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Excellent! I had already heard from other sources about his plan. You're the final confirmation I needed to take action against him.Justin Greene

Take down Decker is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Take down Decker
Accept and finish Dispose of merchant quest.
(Optional) Accept and finish Dispose of Jain quest.
Speak to Sheriff Justin Greene about Decker's proposals.
Reward: 300 caps
Accept Justin's quest.
Kill Decker and Kane.
Reward: 1000 caps
1400 XP
+5 Reputation
(Optional) Speak to Beth.
Reward: Stimpak x6

Detailed walkthrough

After taking one (or both) of Decker's quests (Dispose of Jain and/or Dispose of merchant), the Vault Dweller can choose to report Decker's crimes to the Hub police. Sheriff Justin Greene will then offer them this unmarked quest if a Charisma check is passed, promising 300 caps up front, and 1000 caps upon completion of the quest.

Provided the Vault Dweller accepts the offer, their party (now including Sheriff Greene, Deputy Fry, and Deputy Kenny) fast travels to the basement of the Maltese Falcon in order to confront Decker, Kane and four of the crime lord's guards. Decker and Kane must be killed in order to progress and complete the quest, though the rest of Decker's guards may surrender when this happens and are thus not required to be killed. After the fight is over, the Vault Dweller's party fast travels back to the Hub police headquarters where the Vault Dweller will receive their reward from Sheriff Greene, or, if Sheriff Greene was killed, from Deputy Kenny.



  • After killing Decker, some (or all) of the remaining guards may surrender, excluding Kane. They can be found later in the basement of the Maltese Falcon. If engaged in combat again, they will most likely repeat "I surrender!" once again.
  • If the Vault Dweller talks to Beth after completing this mission and mentions that they were the one who killed Decker, she will give them six stimpaks.
  • If the Vault Dweller has an Intelligence of one, taking this quest becomes impossible. An Intelligence of at least level two requires the use of Mentats.
  • If the Vault Dweller has killed Lorenzo, (without previously having killed Killian /- Gizmo) they will be unable to acquire either of Decker's quests, making this quest unavailable.
  • If Sheriff Greene is killed during the combat phase of this quest he will be categorically unable to recompense the Vault Dweller, or express how a "debt of gratitude" is owed; consequently the remaining (1000) caps can be retrieved from Deputy Kenny.