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Tailing the Tomboy is an unmarked quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


When arriving at the Riverboat Landing for the first time, the Lone Wanderer is approached by a woman named Catherine. She is looking for someone to find her daughter Nadine, who has recently left with Tobar for Point Lookout, and convince her to come back.

Nadine can be found inside the Ark & Dove cathedral once the quest Walking with Spirits is completed. She is now a member of the local tribe but not all that thrilled by it. She tells you about someone cutting portions of the contestants' brains out during the ritual. She wants to meet up with you at Point Lookout Pier once she has confirmed her suspicions regarding who that might be.

When you meet her there, she reveals that Tobar is the one who is collecting brain portions and that she will take the Duchess Gambit as compensation for what he has done. Now she agrees to meet her mother back in the Capital Wasteland and you are no longer charged for using the ship.

After the conversation, Tobar can be found in the engine room of the Duchess Gambit. After a short conversation he turns hostile and attempts to kill you. After you kill him, his body has some bottle caps, the Grifter's Fit, a roving trader hat, .44 Magnum rounds, a scoped .44 Magnum and other items. You can also find the portion of your brain he removed nearby on a table. This fight is optional, however, as you can just leave Tobar trapped in the engine room.

Once you travel with Nadine to the Capital Wasteland, Catherine rewards you with some refined punga fruits and 300 caps.



  • You must have Nadine remove your scar in order to complete this quest.
  • Upon returning to the Capital Wasteland, Catherine may be seen standing/bathing in irradiated water near the dock.


Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 It's possible for Catherine to "disappear" when you return to the Capital Wasteland. This is likely to happen if Catherine is fleeing when you leave the first time causing her to "flee" out into the surrounding wastes making the quest near impossible to complete. [verified]

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