster - Two young boys, Billy Harding and Teddy, are attending the Tyler County fair, where they hear a barker advertising a snallygaster on display. Billy's father doesn't believe the story, or even Teddy's claim he heard from some of the carnies that it escaped, and he heads home, leaving the boys behind. Heading into the sideshow, they find the snallygaster is real and has killed at least one carnival goer already. They are saved by the carnival barker... who then ominously notes that he can't afford the bad publicity if the boys reveal he let his monster kill somebody, so he implicitly feeds the two of them to the snallygaster before packing up the carnival and moving on.

#5: Who Goes There? The Strange Encounter in Flatwoods - A young boy named Fred Fisher awakens in a strange, dark place with a girl named Sally. He describes being lured to an old mine shaft by strange lights in the sky, whereupon he blacked out. Sally describes their "hosts" as beings who like to play strange games involving needles. A door suddenly opens, and in the light, Fred sees that Sally (who has begun a monotonous chant of "Time to play") has some kind of weird helmet seemingly screwed to her head, and that their captors aren't human. The production finishes with the narrator claiming that Fred was found by the Flatwoods river several days later, unharmed but disorientated and with two small wounds on each temple. He still searches for Sally.

Stories vs. canonEdit

It's ambiguous how the events of the stories in this holotape series correlate to the "real" cryptids that the player character encounters in the game, if at all. While all five cryptid types (wendigo, mothman, Grafton monster, snallygaster and Flatwoods monster) can be encountered in Appalachia, the timeline between the airing of the radio dramas and the emergence of the Grafton monster and the snallygaster in particular does not match with their established lore as being FEV mutants from the West-Tek research center near Huntersville.

The radio dramas are, in-universe, pure fiction, and any accuracies or similarities to the truth (the Beast of Grafton radio drama story is prescient of the Grafton monster's actual creation history) are a result of pure coincidence.

Magazine issuesEdit

Editor ID Issue Effect Base ID
01 #1, Curse of the Wendigo +15% damage against the Wendigo 00432d60
02 #2, The Mothman Cometh! +15% damage against the Mothman 0030387e
03 #3, The Beast of Grafton +15% damage against the Grafton monster 00430380
04 #4, Sideshow Snallygaster +15% damage against the Snallygaster 00430383
05 #5, Who Goes There? The Strange Encounter in Flatwoods +15% damage against the Flatwoods Alien 00430386


Editor ID Issue Location Location Description Base ID
01 Who Goes There? - Part 1 Flatwoods Tavern Kitchen counter 00534f49
02 Who Goes There? - Part 2 Flatwoods In the mailbox of the house immediately north of Delbert Winters' trailer home. 00534f4a
03 The Beast of Grafton - Part 1 Grafton In the mayor's office, first floor, in the employees only room, next to a safe on a metal wall shelf. 00534f4f
04 The Beast of Grafton - Part 2 Grafton In a voting tent east-southeast of the Grafton clocktower/church. Face the front door and look to the left on the road behind the building. The tape is on a wood table just inside the righthand side of the tent next to a ballot printer. 00534f50
05 The Mothman Cometh - Part 1 Point Pleasant
Lucky Hole mine
On the front counter of the Mothman Museum.
On the lectern by the coffin alter, in the mine.
06 The Mothman Cometh - Part 2 Point Pleasant In a bedroom on the upper level of the brick building southwest of the church. Take the fire escape up from the pickup truck on street level. The holotape is next to a mothman poster. 00534f54
07 Sideshow Snallygaster - Part 1 Watoga Estates In the concession stand near the monorail. 00534f5a
08 Sideshow Snallygaster - Part 2 Watoga Civic Center In the concession booth near section B5. 00534f5b
09 Curse of the Wendigo - Part 1 Uncanny Caverns On the front desk in the entrance building. 00534f60
10 Curse of the Wendigo - Part 2 Uncanny Caverns Inside the Uncanny Caverns. Located in the rear of a tunnel behind path marker 4 00534f61


  • The magazines are randomly found throughout Appalachia.


The benefit description of one issue refers to the "Flatwoods Alien" instead of the more consistent term "Flatwoods Monster."


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