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Take Over the Hangdogs was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. It was located in Blackfoot Village.[1]


The player character must challenge Bares-His-Teeth for the leadership of the group by pitting his dog against the Packleader's dog. It's not likely that the player character can succeed unless he has the Devil Dog on his side, but there may be alternate methods.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Science Boy - Develop steroids to use on his dog before the fight so he wins. Or metal teeth.
  2. DiploBoy - Talk to the Daughter of Hecate into helping him. Maybe have the Daughter declare Bares-His-Teeth unfit as a leader and threaten a fertility curse if the PC isn't made the new leader immediately?
  3. Stealth Boy - Slip a soporific into the dogfood, making the Packleader's champion sluggish and more easily defeated.

Journal Entries

Normal Journal

1 To take over the Hangdogs, my dog champion has to defeat the dog champion of Bares His Teeth, the current leader.
2 (DEVILDOG) easily defeated the dog of Bares His Teeth. Now I lead the Hangdogs.
3 With the proper enhancing drugs, my dog (DOGNAME) defeated the dog of Bares His Teeth. Now I lead the Hangdogs.
4 I talked Merrin into helping me. She declared Bares His Teeth to be a weak leader and threatened that the spirits would be angry if I didn't replace him as the new leader. Now I lead the Hangdogs.
5Quest finishedI trained my dog to be a better fighter, and with that training he was able to defeat the dog of Bares His Teeth. Now I lead the Hangdogs.
6Quest finishedI drugged Bares His Teeth's dog to make it sluggish, so my dog was able to defeat his. Now I lead the Hangdogs.

Dumb Journal

1 If I want to be leader of Hangdogs, my dog got to beat Teeth's dog.
2Quest finishedMy dog beat Teeth's dog. Now I lead Hangdogs!