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Oh, yes, the interview's over. I'm just reviewing the data on Question 4. Fascinating, really-— Blythe

Tach[1] Blythe is a scientist working for Covenant in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Blythe is one of the head researchers of the Compound, responsible for fine-tuning the questions and their impact on the test results. Noticeably, he is much less obsessed with detecting synths than his peers, and is clearly aware of the limitations of the SAFE test.[2] He sees it as unreliable as the original GOAT, not to mention that it includes questions about baseball that no post-nuclear denizen can truthfully answer.[3] Furthermore, he is keenly aware that the limited resources of the Compound are effectively wasted by subsidizing trade in Covenant. Arguments that Penny Fitzgerald can simply hike the prices once they become critically low are not convincing him.[4][5]

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Vault-Tec lab coat Pipe pistol Compound key


Tach Blythe appears only in Fallout 4.